DigitalAMN Aligns with International Private Deal Club Goldfingr – Potentially Strengthening Equity Portfolio and PAI Ecosystem

NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc. or “DigitalAMN / the Company” (OTCMKTS: DATI), a Public Accelerator-Incubator (“PAI”), announced today, that through an investment agreement with M3 World Consulting, Inc., the owner and operator of the ‘members-only’, private investment network brand, Goldfingr (“Goldfingr”), management has finalized its arrangement to align with Goldfingr, to potentially strengthen DigitalAMN’s PAI Ecosystem, through access to Goldfingr’s investor network, technology and business platform.

Goldfingr is a Virtual Mastermind and Global Investment Club, which currently has thousands of high-net-worth private members, internationally. Amidst the health crisis, Goldfingr launched the Alchemy 2.0 platform,, a social and communications platform for investing and raising capital, with AI Matching, for investment deals within their extensive network of over 100k investors. With its closest competitors (LunchClub and Clubhouse), both being previously valued at an estimated $100M as reported on and AXIOS, respectively (although Clubhouse has indicated closing a Series C round at an estimated valuation of $4Billion), Goldfingr’s management indicated that Goldfingr has experienced significant growth over the last 12 months, expanding both their value proposition and business model, while increasing revenue.

Leveraging the ‘Mastermind Principle,’ Goldfingr is a members-only club, specializing in global investments and business ventures, through both its digital platform and in-person events. Utilizing proprietary technology, online deal club events, social networking, AI Matching, encrypted video conferencing and private in-person events around the world, members are afforded the ability to raise capital, invest, grow businesses, enjoy the arts, live entertainment and socializing with high net-worth and like-minded individuals.

“This is one of the more exciting business relationships that DigitalAMN has endeavored, since aligning with the top-rated equity crowdfunding portal, TruCrowd, Inc.,” stated Ajene Watson, CEO of DigitalAMN. “I’ve been impressed with Goldfingr’s growth and success over the past two years. And with its pivot to online-based events during the health crisis, we believe that Goldfingr’s value proposition and impact on the startup and investment communities could be a real game changer. We certainly would like for our PAI Ecosystem to continue aligning with Goldfingr as closely as possible.”

Management believes that by aligning with Goldfingr, the Company’s PAI Ecosystem will derive benefits that can potentially assist DigitalAMN’s client-companies with short and long-term capital needs. Through Goldfingr, DigitalAMN could also enhance its ability to curate viable business opportunities for everyday people to invest in. Most importantly, DigitalAMN would have the ability to create and manage its own deal clubs on Goldfingr, introducing DigitalAMN to high-net-worth investors globally, while affording client and portfolio companies a higher level of market visibility and opportunities to raise money.

Ventures like Goldfingr should both impact the perceived value of DigitalAMN’s equity portfolio and help to potentially expand DigitalAMN’s footprint – promoting economic growth, social empowerment, and financial literacy, within the business and investment communities. In an April 5th, 2020 Coffee Talk, DigitalAMN announced its pending relationship with Goldfingr, reflecting the Company’s intent to invest in and ally with the members-only platform. Now finalized, this move is anticipated to help substantiate and potentially help grow the Company’s equity portfolio.

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ABOUT M3 World Consulting, Inc. (“Goldfingr”)
Goldfingr is the modern paradigm of social clubs – a think tank, incubator and socially conscious business accelerator.  We use both technology and private events and brick to keep our members connected. We’ve integrated raising capital, investing, business, the arts, entertainment and social, adding unprecedented value to our members, with a complete VIP experience. Founded in NYC in 2014, Goldfingr now has chapters in New York City, London, Singapore, Zürich, Tel Aviv, San Juan and Miami. We also operate the Alchemy 2.0 platform,; social and communications platform for investing and raising capital, with AI Matching, for investment deals within our extensive network of over 100k investors.

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ABOUT Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.
Digital Asset Monetary Network, Inc.  (OTCMKTS: DATI) is the first company to utilize the Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI) model, with the intent to follow the global success of accelerators and incubators around the world, adding niche opportunities to both the microcap and startup communities. As a PAI, Digital Asset Monetary Network will develop and acquire innovations that solve problems through digital platforms and other electronic applications.


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