Best Collagen Supplements (2021) Review Top Peptides Powders

Find the best collagen supplements in 2021 and review top collagen peptides products and proven collagen protein powders without negative side effects and real benefits.

Chicago, IL, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collagen peptides are one of the fundamental building blocks for the entire human body. These proteins can be found in virtually every part of the body – from your skin to your bones to your tendons.

Because collagen peptides have so many different functions, collagen supplements have exploded in popularity over the last few years. They’re commonly added to joint supplements and skin products to strengthen and support the body’s skeletal system. They’re also a good source of protein and BCAAs, which is why collagen has become a staple product for bodybuilders and athletes.

Are you looking for the best collagen products for 2021 and beyond? If so, our team research over 50+ collagen products to rank our top 8 collagen peptides for skin and joint health.

Ranking the Best Collagen Peptides and Collagen Protein Supplements in 2021

If you’ve spent any time in the supplement or alternative health community, you’ve likely heard the term “collagen” thrown around quite a lot. Health experts and alternative health gurus will frequently speak about how important collagen is when it comes to skin, joint, and overall health. But it’s hard to get past some of the technical language involved in these statements, especially if you’re new to the collagen supplement industry. So what is this collagen that everyone has been talking about? How can it help you maintain better control over your looks and health?

Most directly, collagen supplements use collagen peptides, which are proteins that are broken down to be absorbed more easily into the body. Collagen is naturally found within the body. Your body produces quite a bit of the protein, and it makes up the bulk of your skin’s elasticity. As we age, the amount of collagen we produce begins to decline. The decline is slow at first, but gradually speeds up as we approach our golden years. Collagen comes in five types. In the supplement industry, the most common types of collagen are I and III. These types of collagen are found in the skin, tendons, eyes, bones, and other tissues throughout the body.

There are many benefits to introducing more collagen into your body. Collagen can improve your sleep, help you heal, support the skin, hair, and nails, improve overall heart health and wellness, and more. Some reviewers claim that collagen can help you lose weight, while others argue that the supplement can help you shed fat. The truth is that there is not really any evidence to back either claim, and we can’t recommend collagen for any weight-related purposes.

Collagen supplementation helps to address this major sign of the aging process. Supplements in this growing market can help you to have better skin, eyes, tendons, and even bones. Collagen supplements have become more popular in the past decade, and the popularity of some influencers has helped to make collagen one of the leading protein supplements in the modern supplement market. You likely have quite a few questions about collagen supplements. We’ll answer all of these queries in the sections below.

How much collagen should someone take each day? Do these formulas work immediately? These are two of the biggest questions we get about collagen supplements. But the most important question is the same, regardless of what supplement we’re talking about. What are the best collagen supplements? This is the main question we sought to answer with today’s list of the best collagen supplements available in 2021.

Don’t worry. This isn’t some sketchy review with no methodology. We will cover some of the most important elements of our ranking process in the sections below. We also recommend that users do their own research after using ours as a jumping off point. The best way to approach supplementation is to research all available options before making a decision.

#1 Overall – BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen™

It’s no surprise our top-rated collagen supplement comes from BioTrust – one of the most trusted supplement companies in the entire industry. BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen was formulated using a team of scientific experts and recommended by Dr. Matthew Roberson, a well renowned doctor known for his appearances as a medical expert on NBC, ABC, and CBS.

What separates Ageless Multi Collagen from other products is its’ complete formula. It is one of the few collagen supplements we found that contains all five essential forms of collagen – and the only one dosed perfectly. Plus, all five forms of collagen come from the best animal source in an ethical and sustainable manner.

The only downside is that Ageless Multi Collagen™ can be a bit experience at $34 per bag with 21 servings in each bag. Still, the unbelievable quality of ingredients in Multi Collagen™ and a dosage that was scientifically developed makes it the undeniable #1 choice for collagen peptides.

#2 – Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen is another complete collagen supplement with all five types of collagen. It also contains tryptophan, vitamin C, zinc, and horsetail to help the body absorb collagen more efficiently.

