Insights on the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Global Market to 2030 - Methods of Detection of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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This report deals with therapeutic drug monitoring, a multi-disciplinary clinical specialty, aimed at improving patient care by monitoring drug levels in the blood to individually adjust the dose of drugs for improving outcome. TDM is viewed as a component of personalized medicine that interacts with several other disciplines including pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics. One chapter is devoted to the monitoring of drugs of abuse (DoA). Various technologies used for well-known DoA are described. A section on drug abuse describes methods of detection of performance-enhancing drugs.

The TDM market is analyzed from 2020 to 2030 according to technologies as well as geographical distribution. The global market for DoA testing was also analyzed from 2018 to 2028 and divided according to the area of application. Unmet needs and strategies for the development of markets for TDM are discussed. The report contains profiles of 35 companies involved in developing tests and equipment for drug monitoring along with their collaborations. The text is supplemented with 21 tables, 9 figures, and 210 selected references from literature.

Benefits of this report

  • Up-to-date one-stop information on therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Description of 35 companies involved with their collaborations in this area
  • Market analysis 2020-2030
  • Market values in major regions
  • Strategies for developing markets for therapeutic drug monitoring
  • A selected bibliography of 210 publications
  • Text is supplemented by 21 tables and 9 figures

Who should read this report?

  • Biotechnology companies developing assays and equipment for drug monitoring
  • Reference laboratories providing drug monitoring services
  • Pharmaceutical companies interested in companion tests for monitoring their drugs
  • Clinical pharmacologists interested in integrating therapeutic drug monitoring with pharmacogenetics for development of personalized medicine

The report contains information on the following:

  • Technologies for TDM
  • Drug Monitoring Instruments
  • Applications of TDM
  • Drugs Requiring Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Biological Therapies
  • Monitoring of Drug Abuse
  • Markets for TDM
  • Companies

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Technologies for TDM
  3. Drug Monitoring Instruments
  4. Applications of TDM
  5. Drugs Requiring Monitoring
  6. Monitoring of Biological Therapies
  7. Monitoring of Drug Abuse
  8. Markets for TDM
  9. Companies
  10. References

List of Tables
Table 1-1: Historical landmarks in the development of therapeutic drug monitoring
Table 4-1: Psychotropic drugs requiring TDM
Table 5-1: Drugs requiring TDM
Table 5-2: Indications and therapeutic ranges of various AEDs
Table 6-1: Molecular imaging methods for tracking cells in vivo
Table 6-2: Applications of molecular diagnostics in gene therapy
Table 7-1: Commonly tested drugs of abuse and recreational drugs
Table 7-2: Testing and confirmation cutoff concentrations/detection times for DoA
Table 7-3: Historical landmarks of drug abuse in sports
Table 7-4: Drugs used by athletes for performance enhancement
Table 7-5: Genes that may be used for performance enhancement
Table 8-1: Global markets for TDM according to technologies from 2020-2030
Table 8-2: Global markets for TDM according to tests in drug categories 2020-2030
Table 8-3: Global markets for TDM according to point of application 2020-2030
Table 8-4: Markets for TDM and DoA testing equipment 2020-2030
Table 8-5: Geographical distribution of markets for TDM tests 2020-2030
Table 8-6: Drivers for growth of TDM markets
Table 8-7: Global markets for DoA testing 2020-2030
Table 9-1: Major players in therapeutic drug monitoring
Table 9-2: Drugs for which monitoring and detection tests are provided by LabCorp
Table 9-3: Collaborations of companies involved in TDM

List of Figures
Figure 1-1: Therapeutic window of a drug
Figure 1-2: Therapeutic range of a drug
Figure 1-3: Flow chart of TDM
Figure 1-4: Interrelationships of TDM
Figure 2-1: Separation of structurally similar drug molecules by HPLC
Figure 2-2: Determination of the identity of a target substance by mass spectrometry
Figure 2-3: Basic principle of a biosensor
Figure 8-1: Unmet needs in TDM
Figure 8-2: Metabolism of azathioprine and biomarkers for TDM

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