Best LLC Services of 2021: The Top 10 LLC Formation Companies Available Online

San Diego, CA, April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MagnoliaMediaNetwork announces the release of the review "Best LLC Services of 2021"

Here we’ve listed the top LLC creation services with a comparison of pricing and features for each.

From an initial pool of 20 candidates, we evaluated BBB complaints and customer reviews to score each site, so you’re not leaning on a company’s word alone.

Additional benchmarks measured include affordability, turn-around-time, renewal process, and customer service.

6 Best LLC Services Online

  1. Best LLC service overall - Incfile
  2. Cheapest LLC formation service - ZenBusiness
  3. Best for a fast turn-around-time - Northwest Registered Agents
  4. Best customer service - Inc Authority
  5. Best for legal advice - Rocket Lawyer
  6. LLC creation with extra support available - LegalZoom

The best LLC formation services online exist to help you, the business owner, organize all of the legal logistics necessary for your company’s success.

Whether you’re creating an online retail business or a startup somewhere else, it’s important that you choose the best LLC filing service for your unique needs.

1. Incfile - Best Value LLC Service


  • Silver package includes a free registered agent
  • Automatic notifications when important deadlines are approaching
  • All documents are stored digitally for convenience
  • Tax services apply to business and personal accounts


  • Lawyer services aren’t available
  • Trademark registration support is limited

Incfile is one of the most popular services to help you form an LLC. For small businesses, you’ll gain access to a multitude of resources for legal help, like learning to file business taxes.

Three of the top features offered by Incfile include:

  • Registered Agent Service
  • Business Tax Filing
  • File As an Entity

Registered Agent Service

This Incfile service marks its place as your personalized agent, which means the company takes care of all your legal documents and official mail paperwork. As a small business owner, this adds up to freed resources on your end to handle other tasks that matter most.

Business Tax Filing

Incfile works with a selected handful of tax professionals to help you file taxes for your business. This includes sole proprietors, along with other ownership types.

File As an Entity

How to register your company is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a small business owner. It dictates how you file taxes, among other necessary requirements, and this differs depending on your business form, from a partnership to an S corporation or otherwise.

What People Say

While Incfile has many positive user reviews with the Better Business Bureau, there are negative comments on other review sites. Though most of these reviews simply comment saying that the customer service is lacking. Overall, it’s very positively reviewed.

2. ZenBusiness - Cheapest LLC Service


  • Great customer reviews
  • Quick turnaround option
  • Simple to use
  • Additional assessments available for taxes and accounting


  • The refund policy can be a little complicated for novice entrepreneurs

According to customers online, ZenBusiness comes out on top with excellent customer support and a swift turnaround. It’s home to some of the best registered agent services in the industry.

This business formation service was founded in 2015 and is located in Texas. ZenBusiness offers a well-rounded menu of services, and there are discounts available for legal support tasks.

Some of the best options with ZenBusiness include the following:

  • Employer Identification Number
  • Worry-Free Guarantee
  • Operating Agreement Template

Employer Identification Number

This important number is what the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) provides you with upon registering your business. It’s your small business’s ID code and necessary for nearly all the paperwork you’ll face as a business owner. ZenBusiness helps you gain this.

Worry-Free Guarantee

ZenBusiness helps to smooth over any business process they can for you, offering a guarantee which includes quick turnarounds, annual report filings, and other maintenance features not usually covered by other LLC agent services. Note: this does pertain to specific ZenBusiness packages, not all of them.

Operating Agreement Template

For new business owners, using an already-formulated operating agreement template takes the legal know-how off the table. You can simply add in the rules and terms that govern your LLC, including ownership policies and asset protection.

What People Say

ZenBusiness is one of the best registered agent services, according to thousands of reviews online. Individuals share positive experiences from the business policies themselves to dealing with the ZenBusiness customer service team.

3. Northwest Registered Agent - Top Pick for Fast LLC Creation


  • Very organized helpdesk
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Easy and streamlined order placements
  • Over 2 decades of exceptional reviews


  • Pricier than most of the competition
  • Very few user reviews

Northwest provides LLC guidance from A to Z, especially when you’re in a time crunch. You have the option to complete some of their services with a one-day turnaround, so those crucial papers aren’t lingering past the deadline.