As the name would imply, Organixx prides itself on ethically sourcing its’ product ingredients where they naturally occur. Extremely measures are taking so only the best quality products are used to manufacture Clean Sourced. It is also manufactured here in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility.

The one drawdown to Organixx is that it doesn’t provide you much bang for your buck unless you purchase a large quantity. One bag contains 8.5 grams of bioactive collagen peptides and each bag contains 20 servings. At $40 per bag, that’s $2 per serving and a smaller serving than Ageless Collagen.

Overall, Organixx Clean Sourced is an excellent collagen supplement, although it is slightly more expensive than our other top collagen products.

#3 – Livewell Labs (Now Live Conscious Collagen Peptides)

Livewell Labs collagen is made from type I & III collagen peptides, which is why it’s specifically marketed as a hair and skin supplement. Livewell’s collagen peptides use hydrolyzed collagen, which converts collagen into short chains peptides. These short chain peptides are more easily absorbed by the body for maximum results.

One bag contains 41 servings of collagen peptides with a whopping 11g of bioactive collagen in each serving. At only $34.99/bag, Livewell offers a great value to customers looking for a quality product that won’t break the bank.

There are no fillers, additives, gluten, soy, shellfish, or any artificial ingredients included in Livewell Labs collagen. Each bag is 3rd-party tested right here in the US as well.

If you’re looking for a quality, affordable collagen product specifically geared for your skin – Livewell Labs collagen is a fantastic choice.

#4 – Vital Proteins Collagen

Vital Proteins collagen is a popular collagen supplement made from bovine hide collagen peptides. Each serving of Vital Proteins has an incredible 20g of collagen peptides, although Vital Proteins doesn’t disclose what type(s) of collagen are in its’ product.

Vital Proteins has two different options to choose from. The first option is the original collagen peptides, which contains only collagen as the only ingredient. For extra skin hydration and elasticity, you can select the second option, which adds hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for absorption.

Both options are great depending on your needs, and Vital Proteins has over 4,000 reviews with an average 4.7 star rating. Overall, Vital Proteins sells a great collagen product and it’s one to consider if you want a basic, high quality collagen product.

#5 – Prime Greens

Prime Greens is marketing exclusively as an anti-aging collagen product designed to reverse the effects of sun damage and oxidative stress on the skin.

The main ingredient is bovine collagen, a popular form of collagen that’s virtually in every single collagen product. However, Prime Greens contains a number of superfoods that are meant to supercharge the anti-aging process by improving the collagen matrix in the skin.

For example, spirulina helps improve the bioavailability of collagen in the skin. Maca root helps improve blood flow to provide nourishment to the skin. Barley grass protects the skin from the aging process.

Prime Greens may not be a traditional collagen product, but it’s still one of the best. It may be an ideal choice if you’re specifically looking for the anti-aging benefits of collagen and want to protect your skin from aging in the future as well.

#6 – Essential Elements Nutrition Collagen

Essential Elements Collagen is hydrolyzed collagen supplement with type I and type II grade A bovine collagen (the highest rated grade of collagen).

Essential Elements Collagen contains 19 natural occurring amino acids formulated for enhanced bioavailability. In other words, the Essential Elements adds additional enzymes so that your body is able to better absorb the collagen and amino acids found in its’ collagen supplement.

Each bag contains 41 servings of premium collagen – with 11 grams of collagen per serving. At $29 per bag and discounts given orders in greater quantitates, Essential Elements best combines quality with affordability.

#7 – Team Keto Collagen Peptides

Team Keto Collagen is another great collagen product with 11 grams of type I and type II collagen in each serving.

Truthfully, there’s nothing special about Team Keto’s collagen product. It’s a quality collagen product with two of the most effective types of collagen and it’s dosed well to provide maximum results.

It’s also flavored with natural flavoring and cocoa powder, so you can simply add some water in a shaker, shake, and drink for convenience.

#8 – Prime Health Collagen Renew

Collagen Renew is a premium collagen complex consisting of three different types of collagen (type I, type III, and type IV). It also vitamin B6, bamboo extract, vitamin C, and horsetail extract for added bone and joint support.

