What do crypto-currency, drones and CBD have in common? Greenheart CBD and M&C Communications

M&C Communications builds Brand Protection PR™ to help Greenheart CBD change the lives of farmers around the world

Conifer, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Denver, Colorado, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- M&C Communications is excited to add Greenheart CBD to its growing roster of CBD companies. M&C’s core focus of CBD public relations is building Brand Protection PR™ to advance the CBD market

CBD cryptocurrency ensures transparency from seed to shelf

Greenheart CBD is a socially-conscious company providing sustainable investment using blockchain technology and market-leading DeFi platforms to launch the first tokenized innovation in the CBD space called the Greenheart PUNT. This lending platform will help hemp farmers worldwide increase their income by providing financing to convert their fields to grow hemp. Greenheart CBD also provides growing expertise through drone-based artificial intelligence technology and big data analytics to maximize farmer’s harvest and profits. 

In one recent case featuring this financial platform and drone technology, Greenheart CBD increased a Thai farmer’s income by 500% after he converted his previous crop to hemp which was then purchased by Greenheart CBD for CBD production.

Greenheart CBD is a perfect example of M&C Communications’ vision to work with inspiring clients who make a difference in the world.

“Working with an Irish CBD company focused on environmental sustainability, social good, and cutting-edge technology is one of those scenarios you can only imagine,” said Diane Mulligan, president of M&C Communications. “We are honored to work with Greenheart CBD to educate the world about CBD while providing innovative answers that will change the lives of farmers and consumers.”

CBD public relations builds Brand Protection PR™

M&C is developing an integrated public relations campaign based on its unique Brand Protection PR™ strategies to help Greenheart CBD educate its stakeholders and develop customer loyalty.

You will hear much more about the Greenheart CBD and M&C Communications collaboration in the coming weeks.


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