Best Keto Diet Pills (2021) Review Top Ketogenic Supplements

Find the best keto diet pills in 2021 and review the top fat burning ketosis boosters for weight loss via safe BHB rich ketone supplementation for ketogenic dieters.

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Keto Pills are the most popular type of weight loss product and chances are you’ve probably seen advertisements for keto products by now. These keto pills may help enhance your weight loss, boost your energy levels, and can make it easier for you to stick to your keto diet.

Many of the most popular keto products contain exogenous ketones – ketones made outside of the body. These ketones are the fuel that your body burns instead of carbohydrates when you are on the keto diet. Some keto products may contain one or many other natural ingredients that may help boost your metabolism in addition to these exogenous ketones.

If you’re ready to slim down and get healthier, and want the very best quality keto products, here are the top three keto products for 2021 and beyond:

Top Rated Keto Products


#1 – KetoPower Boost

KetoPower Boost is our #1 keto product for 2021 and beyond thanks to its’ stellar reputation and carefully formulated ingredients. Each bottle of KetoPower Boost contains 60 capsules (30 servings) with three different ketone bodies designed to maximize fat loss in a safe, effective manner.

According to the official website, KetoPower Boost is manufactured right here in the United States in a GMP certified facility. All orders come with a 30-day, no questions asked - money back guarantee so you’ve got plenty of time to evaluate the product.

#2 – Proven Keto Weight Loss Diet Pill

Keto BOOST by Prime Health Daily has been a staple in the keto industry since its’ inception and comes from one of the most reputable supplement creators in the world. Unlike many other keto pills, KetoBoost contains both exogenous ketones and MCT oil, making it one of the more powerful keto products we’ve researched given the fact it contains a healthy dose of beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB); in all three forms including sodium beta hydroxybutyrate, calcium beta hydroxybutyrate, and magnesium beta hydroxybutyrate.

What really separates the proven Keto BOOST weight loss diet pill is the incredible money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied within 60 days you can contact KetoBoost and receive all of your money back. This is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen before and is one of the biggest trending keto diet pills for ketosis enhanced fat burning properties to go along with the low carb high protein diet the ketogenic lifestyle is based upon. Note this bottle image might change.

#3 – Advanced Keto Weight Loss Diet Pills

Advanced Keto Weight Loss Diet Pills is a relatively new product but it’s quickly gaining popularity on the Internet. Advanced Keto Weight Loss Diet Pills could’ve been ranked higher but it’s one of the more expensive keto products on the market – with one bottle costing $69 (discounts are given for larger orders).

Like many other keto products, Advanced Keto Weight Loss Diet Pills contains the three essential types of exogenous ketones needed to help support your body while it enters ketosis.

Although not our top choice, Advanced Keto Weight Loss Diet Pills is still an excellent choice for dieters looking to jump start the ketosis process and to lose extra weight. Note this bottle image might change.

Bonus:  Elevate Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder

We also want to mention Elevate pure C8 MCT Oil Powder by BioTrust as an alternate option. Although not a keto pill, BioTrust has a history of selling some of the best quality supplements money can buy, and their Pure C8 MCT Oil is no exception.

Elevate Pure comes in a 180g bag of pure C8 MCT oil to help you rapidly enter ketosis and start burning fat. We normally wouldn’t include a product like this because it is a bag of powder, we felt compelled to add Elevate Pure because of BioTrust’s incredible quality and history.

We can’t recommend Elevate Pure C8 enough if you’re looking for something different than your standard keto diet pills.

How We Ranked the Top Keto Products

Three main factors were taken into consideration when we were ranking our top keto products – third party certification, real, legitimate customer reviews & experiences, and whether or not the keto product contained ingredients that were actually scientifically linked to weight loss.

Our reasoning behind this is very simple. Medications are required to go through rigorous testing to make sure they are both safe and effective. However, the same is not true for dietary supplements. In fact, there as virtually no regulation or oversight regarding dietary supplements, which means scrupulous companies can often mislead or downright lie to customers.

Thankfully for consumers, there are several third-party testing organizations that help them find trustworthy customers selling high quality supplements. Some of these organizations include the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), GMP, and NSF International.

In an ideal world, the keto supplement you choose should have some form of third-party certification. The three organizations listed above are the most popular, but there are several other organizations throughout the United States. A supplement company has to pay for these certifications which should help establish trust and prove they are a legitimate product.

If a product in question isn’t certified, it should be at least manufactured in a GMP or FDA-certified facility. Almost every supplement company will disclose where their products are manufactured, so look for the GMP or FDA certified logo.

