Possible Angels Announces the Creation Of Their Full Scale Digital Agency

LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Music mogul Philip Saffron announces the release of his marketing agency, Possible Angels, and sets to change the world of digital marketing. As Saffron became known within the music industry, he has been able to connect with executives and leverage his social media network to help the development of multiple million-dollar businesses, including his own talent agency.

Possible Angels is a California based business that has become one of the largest agencies in the beauty industry stemming from familiar faces such as Soulja Boy and Kylie Jenner. Due to the increased capital and relevance within these worlds, Saffron has been able to help these talent acts exceed their competition and become one of the world’s most renowned talent agencies.

Possible Angels initially started when Philip began his entrepreneurial pursuit by owning and managing a massive network of model themed Instagram pages. Thus, advantageously using them to offer promotions towards dozens of models daily. While many owners of an Instagram network like Philip’s would just offer promotion for a flat rate, Philip realized the potential of this exchange. Philip eventually started asking for a percentage of revenue made from his promotions, which led to the creation of Possible Angels, dedicated to percentage-based social media campaigns.

Saffron said that his biggest achievement so far in this field is “Being able to accomplish a multimillion-dollar company in such a short amount a time. All while helping models get the exposure they need.” Saffron claims that to be successful, it takes hours of hard work and effort. He describes a day in his life as being on the phone for nearly 6 hours trying to find up and coming talent, as well as providing content for those he manages on behalf of Possible Angels. In addition to all this, Possible Angels is looking to expand towards the stock market, with Philip spending his time studying the optical graphs and keeping up with new internet trends, in hopes of potential for another multi-million-dollar creation. Possible Angels is striving to bring this talent agency to the Hollywood acting scene as well as the movie industry in the near future.

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