Zen Business Reviews: Are Their LLC Formation and Incorporation Services a Good Value? (ZenBusiness.com Review)

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If you’re a new business owner, doing paperwork to form your company can be confusing and difficult.

Many prefer to hire a professional LLC formation service like incfile or IncAuthority to create a business for them, which can save time and prevent any costly filing mistakes.

Zenbuisness is a newer company that offers business formation at a cheaper rate than competitors and promises a fast turnaround time, but is it a good decision to use them?

In this Zen Business review you will learn more about the company, whether they’re a good value through a collection of real user submitted reviews, and how Zen Business compares to similar services.

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What Makes a Good Online LLC Formation Service?

First, when selecting an online consolidation service, there are five major things that business owners should consider:

  • The reliability of the company
  • Their customer support services
  • If it’s a good deal for their service
  • If their website is user-friendly
  • The time it takes to incorporate a new company

The above factors are the most important when considering which platform to use to set up a business.
After careful consideration, ZenBusiness has a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

It also tops the list as the best LLC incorporation service. One of the benefits of using ZenBusiness is that it offers excellent pricing and fast services at the starting cost of $39, including the state fees. Moreover, it has positive customer feedback, with thousands of reviews that make it to have good ratings overall.

What are the ZenBusiness Incorporation Packages?

Customers who seek incorporation services can choose the package they like from the three packages provided. This section highlights how the packages vary and the kind of business people they suit.

1. Starter Package at $39

It starts with the preliminaries of incorporation. After that, it includes the registered agent service in establishing an all-around use. All corporations are required to delegate a registered agent to remain compliant with the state government. Moreover, the agent will receive vital documents on behalf of the corporation. For businesses that get the Start package, ZenBusiness will serve as their registered agent.

Additionally, ZenBusiness provides its customers with customizable forms of bylaws to help them describe the structure of their company ownership. Customers are also equipped with a free risk assessment through their accountants.

Finally, customers who choose the starter package are required to pay $39 for the first year and a maximum amount of $119 the subsequent year as their registered agent service.

2. Pro Package for $149

Business people who decide to upgrade to a Pro package get additional services from ZenBusiness. The other services include banking resolution and getting a Federal Tax Number(EIN) on behalf of the company. The EIN is a social security number required by business entities. Through the number, businesses can hire employees, pay taxes, and open business bank accounts.

Customers will also get their Worry-Free Guarantee, which implies their name for compliance management and managed annual report service.

Additionally, every year ZenBusiness prepares and files the annual report for its customers. The formation speed for the Pro package is between 1 to 2 weeks.

3. Premium Package for $249

It is the top-tier package offered by ZenBusiness. The premium package includes third-party partnerships that make it slightly less appealing since it costs about $100 more than the Pro package. The offer provided also includes a domain name registration and privacy feature so that customers' personal information is kept private when registering their domain. It also includes business email addresses and a website.

Benefits of Using ZenBusiness

  • Simple
  • Expert service
  • Low cost
  • Fast

Compared with other famous companies that offer business formation services, ZenBusiness is the best due to the incredible packages they provide. One of the packages being the starter plan that costs only $39 and involves additional services highlighted above.

History and Reviews of ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is located in Austin, Texas, and was established in 2015. Although it is new in the business formation industry, its staff have grown the company by embracing technology. Through automation, ZenBusiness can finish a wide variety of business services that make it possible to provide lower rates than its competitors. ZenBusiness has managed to establish thousands of businesses within a short period. Its stakeholders aim to register more than 1 million new companies for the next five years.

Unsurprisingly, many of the 3000 reviews given by customers are positive. Some of the reviews include:

“Used ZenBusiness to register a company and found insurance coverage and bookkeeping service. They were helpful and knowledgeable. It is the best company for people who wish to establish their business for the first time.”

“Opted to use ZenBusiness to register a company. The whole process took a few minutes, and they offered an instant follow-up. Felt in good hands.”

