Best Psychic Readings Online: How to Find Reliable Psychics and Get an Accurate Reading From Home

Little Rock, AR, April 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- You probably already know that psychic readings are a popular source of guidance and advice.

But as with all things on the internet, scam sites, fake readings, and inexperienced psychic "experts" are a common issue that callers will want to avoid.

Luckily, there is a way to guarantee you only receive the best experience with a top-rated psychic advisor. And that's by only trusting websites that rigorously screen and vet their psychics for authenticity and ability.

For this article, have gone the extra mile to find the best psychic reading sites of 2021 that do just that. Moreover, all of the top picks below boast introductory rates, discounts, or free minutes for first-time and returning customers. Continue reading to find out more.

Best Psychic Reading Sites: First Look

Kasamba: New customers get incentives, including the first three minutes free and 70% off the rest of their first session. Kasamba is one of the best online psychic reading platforms, and they specialize in tarot readings about relationships and love.

Asknow: New customers receive their first question for free, five free minutes, and a 15-minute reading at a discounted rate. This psychic reading platform also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer mediumship, astrology, tarot readings, and dream analysis and deliver readings over the phone or live chat.

Psychic Source: Customers receive the first three minutes of their reading for free and 75% off the remainder of their initial reading. Experienced readers deliver readings through various methods, including online chat, video calls, or over the phone. Divination options include tarot readings, numerology, angel card readings, and dream interpretations.

1. Kasamba - All-Round Best Psychic Reading Site

One of the best psychic reading sites is Kasamba, which has been in business since 1999. Experienced psychics on this site perform readings online and by telephone. And they have guided more than three million people regarding various aspects of their life. However, they are best known for offering psychic guidance about love and relationships.

Customers can rest assured that the psychics have undergone a thorough screening process before they can work from the platform. Only psychics who meet all Kasamba's criteria are accepted. Following their selection, all their psychic advisors go through rigorous training.

Users of the psychic platform can choose which skilled psychic delivers their reading. The list of psychics includes information about each psychic's experience and their areas of specialism. There are also reviews and ratings from former users. The profiles are a valuable tool to help people to choose the best psychic to meet their needs.

Each of the psychics has different areas of experience and specialisms. While most are tarot card readers, some use other divination forms, such as numerology and dream interpretation.

Millions of people worldwide have used this site to find answers to important questions and receive guidance about their future. They have also helped people reflect on their lives, make positive changes, and find inner peace.

Another point to note is that all readings and conversations are confidential. The information shared remains between the psychic and their client. And they never share users' data with third parties. This means that users can feel free to express their thoughts, feelings and ask the psychics anything they want.

A further positive feature of the site is that it is very user-friendly. Both the website and the app are easy to use. And users will have no problem navigating their way through this psychic site to find what they want.

Plus, new customers can take advantage of several incentives, such as a free three minutes at the beginning of their first session and a 70% discount for the remainder of the reading. Occasionally, there are other offers and free gifts for users to take advantage of.

However, the pricing can fluctuate for further readings, as the prices depend on the psychic, their experience, and their rating.

2. Asknow - Best for Accurate Phone Readings

Asknow launched their site in 2004 and is one of the best sites for receiving an accurate phone reading. They have helped thousands of customers and have a great reputation for answering questions about careers and money.

Psychics offer readings either via online chat or over the telephone, allowing the customer to choose their preferred communication method. It's also up to the customer to decide what question they wish to ask during a reading.

Asknow psychics use various methods to give their clients insight, including tarot readings, astrology, dream analysis, and mediumship. Customers have the option to choose their Asknow psychic based on their specialist area, experience, and reviews. Finding the perfect match is a simple process, as the user can filter psychics based on various criteria.

Asknow is also a fantastic option for those who speak Spanish as their primary language. With many skilled psychics available who speak both Spanish and English, Asknow is accessible to users who live in any country where English or Spanish is the native language.

There are several incentives that attract customers to this psychic site. For starters, customers get to ask their first question for free. Plus, there is also a free five minutes included with the initial reading, allowing callers to test out the service for themselves.

