Accumen to Host a Webinar Discussing Best Practices for Implementing a Successful Telehealth Program

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

PHOENIX, AZ, April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accumen is helping healthcare get better, faster. Accumen recently announced that it will be hosting a webinar with Modern Healthcare Custom Media entitled “How Telehealth has Evolved into a Standard of Care” at 12 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 22. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased acceptance of telehealth and accelerated the healthcare industry’s adoption of that technology. Spurred by the desire to protect healthcare staff and patients from SARS-CoV-2, and meet social distancing requirements, many healthcare organizations shifted to telehealth in a matter of days. Changes in standard operating procedures of that magnitude would normally take months to achieve. But as patients and clinicians have become more comfortable with telehealth technology, and have seen many benefits from its use, a new standard of patient care has been created that will continue long after the pandemic is over. The next evolution of telehealth allows providers to address complex, clinical processes that improve patient care and financial growth for hospitals and health systems.

Accumen is employing its MyBloodHealth® virtual anemia management software via telehealth, improving care for patients that will likely be anemic when they undergo surgery. Accumen is using telehealth to improve communication between providers, and coordinate patients’ pre-habilitation, which enhances the patients’ surgical experience and outcomes, and reduces unnecessary blood transfusions. It is a complex process, which involves managing large quantities of data from many different sources (such as phone messages, videos, deliver care documents and medication orders), and requires outreach to many stakeholders along the continuum of care, including the patient, primary care physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, and infusion center staff.

“Telehealth is allowing us to obtain all of the data points that we need to assess a patient’s risk scores, determine the most appropriate care plan, and prepare them for surgical success remotely. We can manage thousands of patients’ care without them having to drive to see us multiple times. It is improving quality of life both for patients and for those caring for them,” explained Jason Carney, Vice President of Anemia Management at Accumen and the webinar moderator.

Mr. Carney will be joined by Darrel Weaver, MD, Vice President of Network Services at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and Eric Wallace, MD, Medical Director of Telehealth for the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who will offer payer and provider perspectives on telehealth.

During the webinar, Drs. Wallace and Weaver will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the evolution of telehealth, and the impact it will have on reimbursement and regulations, including the Physician Self-Referral Law or “Stark Law” and the Anti-Kickback Statute. They will also describe best practices for implementing telehealth consistently and effectively to create an optimal experience for both patients and providers. In addition, they will outline strategies for optimally leveraging the resulting analytics.

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