The Northwest headquarters are located in Spokane, Washington and the company has been around since 1998, long enough to garner a fair amount of positive feedback from loyal clients.

Some of the top components offered by Northwest include:

  • Privacy agreement
  • In-house team
  • Comprehensive LLC forms list

Privacy Agreement

Most registered agents do place privacy as a priority, but Northwest takes it a step further. According to the company, they refuse to work with any affiliates or partners that require data sharing. They also keep third-party applications to a minimum to help avoid further complications where privacy is concerned.

In-House Team

One of the reasons for the fast turnaround time at Northwest is their top notch in-house customer service team. They have 45 programmers on site to get the job done and done quickly. This means the company doesn’t outsource their servers or coding tasks, which further supports their privacy policy, as well.

Comprehensive LLC Forms List

Not only does Northwest offer the majority of LLC services required, but all of the legal forms you’ll need are located in an organized, easy-to-use location on the company’s official website. This includes, but isn’t limited to, “Bills of Sale” agreements, members and management resolution forms and more.

What People Say

While Northwest isn’t covered online to the extent that other LLC service businesses are, their user feedback is A class. Individuals praise their excellent customer service team, quick turnaround time and services on offer at large.

4. Inc Authority - Best “Free” LLC Creation Service



  • Features are limited

Inc Authority is yet another glowing company that offers registered agent services for LLC businesses.

Their setup services are basic, compared to some of the other business formation packages on offer. However, the majority of features by Inc Authority are free, making them a legit free registered agent service.

Features include:

  • Digital Storage and Delivery
  • Business Funding Analysis
  • Tax Planning Consultation

Digital Storage and Delivery

All of your business files will be kept safe with Inc Authority, which provides a secure library that you can access at all times. Hard copies are also delivered to your chosen address automatically.

Business Funding Analysis

This unique feature with Inc Authority provides insight and advice if you’re looking to find funding for your startup LLC. The professionals at Inc Authority are ready to make it happen for you.

Tax Planning Consultation

Inc Authority consultants will advise you on planning and filing your taxes from A to Z. This supportive service aims to help you save money in the process.

What People Say

Based on trusted sources, individuals had a lot to praise Inc Authority for their professional service offerings to the friendly and organized customer service team. Some mention that the agents put them at ease, for example.

5. Rocket Lawyer - Best for Extensive Legal Advice


  • Professional LLC legal services
  • Deal directly with an attorney versus outsourced
  • Other document and business services available
  • Outstanding customer service team
  • Seven-day free trial


  • Might face a slow turnaround time
  • Costs are higher than other options

Rocket Lawyer is another well-reviewed business formation service offering legal services for small businesses. Rocket Lawyer helps you form an LLC through various free and paid features, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Legal Advice
  • LLC Business Plan

Legal Advice

What makes Rocket Lawyer stand out is their team of legal professionals.

Rocket Lawyer helps you build an LLC Operating Agreement for free. They have attorneys on staff to answer further questions you might have and assist you and your small business in legal challenges along the way.

LLC Business Plan

Rocket Lawyer can also help you set up your LLC business plan, including a financial strategy, market research, and other entity needs. The price of these plans depends on your business’s specific requirements.

What People Say

According to well-reputed review sites like Trustpilot, Rocket Lawyer offers top-of-the-line legal services with professional lawyers on site. Many users comment on how easy the site is to use and how helpful the agents are, as well.

6. LegalZoom - Affordable Legal Advice for LLCs


  • Expert legal advice at your fingertips
  • Rush order options for emergencies
  • Great customer service feedback overall
  • Various packages available


  • Pricy compared to some other LLC formation services
  • Free service options aren’t available to our knowledge

LegalZoom is another LLC formation service that caters to your business’s legal needs specifically. This LLC filing company comes at a price, but if you need professional legal help that costs less than your local lawyer’s office, options are limited.