“After reading other customer reviews, I decided to approach ZenBusiness to register a company. The entire process was straightforward. Clients only fill in uncomplicated information, while ZenBusiness handles the whole process for them. They did everything five days before the estimated date. Therefore, I say that ZenBusiness is the best service recommended to all people who are planning to form their companies.”

ZenBusiness Customer Support

ZenBusiness offers excellent customer support services through web chat, email, and call. All customers who have tried all three options have found that not only does ZenBusiness provide timely responses but also accurate information. The company said that they reply to all customer emails within one business day. Moreover, clients wait for a few minutes before the customer service agent picks their calls or responds to their chats.

When it comes to the quality of their support, ZenBusiness has knowledgeable representatives who answer all the customers' questions. Individuals who wish to contact ZenBusiness can do that between 9 am to 7 pm ET on business working days (weekdays).

Ease of Placing an Order

The main reason why people use formation service is to save energy and time. Since there are so many service providers, business people may get confused in choosing the best. But ZenBusiness is a tried and tested service that aims to assist all businesses. At ZenBusiness, clients take a few minutes to fill out the company formation forms. After that, they can choose the package they would like to buy and enter the business's necessary information. The remaining process is sorted out. Additionally, ZenBusiness carried out some third-party offers and upsells.

Overall Turnaround Time

Many business formation companies rate their turnaround time based on how fast every state processes the applicants. But ZenBusiness bases its processing speed on the quality of service that they provide. For the Starter plan, they will establish a business between 3 to 4 weeks; Pro packages take between 1 to 2 weeks while the premium package takes between 3 to 5 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does ZenBusiness compare with LegalZoom?

A: Many people raise questions about the company formation leader(LegalZoom), something which is normal. After all, they have highly recognized and have the most brand power in the industry. But, ZenBusiness is better than LegalZoom since it provides more value per dollar. Additionally, ZenBusiness receives incredible feedback from its customers. On the other hand, LegalZoom gets a fair mix of negative and positive reviews.

Q: What are the main merits and demerits of ZenBusiness?

A: The main benefit of using ZenBusiness is that customers receive their services at affordable prices. Conversely, the major demerit of ZenBusiness is their bad experience when compared to its competitors.

Q: Which feature can customers using ZenBusiness buy?

A: Customers should get a combination of service plus a registered agent. The best way that customers can get these services is to choose a Starter package. Although this package's price increases from $39 to $119 in the subsequent year, it is priced reasonably.

Q: Do they provide publication services?

A: Some states require new companies to give the public their information in a regional newspaper. For instance, Nebraska and Arizona need publication for corporations and LLCs. On the other hand, New York only requires LLCs, while Georgia and Pennsylvania require it for corporations. Fortunately, ZenBusiness provides publication services. Therefore it is one of the benefits for business people who start their business in states that require it.

Q: Does ZenBusiness assist with the proceeding compliance requirements?

A: As revealed above, ZenBusiness registered agent service that assists in the proceeding compliance of the businesses. Additionally, with the worry-free guarantee features, the clients' annual reports are taken care of. Customers are also provided with two amendments every year. For those who wish to file a deadline, ZenBusiness can assist them in regaining their good rating.

Q: What is their refund policy?

A: Business people who plan to use ZenBusiness to form their companies should ensure that they order what they need before they can finalize their deal. It is because their refund policy appears to be confusing. For instance, ZenBusiness states that once customers have submitted their filing with the state, under no circumstance can they dispute or dispute the fees associated with forming their business. Moreover, contacting ZenBusiness after the company has been submitted attracts a cancellation fee of $50 if customers meet certain conditions.

Q: Are customers required to use business formation services?

A: It is required by law for business people to use professional business formation services such as ZenBusiness. All people who are comfortable forming their business entities can get options for both nonprofits and corporations. However, it is not recommended for people to try to register the companies for themselves.

Moreover, every state has its laws concerning incorporation services. Therefore, it is not easy for business people to quickly determine their state requirements without consulting professional services.


For business owners who are looking for the best incorporation but have a limited budget, ZenBusiness is the best choice for them. Not only are they affordable, but they are also efficient and have excellent customer service.

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