#AIshowbiz Earth Day Event Debuts Dolphin-saving NFT Hologram

Leading futurists met on creating sustainable NFTs and using them to support environmental projects like Open Earth’s new marine conservation tech program; World’s first PORTL hologram NFT by Nicole Buffett unveiled

Los Angeles, CA, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first #AIshowbiz Earth Day Powered by PORTL included Trailblazer talks by leading minds shaping the future on the topics of marine conservation, green NFTs, the Spatial Web, and sustainable holoportation. At the event, the Open Earth Foundation anounced its historic AI-powered Marine Biodiversity Program to establish a No-Take Zone for dolphins around Cocos Island National Park near Costa Rica. In celebration of Open Earth’s achievement, #AIshowbiz also introduced the first in its NFT Impact Artwork program by debuting the world’s first PORTL hologram NFT by Nicole Buffett. The full event is available to watch and embed via PORTL YouTube.

PORTL Inc. has invented a method of holoporting people to appear anywhere in the world and interact in volumetric 4K. It also can display prerecorded content and is in talks with a number of auction houses about holoporting priceless objects and presenting NFTs. The Tim Draper-backed startup’s ability to beam people around the world has been covered in the last week by The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Hypebeast and more.

The keynote speaker was Martin Wainstein, Founder and Executive Director of the Open Earth Foundation, who discussed how artists and creators can help fund social and environmental projects through NFTs. He also announced the Marine Biodiversity Program and No-take NFT Drop collection featuring Nicole Buffet's NFT. Open Earth Foundation's last NFT Drop, known as the CarbonDrop collection, included eight unique “carbon negative” NFTs inspired by the Earth and climate crisis and raised $6.6 million.

Also speaking were Michael E. Hayworth, author of the best seller, The Ultimate Non Fungible Token (NFT) Guidbook, who spoke about “greening” NFTs; Dan Mapes, Founder of Verses and author of The Spatial Web who spoke about the ways the Spatial Web makes the new token economy more sustainable; R. Scott Salandy-Defour, Founder of Liquidstar, described as Robinhood meets the Uber of electricity which also works to offset mining; and Molly Lavik, Founder of #AIshowbiz, shared her personal story on how she channeled her grief from her husband's passing into the world's first No-take NTF for the protection of dolphins powered by PORTL. 

“My husband Hans cared deeply as I do about the protection of dolphins,” said Molly Lavik. “Nicole’s artwork was commissioned to commemorate his kind heart.”

As an advisory board member for PORTL Lavik also explained how the company is vastly reducing carbon footprints while it brings people together across the Earth, and introduced PORTL Founder and Inventor David Nussbaum. Complete notes on speakers and topics are here.

Watch on PORTL YouTube now.


#AIShowBiz Earth Day Powered by PORTL was also a pep rally for the event #AIShowBiz on NFTs which takes place on May the Fourth Be With You Day with headlining keynote by Tim Draper, Founder, Draper Associates. Tickets available HERE

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The world's first NFT created for display as a PORTL hologram was unveiled by artist Nicole Buffett at #AIshowbiz Earth Day to benefit Open Earth Foundation's work. PORTL is the L.A. startup known for holoportation and interactive AI-based display. Find out more at PORTLhologram.com. Commemorative Dolphin Artwork by Artist Nicole Buffett -- the first ever NFT created for display in the PORTL Epic in partnership with Open Earth Foundation and #AIshowbiz. 
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