TruthFinder Review: Company Overview, Pros, Cons, and Features Comparison

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There are numerous background check services online, but it is hard to find one that stays true to its word. Many will promise instant, accurate and reliable reports, but that is hardly the case because they rely on public records—which are sometimes out-of-date or inaccurate.

When different background check services are tested, it is no secret that some are better than others. TruthFinder is one of the most precise background check services.

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There are many qualities that make this site stand out, including the accurate records obtained, easy-to-use interface, and crystal clear explanations of how to use the background reports legally.

The aim of this article is to explain TruthFinder from A to Z, including its features, pros, and cons.

What Is TruthFinder?

TruthFinder acts as a fact finder. It is a background checks platform that offers in-depth and updated information. This website turns up public records and can present data gleaned from social media accounts. TruthFinder investigations consist of the following information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Birthdays
  • Criminal history
  • Job history
  • Property ownership information
  • Education background
  • Names of potential associates, friends, and family members

TruthFinder Review Features

TruthFinder presents information garnered from social media accounts and people can use it to search a range of records, including criminal records, marriage and divorce records, arrest records, and more. Ideally, it has several features that help with background checks, such as:

Dark Web Scan and Monitoring

Today, data breaches and identity theft are common occurrences. TruthFinder uses the feature to scan through various data points to protect its users from identifying compromised information on the dark web. This is done in partnership with Experian, a consumer reporting agency.

People Search

Users can search for specific people on TruthFinder. They simply need to enter the other person’s name in the search. This feature then pulls various public records from different online sources to offer a thoroughly detailed report.

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Self-Monitoring Tool

With TruthFinder, a member can view their private records to see what others who search for them will find. Besides, the platform allows users to claim particular records as theirs. Hence, they can correct factual inaccuracies on it or hide them from other users.

TruthFinder Pros and Cons

TruthFinder is, by far, one of the best background check services on the internet. That does not mean the website is without fault. Here are the advantages and disadvantages alike:

Easy-To-Use Interface

The background checks with this company are easy to understand. TruthFinder is available on mobile apps (Android and iOS), too. This makes it easy to access the information for anyone who is away from the computer.

Accurate and Recent Information

Many background information companies offer a mix of old and new addresses and phone numbers that make it difficult to know which data is accurate. TruthFinder has correct, updated contact information. It shows recent phone numbers and email addresses, and does not list confusing and out-of-date information.


According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is unlawful to use data from regular background checks to screen tenants or make hiring decisions. That even includes cases where a criminal record or something else alarming comes up from these services. TruthFinder is clear and upfront about how subscribers can use the information found on the site.

Offers Support

If a member has difficulties using TruthFinder, there is a help section on the website. There is also the option to contact TruthFinder by email or the toll-free number. TruthFinder has support staff that are available every day to respond to any queries quickly.


TruthFinder is not for everyone. Here are some cons to the company:

Lacks Trial Period

TruthFinder does not offer a trial membership. It does not allow users to purchase reports without signing up for a month. Moreover, TruthFinder does not have the option for one-time purchases. This leads to a lot of frustration, and many users who do not find what they are looking for after turning in a whole month’s subscription fee.

Uses Gimmicky Scare Tactics

The site offers members legitimate warnings, including FCRA-compliance disclaimers and popups of unexpected or disturbing information. However, TruthFinder goes overboard with these messages to make the reports sound juicier.

For instance, the company can warn about shocking criminal information and graphic items in a report for someone with no criminal record. That can be misleading and disingenuous.

Unnecessary Emphasis on Horoscope

TruthFinder information services allow members to check the compatibility of the horoscope with the subject of the report. While it might be useful to a portion of the potential market of TruthFinder, this feature can add an eeriness factor to an otherwise legitimate service.

How Much Does TruthFinder Cost?

TruthFinder requires users to sign up for a membership before offering any reports. The site charges its customers $28 per month and $23 per month (paid in a lump sum of $46) for the two-month membership.

The company also allows members to subscribe to the one-month reverse phone lookup membership for $4.99 per month.

Membership is automatically renewed when its period is up unless a member cancels before then. Another important note is that to download the PDF of the TruthFinder background report, one has to pay an additional $2.

TruthFinder FAQs

Review the following FAQs about TruthFinder to find out more about the service.

Is TruthFinder Accurate?

Compared with other platforms, TruthFinder offers the most accurate reports. However, all background checks typically rely on public records, and the results are sometimes inaccurate or out-of-date.

Users should verify with a second source before acting on any background check discoveries.

Is TruthFinder Legitimate?

TruthFinder is a legitimate company, which is transparent about the services it offers and its data sources. Besides explaining what the site can be used for, TruthFinder clarifies that it is not a consumer credit agency.

What Information Can Be Used From the TruthFinder Background Check?

A user cannot use the TruthFinder report to decide about rentals and employment. However, members can use social media accounts, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses to reach out to long-lost relatives or friends. They can also use it to learn whether a person has been married before or verify any suspicion about a potential love interest.

What Do Users Say About TruthFinder Background Check Reports?

Positive reviews indicate people who found old friends and got lots of detailed information. The users also like how easy it is to use the site. However, some negative reviewers anticipated TruthFinder data to be more inaccurate, while others were bothered by all the promotional emails they received.

On a Final Note

TruthFinder is a reliable and reputable background check company that focuses on detailed reporting and an intuitive interface. It also contains some of the most accurate and recent information.

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For anyone trying to get in touch with someone, TruthFinder is the go-to site. However, the site may not be ideal for people who are not comfortable paying a monthly membership.

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