Secondly, we wanted to evaluate products based on whether or not they contained scientifically studied ingredients supports the case for weight loss.

For example, MCT oil has been rigorously studied and linked to weight loss so we gave higher rankings to customers that contained MCT oil.

Other ingredients commonly added to keto products included caffeine, green tea extract, L-theanine, and L-carnitine. Keto products containing one or a few of these ingredients also ranked higher.

Finally, before we ranked any product, we researched customer reviews. We wanted to see what customers actually thought of the products, whether they experienced side effects, and whether or not that actually lost weight. Customer complaints were taken into consideration and the a company who responded in the right manner was given a boost in rankings.

No supplement company can possibly have 100% satisfaction amongst its’ customers, therefore we eliminated products that seemingly had fake or paid reviews from customers.

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Benefits of Keto Diet Pills

Keto products can have several health benefits when taken correctly. Some of these health benefits include:

Keto diet pills may put you into ketosis faster:

Keto pills that contain exogenous ketones can help you get into ketosis faster, especially if you’re new to the keto diet. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body’s ideal source for fuel is fat instead of carbohydrates. This process typically takes a few days, although it can take some people longer – perhaps up to a week.

In order to enter ketosis, your body must burn through your carbohydrate stores and once this process is complete, your body can break down fat and convert it to ketones. These ketones become the body’s ideal source for energy and you can lose weight.

When you add exogenous ketones into your body, your body can adjust to burning ketones for fuel. This makes the transition to burning fat must smoother and faster – therefore helping you lose weight faster.

Other keto pills that contain ingredients that we mentioned above (MCT oil, caffeine, etc.) may also help boost your ability’s ability to burn fat by boosting your body’s metabolism.

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Keto pills can help boost your energy levels:

Some ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract may help boost your energy levels, which can improve your workouts and physical endurance.

On the other hand, exogenous ketones are currently being studied to see if they can impact athletic performance. So far, the results are promising. Researchers believe they might potentially be an alternative source of energy for athletes instead of carbs – even if they aren’t in ketosis.

Exogenous ketones may also help athletes conserve their carbohydrate stores and replenish them faster after an athletic event. This research is promising but more evidence is needed before there’s a full understanding of how exogenous ketones may improve an athlete’s performance.

Many of our other favorite keto diet products contain energy boosting ingredients in addition to exogenous ketones. Caffeine is arguably the most widely known stimulant known to man. Green tea extract and green coffee bean extract are two other commonly added ingredients that have been shown to improve energy levels.

The most commonly added ingredient to keto diet pills is medium chain triglycerides, commonly known as MCT oil. In one study, adults consuming MCT oil at breakfast had a higher resting metabolic rate (the number of calories burned while at rest) than those who had a similar breakfast without MCT oil.

Keto diet pills may help you stick to your diet:

When dieting, we are always being tempted with sweets, pasta, and other unhealthy foods that can derail our diet. The keto diet is difficult as is and is even more difficult for those used to high sugar, carb heavy diets. Taking a keto supplement may be a simple way for you to stick to your diet better.

Any keto supplement with exogenous will make the process into ketosis easier – potentially getting you through the toughest first few weeks of your diet when the cravings for carbs are likely to be the strongest.

Additionally, since keto diet pills can help you stick to your diet, you are more likely to see the results you desire. It is true that most of the weight loss results you see will come from dietary changes and exercise habits. However, keto diet pills are still proven to support faster weight loss and will help you succeed and reach your end goals.

Keto diet pills may help you lose more weight:

As we mentioned above, keto pills may help you lose more weight than through diet and exercise alone. It is true that lifestyle changes are the key driver for weight loss, taking a keto supplement may provide the extra boost you need to reach your weight loss goals.

We personally prefer keto supplements with MCT oil. It has been studied and has been shown to increase weight loss rates compared to a placebo. In a single study of 49 obese adults, researchers found that adding MCT oil “significantly” increase weight loss rates compared to the control group who were given olive oil. Although the research is still new, researchers believe MCT oil could be the real deal.

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Keto pills can ensure you consume enough electrolytes:

Electrolytes are something important you need to consider when you’re on the keto diet, especially the first few weeks on keto. Your body will burn through your carbohydrate storage very rapidly during the first few weeks of keto. These carbs are bound to water, so when you burn off carbs, you lose a significant portion of water. Chances are you’ll find yourself urinating more – this is to be expected.

The drawdown of losing this water is that you’ll also lose essential electrolytes like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These electrolytes are essential to your overall health and a lack of electrolytes may make you feel tired, cause muscle cramps, headaches, or like you are sick. This feeling is sometimes referred to as the “keto flu.”