The main issue with Collagen Renew is that is slightly under-dosed compared to our top products. Each serving of Collagen Renew contains only 6.6g of bioactive collagen peptides, far below the standard 10+ grams per serving.

That would be fine if Collagen Renew only cost $30 but one tub costs $60. Therefore, while Prime Health is a solid collagen product, we feel there are still better options out there.

#9 – Organifi Glow

Organifi Glow is an organic collagen product with 13 specialized superfoods designed to naturally enhance your body’s collagen production.

Unlike the other products in our top rankings, Glow does NOT contain any actually collagen peptides. Instead, it contains ingredients that are said to enhance your body’s ability to create and absorb collagen.

Each container of Glow contains 30 servings of powerful superfoods like raspberry, aloe, amia powder, camu camu, and bamboo silica. These ingredients work in synergy to support collagen production, skin hydration, and enhance skin elasticity.

At $79.95 per bottle, Glow is the most expensive collagen product on our list. Since it does not contain any actual collagen, we couldn’t rank it higher too. However, based on the customer reviews, Glow does provide some real changes in skin health, so it’s still a quality product – especially if you are an existing customer of one of Organifi’s other popular supplements.

Who Should Use Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides are broken down into a bioavailable form of amino acid chains that make up your cartilage, bones, tendons, and other connective tissues in your body. Therefore, anybody who wants to improve the health of their connective tissues would benefit from taking a collagen supplement.

Collagen itself is one of the main building blocks for the most important structures in your skeletal system. Your joints, tendons, cartilage, bones, teeth, hair, and skin all require an adamant amount of collagen to stay healthy and function properly.

Research has shown that collagen peptides can be an integral role in reversing the effects of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet are all the result of low collagen levels in the skin so taking collagen peptides can improve the collagen matrix in the skin to eliminate these effects of aging.

Joint pain and inflammation are a result of weak tendons and cartilage in the joints. Taking peptides can strengthen your joints and reduce the inflammation causing your pain and swelling. Therefore, those suffering from pain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint injuries can benefit from collage supplements.

Finally, if you’re regularly active or play sports, then you’re likely putting a lot of stress on your joints. Taking a collagen product helps to keep inflammation at bay, keeps your joints strong, and may help to prevent injury by reducing the wear and tear on your joints.

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How We Ranked Collagen Products

The term “collagen supplement” is a fairly broad definition for a variety of reasons. There are products that boost your body’s collagen production and supplements that contain collagen peptides. There are numerous sources of collagen, five different types of collagen, and different benefits to each type of collagen.

Therefore, we had to be thorough and consider a number of factors when researching the top collagen supplements. Factors that we considered included:

The # of types of collagen and which types of collagen were included:

As we mentioned, there are five main types of collagen, each with its’ own unique properties and benefits. For example, type II collagen is almost exclusive used to create cartilage in the joints whereas type III is beneficial for skin elasticity.

We had to take into consideration how many types of collagen were in each product and what types of collagen were included. Almost every simple collagen product will have type I and type III since they are the most readily available so we gave preference to products with type II, type IV, and type V collagen.

In general, we rated products higher if they included more types of collagen, and our top products contain all five essential forms of collagen.

Ingredient sourcing and quality:

Collagen can come from any number of animal sources, but we preferred products with collage sourced from grass fed cows, eggshells, or fish scales.

Definitive research isn’t available to determine if any source of collagen is superior than another, but we wanted products that clearly identified where they sourced their collagen from since it was more likely to be of a higher quality and purer.

Finally, we gave preference to collagen supplements that used organic and GMO, as well as products that followed ethically and sustainable sourcing methods.

Serving Size:

Collagen has been the main subject of thousands of studies, each using a slightly different dosage. Dosages of anywhere from 2 to 12 grams have been used. Higher doses seem to work more effectively and faster so we gave preference to products that had at least 8 grams of collagen peptides per serving.

Overall Value:

Collagen supplements are a dime a dozen nowadays. You can find a collagen product with virtually any serving size and price. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance between a high-quality product and one that won’t break the bank.

This is why we broke down collagen supplements based on # of servings, serving size, and total price of the product. We eliminated products that were extremely expensive, had too small of a serving size, or didn’t contain enough serving size.