LegalZoom is a registered agent service that provides:

  • Employer Identification Number
  • Operating Agreement
  • Business Licensing

Employer Identification Number

Your employer identification number is an essential piece of information you’ll need for nearly every legal document pertaining to your company. LegalZoom works with the IRS directly to help you secure yours for your small business.

Operating Agreement

The operating agreement task with LegalZoom is simple and based on a questionnaire that you’ll complete on behalf of your business. The team at LegalZoom will then use this to create your operating agreement. You have the option to rush order your completed agreement if necessary.

Business Licensing

Creating a business license is another necessary step in LLC registration, and it can make for a lengthy bureaucratic process. LegalZoom works to mitigate the inconvenience by helping you along the way.

What People Say

Some tout LegalZoom as offering professional legal help for all LLC matters in a timely manner. On the flip side, a couple of users commented negatively on the helpdesk. Be sure to communicate frequently with LegalZoom. Most of the negative reviews seem to arise from misunderstandings.

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Best LLC Formation Services Frequently Asked Questions

You’re probably new to LLC formation, and the process can be strenuous and confusing. This is why it’s vital to link up with tested LLC service agents.

We try to answer any questions you might have in advance, so here are some of the most common ones:

How Do Online LLC Services Operate?

Online LLC services operate by means of a well-qualified customer service team and some also offer the help of legal professionals, as well. This depends on the exact agent you choose for your small business.

Most official websites feature thorough instructions and categories of operation, with on-site personnel to assist you throughout the process.

Are Online LLC Formation Sites Legit?

Most are. But this is exactly why we back up our well-researched profiles with verified customer reviews and user feedback.

For example, some registered agents come with high ratings, but we couldn’t verify them. As such, Incfile successfully made it on to this list despite some negative feedback since we were able to verify plenty of fantastic customer reviews.

Nevertheless, employ a lot of discretion when setting out to find the best LLC formation site for this reason. Companies on our list, however, are legit and successful to boot.

Will Using an LLC Service Mean I Have More Legal Protection or Privacy?

All companies reviewed here should offer a high level of privacy across the board.

However, only some of these businesses provide legal advice and protection, so it’s best you check with your chosen agent before making a committed decision.

Are There Any Risks To Choosing an Online LLC Service?

Again, this comes with discretion. Some companies are fraudulent, and there are plenty of horror stories online.

There are also thousands of exceptional reviews with groups like Inc Authority, ZenBusiness, and Rocket Lawyer. With a well-reputed company, your risks should be quite low.

To be safe, we recommend discussing any risky concerns with the service team to determine if it’s best suited for you or not. If all else fails, contact your personal lawyer or attorney just to double-check.

Can LLC Services Help With Other Things as Well?

Some can, yes. Groups like ZenBusiness provide various other service options that don’t pertain to LLC matters, including things like C-corp support and more.

If you need support beyond LLC tasks specifically, opt for a company with a wide range of services. Some even offer help with personal finances, like Incfile.

How Do I Start My Own Business Online?

This is where LLC formation services come into play. These companies help you get organized, from registering as an entity to tax consultation and brand trademarking.

Other tips for starting your own business online include finding a niche, conducting extensive market research and viability, analyzing that market, and more.

Creating a successful online business is possible with the right support.

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Registering?

Make sure to review your company choices thoroughly before committing and investing in an LLC formation program plan. You don’t want to rush into any agreements that turn out to be fraudulent or created under professional standards that are disappointing.

Is There a Way To Form an LLC for Free?

Some companies, like Inc Authority, do offer free services. They typically feature fancier program options that cost, as well.

Do I Need a Registered Agent Service?

If you want to stay organized and free up some of your resources for other matters, then yes, we highly recommend getting a registered agent service.

With trusted registered agent services, you can save a lot of time and energy. Your paperwork is managed on your behalf, and you can be sure everything is legit.

Best LLC Services in Conclusion

The best agent formation services will provide you with top-notch advice and professional help so that you can form your LLC in a precise manner.

Incfile is our number one pick for this reason. It’s one of the best LLC services online, according to verified sources. It offers support in drafting up agreements and provides a worry-free guarantee and additional assessments, too.

When choosing a registered agent for your small business, use caution, and examine all of the fine print before signing on with them.

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