Veritas Global Protection Shows Their Customers Benefits Of A Vehicle Service Contract

Miami, Florida, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- You just closed the deal with your customer, and now it’s time to finalize all the paperwork. You have many things to go over, but most importantly, you should be discussing the benefits of vehicle service contracts. 

Many people think that these types of extended warranties only cover a few major parts of their vehicle, but that is not true! Companies like Veritas Global Protection can offer much more protection than just mechanical issues. 

You will want to inform your clients of all the benefits that a vehicle service contract can give them, including peace of mind. Car repair bills can be one of the most significant unforeseen expenses that many people just aren’t prepared to deal with. 

By giving your customers all the details about vehicle service contracts, you are essentially helping them make the best decision for their investment.   

What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Service Contracts?

One of the primary benefits of vehicle service contracts is to offer your clients protection on the purchase they just made. It can often be the first big purchase that some folks are making.
We’re sure they didn’t decide on which vehicle they wanted without hearing about all the bells and whistles, so you need to make the same effort when it comes to explaining all the benefits of vehicle service contracts. 

Companies like Veritas Global Protection go out of their way to make life easier for your customers. They know that having the proper protection can make all the difference when something goes wrong with their vehicle. 

Some people swear that their car always breaks down AFTER the manufacturers’ warranty expires. However, if they have a vehicle service contract, they won’t need to stress out about that. 

Some of the benefits that vehicle service contracts provide include programs that offer coverage up to 100k miles on both new and used vehicles, roadside assistance and towing services if their car breaks down, possible reception of travel expense reimbursements, and, when their vehicle is undrivable, they can utilize the rental car program.

There are various options at companies like Veritas Global Protection that offer programs that will meet different customer’s needs. It doesn’t matter if your client purchased a used car or an exotic vehicle; there is something for everybody! 

The Benefits Are In The Options 

Not everybody will need a vehicle service contract with a huge limit of liability or one that lasts an extended amount of time. Companies like Veritas Global Protection offer many different options that allow your customers to choose what will work for them. 

If they are only concerned about the major car repairs, such as transmissions or engine issues, then there is a program designed for covering the essentials. 


Offering your clients a vehicle service contract is one way to show how much you care. Companies like Veritas Global Protection also want to provide your customers with the protection they need when they need it!


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