Furthermore, new customers get their first 15-minute reading at a discounted rate of just $10. A further incentive is the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, as clients can request a refund if they are not satisfied with their reading.

3. Psychic Source - Well-Established, Trusted Psychic Network

Psychic Source is one of the leading psychic platforms as it was one of the forerunners in this industry. They have been in the online psychic business for more than 30 years, which means they are a well-established, trusted, and reputable option for those looking for online psychic readings. Plus, they have a large user base worldwide.

The platform has hundreds of experienced and trustworthy psychics across the globe. And most have at least ten years of experience giving readings using various divination forms. While some specialize in tarot readings, others specialize in astrology, numerology, energy work, dream interpretations, angel card readings, lost object readings, and much more.

Users can choose between various communication methods for their reading, including online chat, telephone calls, and emails. There is also the option for video calls for those who prefer to receive their reading face-to-face.

Furthermore, those who choose to use this psychic platform to seek answers to their questions are reassured that the site is safe and secure. Users must verify themselves by opening the link they are sent before they can access the site's services.

Not to mention, all the conversations and readings are confidential. Plus, financial details are secure, and the website is risk-free and devoid of malware or bots.

To help clients decide if the platform and the reader are right for them, Psychic Source offers new customers free three minutes at the beginning of their first reading. If the customer is satisfied with the service, they can continue the paid service.

Customers will find that Psychic Source is one of the cheaper online psychic sites, even after the free session is over.

4. Keen Psychics - Expert Psychic Screened for Authenticity

Keen Psychics has more than 20 years of experience in the online psychic readings industry. During that time, they have built an excellent reputation and assisted thousands of people in finding answers to their spiritual questions.

There are many psychics at Keen, and each has long-term experience of tarot reading or other divination methods. The psychics are screened for authenticity before using the platform, reassuring customers that they will receive accurate answers to their questions. They also undergo training to ensure client satisfaction.

Users of the site are encouraged by every psychic to ask open-ended questions rather than questions with only a yes or no response. Doing so will give them a better experience and give greater scope for discussion. This also ensures customers are more likely to feel satisfied and get the answers they need at the end of a session.

Those who use this platform can choose which psychic they want to deliver their psychic reading. Plus, there are tools using various criteria to help clients make this decision. However, which psychic is chosen will impact the price because the pricing varies from one psychic to the next.

It’s possible to get a 10-minute reading for just under $2. But the price range for a psychic reading from the site's top psychics can cost as much as $30 for a 10-minute reading. It's up to the customer to decide whether they are happy with a cheap reading or if they want to pay more for the services of the most experienced psychics available on Keen.

5. Oranum - Best Platform for Face-To-Face Video Readings

For those who prefer face-to-face readings to connect with their psychic, Oranum is one of the best online tarot card reading sites for video readings. Not only do they offer a free 10-minute reading to new customers, but psychics also give readings via video from all over the world. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, there is also the option to turn off the webcam.

Oranum is one of the newer psychic websites in the industry, with just over a decade of experience. Despite being relatively new to the online psychic industry, they have already gained a reputation as one of the top sites for video readings. Psychics at Oranum can answer questions about love, grief, family, life, careers, finance, and much more.

There are 13 main divination methods, including clairvoyance, spiritual guides, palm reading, numerology, tarot card reading, and dream interpretation. Each category also has subcategories, so choosing a preferred method of receiving a reading is simple. Plus, it's just as easy to select a psychic, as their profiles give plenty of information to help clients choose.

An unusual feature of this site is that clients can sit in on others' readings, with the other person's agreement. Watching the psychic give someone a reading provides insight into their skills and can help clients decide whether they wish to schedule a reading with that particular psychic.

The Bottom Line: Best Psychic Reading Sites

Reaching out for help and guidance is always the right decision. For anyone who turns to psychic readings for a little extra support, their main priority should be ensuring that the site used offers a trusted and reputable psychic network.

All of the top picks above are legitimate psychic platforms that thoroughly screen their clients for authenticity. Moreover, each site provides discounts, introductory rates, and in some cases, a satisfaction guarantee for new users to test out the service for themselves.



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