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Blood Pressure 911 Supplement Reviews - Blood Pressure 911 pills is a trustworthy supplement that reduces blood pressure. The latest review article of this supplement can be found below.

New York City, NY , April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blood Pressure 911 is a highly absorb able supplement to reduce high blood pressure. It’s the best solution for people who want to control their blood pressure level. The solution is based on Japanese farmers’ secret diets to maintain stable blood pressure.

Nutritional medical team at Phytage Labs spent 2 years to formulate this supplement from various plants. GMP Certified and FDA compliant facility manufacture the pills in the US. This ensures highest standard of safety. Phytage Labs is a popular name in the supplement world. The company also produces formulas for several other supplements which have similar capability to handle daily health problems. Furthermore, independent third-party lab analyzes the ingredient of each batch.

You can take the Blood Pressure 911 pills regularly and feel safe from side-effects since it’s made from natural ingredients 100%. The formula is devised without any harmful chemicals or artificial parts that you usually find at the usual counter drugs. The absence of chemicals and other unnatural ingredients means that it is safe for long-term use. It will be an excellent addition to your daily diet to booth the health of your heart.

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What Is Blood Pressure 911?

Blood Pressure 911 is a supplement for anyone who desires to have normal blood pressure. You don’t have to worry about what you eat or doing strenuous exercise. It’s perfect for any age, high current reading or whether you have current medication.

People who have taken it stop worrying about high blood pressure anymore. The 8 natural plants in each tablet command its stability.

What Does Blood Pressure 911 Do?

Blood vessels pump blood to various parts of your body. As you age, the blood vessels harden and become tighter. Foreign toxins form plaque that eventually blocks the blood vessels. Because of that, your heart needs to work extra hard. This would then increase your blood pressure. On top of that, the extra activity of the heart may initiate heart failure. You may get a heart attack or a stroke.

The process of hardening blood vessel as called BVSS, or Blood Vessel Stiffness Syndrome. The component of Blood Pressure 911 activates KCNQ5 channel to smoothen blood flow. Now blood can flow to various parts of the body freely. It provides a normal blood pressure level and an overall flourishing health.

As indicated in the company’s Blood Pressure 911 official website, this is a fantastic solution for the health of your heart. It also looks after the entire cardiovascular system covering the heart and arteries. Apart from managing your blood pressure levels, this pills also able to manage your cholesterol levels.

No doubt the result will vary from one person to the other. However, you can generally expect the following results:

  • Perfected your blood pressure levels as well as cholesterol levels
  • Enhances blood flow by widening the arteries
  • Blood Pressure 911 enhances blood flow
  • Flush out plaque through the arteries
  • Blood Pressure 911 boost the entire heart health

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How Blood Pressure 911 Does Works?

Blood Pressure 911 takes a natural approach. This is achieved by the fact that the solution has 100% natural ingredients.

Having said that, the Blood Pressure 911 supplement has a specific approach by taking a few factors to improve the health of your heart, arteries, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Ingredients of Blood Pressure 911

According to the official website, Blood Pressure 911 ingredients consist of 100% natural ingredients. The various plant extracts have no added chemicals or preservatives. Moreover, it’s free from GMOs, and makes it safe to be taken by anybody.

The manufacturers said that they inspect all the ingredients very carefully to ensure top quality. In addition, the natural plants in this supplement are grown under healthful conditions. Therefore, it gets rid of environmental issues such as harmful pollutants, and other waste matters.

Buchu Leaf

Normally it can grow up to 6 feet. It emits a scent which is quite similar to peppermint. The leaves have powerful medical substances. Buchu leaf can relieve the bloating that comes along with high blood pressure. It also act as an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Buchu leaf is long known as herb to maintain youth. For centuries, The Khoisan believed it to be a potion of youth. In the 18th century, buchu leaf was first sent to Britain. Later on, the whole of Europe knew it as “nobles’ tea” due to the fact that only wealthy people can afford it.

Interesting fact – the Titanic carried 8 bales of buchu in its maiden voyage.

Buchu is a wonder plant. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-infective as well as anti-fungal properties. On top of that it also has antioxidants and bioflavonoids and also vitamins A, B & E.

In summary, buchu leaf is fantastic for anyone who wants to naturally lower blood pressure.

Juniper Berry

Athletes during the ancient Greek used juniper berry to increase their body stamina and overall strength.

The berry acts as a natural expellant, which can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the effect of edema. Traditionally, it has been used to remove toxic from the body. For that reason, doctors used it to sanitize medical apparatus.

In a study, it proved to help improve function of the heart. Its oil contains antioxidants and can reduce high blood pressure. In another study, it functions as a natural repellent that activates lower blood pressure.

It can also act as an anticholinesterase agent. It helps to produce acetylcholine in the nerves resulting in slower heart activity, lower blood pressure and rising blood flow.