After we finished narrowing down our field, we found our top nine products that provided you with the best of both worlds – high quality collagen and tremendous bang for your buck.

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Benefits of Collagen Supplements

The benefits of collagen are well researched and since collagen is a fundamental building block for connective tissues, identifying the benefits is very easy.

Collagen peptides can improve skin health & reverse the effects of aging:

There is undeniable evidence that collagen supplements can improve the elasticity, hydration, and overall health of your skin. It’s why virtually every anti-wrinkle cream contains a collagen matrix.

It can help reverse the effects of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet too.

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that rats taking collagen saw a statistically significant improvement in collagen synthesis as well as a decrease in several key protein levels linked to aging.

Collagen may be an effective treatment for arthritis:

Research dated as far back as 1993 has proven collage peptides can treat inflammatory joint pain, commonly referred to as rheumatoid arthritis.

In the study, 60 adults with severe rheumatoid arthritis were given a chicken-derived collagen product. All 60 participants saw a significant decrease in swelling and tenderness in their joints after just three months. Four of the participants saw a completely remission of their arthritis.

Scientists believe that the mechanism behind this action is likely because the immune system tolerates the proteins found in collagen as it becomes used to them in your system. By taking the same type of collagen as the collagen in your joints, the immune system does not create an inflammatory response in the joints and swelling and pain vanishes.

Collagen can strengthen joints:

Collagen is the main building block in cartilage and tendons, which are located in areas like the knees, elbows, and shoulders. These areas are some of the hardest working parts of our body and over time, they can become weak and more susceptible to injury.

Collagen peptides can increase the synthesis of collagen within the tendons and cartilage in your body, making them stronger and less likely to tear. As a result, collagen may actually help reduce the risk for injury, albeit not completely.

Collagen peptides may help athletes reduce joint pain:

The most thorough study from Penn State University explored the possibility of collagen to treat athletes with joint pain over the course of half a year.

Athletes were either given a placebo or a collagen peptide supplement. The study discovered that the collagen peptide supplement could reduce joint pain and improved mobility amongst athletes.

The researchers noted that their findings were significant because they indicated that collagen protein may actually slow down and prevent arthritis in athletes – or may help reduce joint damage from the strain athletes subject the joints to on a constant basis. In other words, collagen peptides could be used preventatively, not just as a treatment.

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Safety & Side Effects of Collagen

Collagen peptides are one of the most well researched supplements dating back to the early 1990s. To date, there have been no significant side effects reported in any clinical trials involving collagen peptides.

There have been a few reported instances of headaches, constipation, and other stomach problems while taking collagen However, the number of instances is so insignificant that collagen cannot even be attributed to the symptoms.

Overall, collagen peptides are incredibly safe, which is no surprise given that they are sourced from foods known for having zero acute health risks like eggs, beef, and chicken.

Recommended Dose

Research studies have identified two dosage ranges useful for collagen peptides. Which range you use depends on your intended use and ultimate goal. For example, to improve skin health and other connective tissue, a small dose of 2 to 5 grams per day is typically enough.

However, if you’re suffering from arthritis and want to reduce your pain and inflammation, then a higher dose of 8-12 grams of collagen appears to be more effective. Some studies have even used higher doses of upwards of 20 grams with no side effects or adverse reactions.

There appears to be no advantage to taking collagen at one shot or by splitting into two different doses so you can use collagen as you see fit.

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Q. What exactly are collagen peptides?

A collagen peptide is a short chain of amino acids chained together. Collagen is a protein that is made up of collagen peptides linked together and it is one of the fundamental building blocks for connective tissue in the body – things like your tendons, ligaments, bones, skin, and cartilage.

Q. Can collagen peptides help reverse skin aging?

Unsurprisingly, almost very anti-aging cream will have collagen peptides in them. A lack of collagen in your skin causes your skin to lose its’ elasticity. Once your skin loses its’ elasticity it begins to sag and you’ll start to notice the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen supplements can boost collagen synthesis in your skin and improve skin hydration (especially when hyaluronic acid is added). This may help to reverse the effects of aging and steadily decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Q. I have arthritis. Can collagen help me?