It’s in your best interest to take a hydration supplement containing these electrolytes or choosing a keto supplement that contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Although most keto products only contain a small portion of your daily needs for these electrolytes, they can still help by providing you a small boost.

Potential Side Effects of Keto Pills

Like any supplement, keto pills are not without a few risks. While very nominal, you should know the potential side effects of keto products before you try them. There are three main risks:

Keto pills can upset your stomach and cause digestive issues:

There’s a tiny risk of digestive issues when you start taking any new supplement. After all, your body is adjusting to things it isn’t used to consuming. Although rare, some keto products have been shown to cause stomach discomfort – especially during the first few days.

MCT oil, a common ingredient in keto products has been known to cause minor stomach comfort or diarrhea. These symptoms do typically subside after the first few days once you get used to it. It’s often recommended that you slowly increase your dosage of MCT oil as you get used to it.

Caffeine is another commonly added ingredient that may cause digestive issues. Caffeine is a natural diuretic, which means it pulls fluid out of your cells. This can lead to diarrhea, especially if you’re consuming a large amount of caffeine.

To minimize the risk, you should stick to the recommended dosage according to the label on your product. In addition, you should avoid consuming keto pills on an empty stomach as this can further cause stomach issues.

You may be allergic to ingredients in keto pills:

Some of the ingredients we’ve mentioned can cause allergic reactions to individuals. For example, MCT oil comes from coconut, which is a common allergy. Caffeine is another known allergenic compound that causes many people to feel ill besides the typical jittery feeling.

This is why it is essential to carefully inspect the label of any product you are purchasing to prevent taking a pill you are allergic to. If you do take a keto supplement and have a negative reaction, you’ll want to discontinue use immediately and speak to your doctor or a medical professional regardless if you believe it to be an allergic reaction or not.

In general, always err on the side of caution when taking any supplement – if you feel any negative impact, don’t risk your health – simply stop taking the product and talk to a medical professional.

Some keto products simply may not work for you:

One of the drawbacks of the supplement industry is that there’s no magic pill that will work for everybody all the time. This is true for any form of supplement, not just keto diet pills.

While keto pills certainly seem to support weight loss, you still need to put in some work on your end. There’s no way to magically lose weight. You’ll have to make the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to lose weight otherwise you’re facing an uphill battle – even with keto supplements.

With that said, there’s enough research to suggest that keto supplements can certainly help give you an initial boost in weight loss and jumpstart the ketosis process. Therefore, they can be a valuable resource especially if you’re new to keto.

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What’s the Recommended Dosage for Keto Pills?

There’s no standard recommended dosage for keto pills at this time – it’s currently set by supplement companies based on their formula.

Any diet pill that contains a stimulant like caffeine or other ingredients like MCT oil, can cause issues. Caffeine can cause jittery feelings in high doses and when taken close to bed can cause sleep issues. As a stimulant, caffeine also increases heart rate and blood pressure.

MCT oil on the other hand is known to cause stomach issues like diarrhea and stomach pain in high doses. This is why it’s important to read the labeling and make sure you understand the ingredients in a product before you actually purchase it.

If you’re unsure of the dosage, contact the company directly to see what they recommend. In most cases two keto pills per day is the recommended dosage, although it can still vary from company to company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body no longer relies on carbohydrates as the main source of energy. Instead the energy burns fat as the main source for energy.

Entering ketosis can be very difficult for some people because to enter it, minimal carbs can be consumed. Instead of a carb focused diet, a high protein & high fat diet is needed.

It can take a few days to a week to truly enter ketosis, which is why keto pills can be advantageous to many people. Keto pills can speed up the ketosis process so fat loss begins faster and in many cases keto pills speed up the body’s metabolism as well.

Q. Do I really NEED keto diet pills on the keto diet?

A. Technically NO, you do not need absolutely need diet pills or any other supplements to see some results on the keto diet. Most people consider the keto diet an effective weight loss program simply because it changes the way your body finds fuel for energy. Instead of carbohydrates, your body uses stored fat for fuel.

Since keto requires higher fat and protein intake, many people feel fuller for longer too, which can eliminate the unhealthy food cravings that cause binge eating and obesity.

With that said, keto pills may give you the extra boost you need to reach ketosis faster and more effectively since they often contain exogenous ketones – ketone bodies your body recognizes and instantly burn for fat.

In addition, most of the supplements we mentioned above contain metabolism boosters to give you that extra push to lose a few more pounds faster on your way to your goal weight.

Q. What Are exogenous ketones and are there any benefits to taking them?

A. Exogenous ketones are ketone bodies made outside of the body. These ketone bodies are instantly recognized by your body as a source for fuel and they are then broken down and used by the body for energy. Some research suggests they can balance your hunger hormones and keep you fuller for a longer period of time too.