Olive Leaf

It is referred to in the Bible as having a healing property. You would take note that olive leaves were used to crown the original Olympic medallists. According to recent studies, olive leaf lowers blood pressure. There was a recent study by the European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition where 60 people were trialled in 6 weeks. They recorded lower blood pressure readings after taking olive leaves. Moreover, they also recorded lower plasma cholesterol.

In other study made in Germany and Switzerland, 20 identical twins who has high blood pressure were tested. Extract of olive leaf was given to only one of the twins. The result – the ones that was given the extract showed lower blood pressure. The average readings reduced from 137/80 to 126/76 in a time space of 8 weeks.

You might figure out that you can just go to the health food or herbal stores to get these plants. However, the stores don’t sell those herbs, not even in supplement form. At least they are not found in organic form or at correct dosage that the expert recommends. In fact, even Amazon or the GNC store doesn’t sell them.

Blood Pressure 911 Additional Ingredients

The researchers found 4 more herbs able to reduce blood pressure levels. They are Hawthorne, garlic, hibiscus and green tea.


Hawthorne leaf & flower can reduce the chances of getting heart diseases. It can also increase blood circulation generally.


Garlic bulb produces nitric oxide in your body. What it does is to calm and expands your blood vessels. Therefore, blood can flow smoothly resulting in healthy blood pressure levels.


The flower can reduce pain in the stomach and headache. Other than that, it can also reduce tinnitus and constipation. On top of that it helps maintain your general cardiovascular health.

Green Tea

In a study involving 1,300 people, green tea extract proved to reduce blood pressure significantly. It has huge supply of antioxidants to reduce inflammation. It also has anti-aging benefits and others.

The above-mentioned ingredients are 100% natural. The study showed evidence that the herbs can make blood pressure normal again.

Other than these ingredients, this supplement also has various vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are important to the wellness of your overall health. The absence of minerals and vitamins could lead to serious health concerns.

Currently, the supplement has the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin C – lowers high blood pressure
  • Vitamin B6 – attacks high blood pressure
  • Vitamin B12 – helps increase the production of RBCs (Red Blood Cells). Consequently, this reduces blood pressure of your body.
  • Niacin – reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Folate – calms your blood vessels to increase blood flow and circulation to various body organs.

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How to Use it?

It’s important to follow the dosage exactly like what is stated in the instruction. It’s not recommended to cut or add to the amount or frequency of consumption since the dosage is carefully measured by the nutritionists.

You also need to be extra sure to take it regularly as shown. This is it ensure certain ingredients can reach the targeted cells in your body as intended. After all, it’s not difficult to take it daily since it is produced in capsules.

Simplicity is another plus point. You don’t have to do extra effort to prepare any kind of solution. Take the capsule with a glass of water and that’s it.

Another point to note is that it’s recommended to take the pills for at least 90 days. Otherwise, it is difficult to judge the results if it’s taken for only a short time.

Blood Pressure 911 Side Effects

According to Blood Pressure 911's official website, the supplement consists of 100% natural ingredients. Therefore, people who take it have no side effects whatsoever. Research on the internet shows not even a single report on its side effects.

Moreover, the manufacturer claims that their factories produce in a highly hygienic and safe condition. They also ensure that they are pollution and contamination-free. Furthermore, the manufacturer processes this product using the finest ingredients. Therefore, they make certain each process put together end products at the highest quality.

Blood Pressure 911 Advantages

The official website of Blood Pressure 911 suggests some benefits of taking the supplement.

  • Blood Pressure 911 prevents inflammation and allow for better overall body shape.
  • Blood Pressure 911 can flush out blockage in the arteries and boost healthy heart operation.
  • Blood Pressure 911 formula widens the blood vessels and manages the blood pressure in flourishing range.
  • There are no side effects from the many user feedbacks.
  • Blood Pressure 911 having natural ingredients, it’s safe to use regularly.
  • Blood Pressure 911 provides high energy, and therefore you would feel more confident and healthier.
  • It might assist you to fend off heart attack, loss of sight and dementia.
  • Your investment is free from risk since the manufacturer provides a 90-days money back guarantee.

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Blood Pressure 911 Drawbacks

  • Blood Pressure 911 can only buy it online from the official company’s website. They assure you that no other sites, ecommerce stores or physical stores have it.
  • These pills cannot be taken if you already have a pre-existing medical condition, unless you have doctor’s prescription.

Blood Pressure 911 Supplement Price

According to the Blood Pressure 911 official website, the Blood Pressure 911 pills are so affordable. The company aims to help a lot of people now coping with high blood pressure levels.

  • The price right now is just $69.95 per bottle + $9.95 shipping cost
  • There is also a bundle package – it only cost you $59.95 per bottle if you buy 2 bottles at any one time with free shipping.
  • The price is even more interesting at $49.95 per bottle if you buy 4 bottles at any one time with free shipping as well.

