Make the Move Beyond Resource-Draining, Manual Data Analysis with CONNEX Insights

Harness Data to Drive Operational Efficiencies and Financial Performance across Operations and Projects

Birmingham, Alabama, UNITED STATES

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. , April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Command Alkon, the provider of the leading supplier collaboration platform for construction’s heavy work, is proud to deliver CONNEX Insights, a business analytics layer for their cloud-based CONNEX Platform for construction materials suppliers, haulers and buyers.

CONNEX Insights serves up a business-driven visualization of the transactional, operational, and cost data available on the CONNEX Platform, allowing construction materials supply chain participants to analyze and explore their operations and projects for exceptions, trends, and benchmarks to make better decisions. Consolidated data pulled from on-premise, cloud, and third-party systems provides timely, actionable recommendations for those who need it most in plants, quarries, offices, and on construction projects.

“CONNEX Insights helps users to identify and take action before a problem becomes a disaster,” said Jon Wanlass, Vice President at Command Alkon. “Knowing where your business or job stands on a day-to-day basis empowers your team to streamline operations and maximize profitability, freeing up leadership to plan for the future instead of fixing today.”

No more diving into reams of paper reports or generating complex excel workbooks to dig up meaningful data from the past. Insights leverages both current and historical data – served up to operational teams and decision makers when they need it, not the next week or month when it is too late.

“To achieve the same results without the Insights dashboards, we would have to have somebody sorting through the data all day, every day to stay on top of it,” said Austin Davis, Field Operations Coordinator at Wayne Davis Concrete. “Now with CONNEX Insights, I can pull the dashboards up and have the reporting done in an hour, when otherwise it would be a continuous one-person job to keep all the data sorted how you need to and use it that way.”

Dashboards are constantly being fed and refreshed with current operational data based on changes in supplier on-premise dispatch, ticketing, and production systems, IoT devices on delivery vehicles, and mobile app inputs from the field. Whether it is a new order or ticket, an update to ticket data input from a mobile app, or GPS or sensor data from vehicles in transit, CONNEX Insights is quickly updated to reflect the change.

“Insights feed targeted, comprehensive, action-based information to dispatchers, plant and fleet managers, field and project engineers and office personnel, empowering collaboration and efficiency across the supplier/consumer ecosystem,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Vice President of CONNEX at Command Alkon. “These action-based business insights address the real concerns of time, money, efficiency, optimization, and place the power of analysis in the hands of both operations users and strategic decision makers.”

CONNEX Insights Base offerings for Ready Mix, Concrete Telematics, System & Fleet Health, and Job Material & Haul Costs are currently available, with additional base offerings for Bulk Materials and Haulers coming in the short term.

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