Athletes may find exogenous ketones especially useful during an event too. Some research suggests that taking exogenous ketones before an event can supply the body with extra energy and help maintain carbohydrate storages – potentially extending an athlete’s endurance and preventing muscle breakdown.

More research is still needed regarding exogenous ketones but there are other promising developments – especially related to neurological conditions like migraines and Alzheimer’s.

Q. Will keto pills guarantee I lose weight?

A. No diet pill can guarantee that you will lose weight because losing weight requires a caloric deficit. A diet pill may boost your metabolism and reduce your hunger but at the end of the day if you still are consuming more calories than you are burning – you won’t lose weight.

This is not to say keto pills can’t help you lose weight either. There are plenty of scientifically-backed ingredients added to keto pills that suggest they absolutely can not only help you lose weight, but also help you lose more weight.

Exogenous ketones for example have been found to suppress appetite by balancing hunger hormones responsible for food cravings. Caffeine and green tea extract are two stimulants that are known to boost the body’s metabolism to increase the number of calories burned.

A number of studies have found MCT oil can effectively boost weight loss compared to other oils said to cause fat loss.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make weight loss happen. There’s no magic bullet for weight loss – supplements can only take you so far. It’s up to you to eat the right foods, get some exercise, and get enough sleep. That’s the proven formula for weight loss and although keto pills can give you the extra push you need – they still won’t magically make you lose weight.

Q. Can I take other diet products with keto pills?

A. Taking other diet products in conjunction with keto pills is not typically recommended because two different products could cause you to have a reaction or make you ill. However, not all supplements are discouraged.

It may be a good idea take a hydrating supplement with electrolytes because the keto diet can cause you to feel like you are having the flu – especially during the first few weeks. This is typically because of a lack of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, all of which are essential to your overall health and involved in virtually every bodily process.

It may be a good choice to start taking a multi-vitamin as well when taking keto pills because the keto diet limits many of the most nutrient rich vegetables due to high carb count. Grains rich in B-vitamins, selenium, and copper are excluded also. Therefore, a general multi-vitamin is not a bad idea to take while on the keto diet.

Q. What are some of the other benefits of keto?

A. While weight loss is certainly the most common benefit to taking keto pills, it is not necessarily the only benefit. Many users notice a wide range of additional benefits while on the keto diet.

For example, most keto followers actually notice a significant boost in energy levels only a few weeks after starting keto. While they may feel lethargic and tired at first, once the ketosis process revs up, the body starts burning massive quantities of fat for energy to supply the body with energy all day long.

Keto diet pills may help to reduce appetite too. Research suggests the exogenous ketones commonly found in keto products can help to reduce appetite by balancing the hunger hormones that control food cravings. This may be especially helpful for people who struggle with unhealthy food cravings.

Finally, athletic performance may improve while taking keto products. This is because taking keto products before an event may provide the body with an instant shot of energy, preserving the carbohydrate reserves in the body. So instead of burning through these reserves immediately, an athlete will burn off the ketone bodies and then burn carbohydrate reserves.

Q. What are electrolytes and why are they in keto diet pills?

A. We’ve mentioned the term electrolytes a few times and you should understand what exactly they are. Electrolytes are minerals in your body with an electric charge. They help balance your body’s acid/base level and are involved in virtually every bodily function.

Unfortunately, on keto, the body naturally sheds more water, and with that comes the loss of these important electrolytes. This is why it is essential you replace them as much as possible to ensure you don’t become deficient.

You can find various electrolyte supplements online or in retail stores. You can buy one clearly labeled as an electrolyte supplement and these products8 typically can replace most of what is lost in ketosis.

Q. Do I have to use keto pills to go on the keto diet?

While the primary intention of keto pills is to help you go into ketosis, you do not necessarily need to use them for that purpose. As mentioned before, research is showing that exogenous ketones may be able to improve athletic performance. However, the link is still not entirely known yet.

In general, if you’re going to take keto pills, you’ll want to be on the keto diet. Otherwise, you’re probably not going to see much – if any results.

Final Thoughts

The keto diet continues to help millions of people achieve a slimmer, healthier body. Keto diet pills are a great way to help further your weight loss goals and they offer plenty of other benefits in addition to weight loss.

Out of all the best keto diet pills online, these are the top BHB-rich ketosis boosting ketones supplements available in 2021:

We’ve chosen our top keto products very carefully, and if you’re looking for a quality keto diet pill, then we highly recommend you consider one of our top three choices above for the best chance of seeing success.

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