On top of that, you will get 2 free eBooks for every purchase. The eBooks are about blood pressure in general and some tips on how to manage your blood pressure.

Next, just click Blood Pressure 911 buy and fill up the order form. Once you have confirmed the order, it may take up to 5 working days for you to receive the parcel at your doorsteps.

Money-back Guarantee!

Blood Pressure 911 supplement comes with a 90-days money back guarantee. If you have taken some of the pills but feel unsatisfied with it, then you can get your money back. All you need to do is to contact the customer service team and explain your dissatisfaction about the result. However, it’s valid only within 90 days of purchase date.

This guarantee would encourage sufferers of high blood pressure to try it out without risks. If it doesn’t work, you can still have your money returned in full.

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Blood Pressure 911 FAQs

Is it safe?

It’s very safe. It’s very unlikely that this supplement could cause any kind of side effects. The company’s website says that the product is made from natural ingredients. It gives you secure and effective results in a relatively short time. The Blood Pressure 911 supplement follows stringent safety procedures to come up with the capsules. It’s proven to lower blood pressure levels. There are many reviews, but none has shown any side effects. However, if there is any slightest doubt that you have about its safety, you can consult a medical health professional.

How long for my order to reach me?

After you’ve confirmed and paid for the order, you will get it within 5 working days.

How long must I take it?

According the company, consumers are recommended to take the Blood Pressure 911 supplement for 90 days minimum to see the best results. However, many people have seen the result effectively after taking the pill regularly for just 7 days.

How to take the dose?

For the best results, you need to consume Blood Pressure 911 1 capsule twice daily. Take it with a glass of plain water.

Who should take the supplement?

It’s recommended to anybody who experience high blood pressure or hypertension. Men and women can take it as long as you’re at least 18 years old and up to 80 years old. However, pregnant women are not advised to use it.

Is it available on Amazon?

This unique Blood Pressure 911 supplement is only exclusively available on Blood Pressure 911 official website. It’s not recommended to buy it from any other source whether over the counter or at other e-commerce sites.

Moreover, buying it from the company’s website will get you bundle offers and amazing bonus. The company offers unparalleled customer service as well as money-back –guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Is Blood Pressure 911 a Scam?

Definitely no! It’s a very reliable purchase because the company is transparent in its operation. The website shows every detail of the formulation and its ingredients.

The money-back-guarantee is a proof that the company really cares about its customer. It’s an indication that the company is not just looking for profits. It has believed in its products that makes the guarantee possible.

Would Everyone Get the Same Results?

Not everybody gets exactly the same result. Each individual responds differently to the formula. Some will observe great result but others might see less. The supplement is formulated for everyone in mind; therefore it’s worth a try for everybody.

How Many Bottles to Buy?

It is recommended to buy in bulk. The more bottles you buy the more discounts you’ll get. However, if you just want to have a feel of it, just buy a bottle for a trial run.

Should You take it With a Healthy Diet?

Yes, you should combine this supplement with a healthy diet. Reducing intake of unhealthy food would definitely help most users. You should also include some kind of physical activities for best results. It’ll also be faster more effective to increase health levels.

How to Maximize Its Usage

You can maximize its effects by just following the detail instructions on the leaf. You must only take a capsule twice a day to get the best result. This must be observed regularly because a miss would result in slower effects. Having said that, there a number of external factors that can influence the effect. So, the end result would differ from one individual to another.

How Important to Control Hypertension with Blood Pressure 911?

The resistance in your arteries triggers an increase in your blood pressure. This causes your heart to work harder to pump blood to other parts of your body. Because of this extra hardworking, it can damage your entire body in the long run.

Blood Pressure 911 supplement can also do the following:

  • Monitor the health of your heart – hypertension could cause fatal heart attack. This is because of the extra work just to pump blood through the arteries
  • Stroke hazard – high blood pressure can easily cause a stroke. Hypertension can promote blockage of the arteries which in turn block blood from entering the brain.
  • Kidney’s health – hypertension can hit your kidneys as well. Over the long run, high blood pressure is able to scar kidneys. This makes the kidneys less effective in its function to clean the blood. Worst you may get chronic kidney disease. This may lead to a stage where you have to do regular dialysis. Finally, you may need to replace your kidneys.

Final Words - Blood Pressure 911

If you experience high blood pressure problems and the associated stress accompanying it, then it really worth to try out Blood Pressure 911 supplement. When you have high blood pressure, your blood flows very fast. It will definitely damage the blood vessels and arteries. Therefore it restricts blood from flowing freely to your vital organs like brain and heart.

You would probably have gone to your doctor. The problem is, some doctors normally prescribe normal medication and drugs. Blood Pressure 911 on the other hand, provides with a natural approach. It costs so little compared to the crazy high cost of medical bills and long-term home rehabilitation program. It’s not rare to hear someone who need to folk out the entire savings to pay for such bills.

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