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints, which can develop as a result of the breakdown of cartilage within the joints. Since collagen proteins are the main building block of cartilage, taking a supplement with collagen can improve cartilage strength and reduce the friction in your joints – eliminating joint inflammation and pain.

Additionally, studies have found that adding a collagen supplement to your diet can suppress the immune system’s response to arthritis. By reducing the inflammatory response, you are less likely to experience swelling and pain in your joints.

Q. How long do collagen products take to work?

Your body can absorb collagen peptides very rapidly – sometimes within as little as an hour. However, you’ll need to wait longer before you feel the benefits.

Some people begin to feel the benefits within a few days but typically you’ll need to wait a few weeks before you truly see a noticeable improvement.

Q. Can collagen peptides replace my current protein powder?

Roughly 30% of the protein in the body is collagen and taking a collagen supplement is one of the easiest ways to take supplemental protein. However, it doesn’t mean you can eliminate your current source of protein powder.

This is because other types of protein like whey and casein work much differently than collagen. Collagen synthesis is responsible for building and strengthening connective tissue like hair, nails, skin, and cartilage.

Whey, casein protein, and other types of protein found in meat help to repair and build other forms of connective tissue like the muscles. Therefore, you need several sources of protein to ensure you’re keeping every part of your body health.

Q. How are collagen supplements made?

Most collagen supplements are made from animal byproducts like the bone, hide, tendons, and eggshells. Collagen is extracted from these byproducts and boiled down.

Once the raw collagen has been boiled out it undergoes a process called hydrolysis, which is required for your body to easily absorb the collagen. Once hydrolyzed, the collagen becomes a mixture of collagen peptides and can be used as a supplement.

Q. Is there any source of collagen that is the best?

Clinical studies have used collagen from virtually every possible source – chicken, fish, beef, eggshells.

There is no evidence yet that any animal source of collagen is superior to another. In addition, we are only beginning to understand how each different type of collagen affect your body and what role in plays in your health.

The best collagen supplements will contain multiple different types of collagen and may contain several different sources of collagen. In an ideal world, you’ll take a collage product with all five types of collagen, although these products are rare and may be more expensive than products with just one or two types.

Q. Is collagen actually safe to use?

There is zero doubt that collagen is safe for everybody to take. Research dating all the way back to 1993 has found zero evidence of any serious side effects – or really any side effects for that matter.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in our body and it is safe to take whether you’re pregnant, have high blood pressure, or are under the age of 18. They are by far one of the safest types of supplements you can take and you should have zero concerns about safety.


Collagen peptides are a safe, effective way to improve reduce the effects of aging, relieve joint pain and inflammation, and to improve the overall health of your skin, joints, and bones.

Whether you’re an athlete with joint pain, an older adult with arthritis, or just trying to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, a collagen peptide can deliver real, noticeable results.

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There you have it; the top collagen dietary supplements being marketed in 2021. People all over the world are using collagen to improve the health of their skin, nails, joints, and even eyes. But do collagen supplements actually work, or are they more hype than genuine science? The evidence suggests that using collagen supplements can improve your health in a number of ways. However, the key to any collagen formula’s success rests in its ingredient list. High quality ingredients and pure collagen means a legitimate formula with a number of benefits.

We’d also like to explain to consumers that there are many natural ways to increase your collagen intake. Shanks, skin, bone broth, and other meat-related foods are filled with natural sources of collagen. Eating a diet rich in these foods can help you to become healthier, and these foods can improve your skin clarity and strength. But not all people have the stomach to eat collagen-heavy forms of meat and other foods. Some folks are vegan, and others simply don’t like the foods that are heavy on collagen. For these folks, the best course of action might involve supplementation.

Collagen supplements vary significantly in purity, quality, and manufacturer reputation. We hope that our guide provides you with enough information to make an informed decision about which collagen supplement might be best for you. Additionally, the introductory sections to this list might help new collagen consumers become more informed about the facts behind this trendy new market in the supplement industry. If you’re looking for a natural way to improve the health of your skin, collagen peptides supplementation and collagen protein powder is a great option.

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