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Leading AI chip manufacturers across the world include Horizon Robotics, MediaTec Inc., ThinkForce, Intel Corporation, Google, IBM, Xilinx, Samsung Electronics, Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Groq Inc. and Qualcomm Technologies.


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The global AI chips market size is poised to expand at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period as autonomous technologies are seeing heavy demand in the automotive industry. Governments across different regions are promoting the importance of road safety among people which has had a positive impact on technologies like AI as they are well equipped with smart sensors that keep drivers safe while driving.

AI chipset market is undergoing constant changes as several companies across the world are indulging in heavy investments to introduce advanced technologies in automotive safety systems. For example, British software design company, Arm announced a partnership with Toyota and GM in October 2019 to develop driverless car chips and other computing systems for self-driving vehicles.

Some of the key trends that will favor the global artificial intelligence (AI) chip market growth are listed below:

Network security solutions will foster AI chips demand in Europe:

Out of the various segments based on technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), computer vision and network security, the network security segment is predicted to grow at 30% CAGR up to 2026 in Europe. In fact, this segment held a Europe AI chip market share of over 6% in 2019. A major reason for this is that various advanced technologies like cloud computing and big data are increasingly being adopted by industries like telecom, education, IT, banking, and many others in recent years.

Intelligent networking solutions like smart IP networks are being implemented to overcome various challenges like connectivity problems, troubleshooting, inconvenience in maintenance and overall operations, among others.

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BFSI sector in Europe will increase the use of AI chips:

Based on application of AI chips in industry verticals, the market is divided into various sectors like BFSI, IT & telecom, retail, media & advertising, healthcare and automotive. Out of these, the BFSI industry vertical in Europe is predicted to grow at a rate of 27% in the coming years. A major reason for this is that demand for digital banking and mobile wallets has grown exponentially over the years.

When AI-equipped applications are used in various virtual transactions, then its greatly reduces the risk of frauds. According to a research report released by Microsoft in 2019, almost 72% of banks, financial institutions and insurance companies are using AI technologies in the UK.

France will boost revenue share of AI chip makers:

France will play a vital role in increasing the demand for AI chips. In fact, in 2019, the country’s AI chipset market garnered a regional market revenue of 12% and is estimated to grow at 29% CAGR through 2026. This is because of the incredible rise in the use of AI technologies in the healthcare sector of the country. Initiatives by the government and other authorities like “AI for Humanity” to promote the healthcare industry in the country have given tremendous boost to the use of AI chip.

Potential of AI accelerators in Asia Pacific market:

High performance AI accelerators are being increasingly adopted by large-scale enterprises in Asia Pacific region. This is one of the reasons why APAC AI chip market will flourish in the coming years. These accelerators are used in data centers for the purpose of using data analytics to process millions of data pieces.

Data centers are increasing in demand as well, thanks to the increasing adoption of 5G technology and high-speed internet connectivity. For example, it was reported that in September 2020, NTT Ltd. will invest around $2 billion in the next four years to establish data centers in the region.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) adoption across APAC:

There are various technologies in AI chip market like NLP, RPA, computer vision and network security. Out of these, it is being reported that the NLP segment will contribute significantly towards the demand for AI chips in Asia Pacific region. In fact, this segment is reported to showcase an incredible growth rate of 40% in the future.

This is because various speech recognition technologies like voice-controlled systems are seeing massive demand among consumers. NLP is undergoing constant innovations as well which will further contribute towards market growth in the region.

Automation in North America manufacturing sector:

The manufacturing sector in North America is undergoing constant innovations to make it as efficient as possible. Therefore, various advanced technologies like industrial automation and robotics are being increasingly used. Several manufacturing plants have already started adopting industrial robots, robotic arms, and automated forklifts to not just make the overall work easier but to make productive use of time as well.

The use of these automated equipment has positively impacted North America AI chips market growth. For example, according to the statistics released by World Robotics in 2019, North America recorded a growth rate of 20% with 55,212 industrial robots being installed in 2018 alone.

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Scope of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the U.S.:

Based on product, the GPU segment held artificial intelligence (AI) chip market share of almost 45% in North America during 2019. This segment is predicted to grow even further in the future as well. GPU is widely used in the gaming industry to provide better graphics while playing video games.

It has several benefits attached to it as well like low cost, low latency, high-quality performance, and many others. The U.S., for example, has shown significant progress in its gaming industry as it recorded 75% growth rate in its overall virtual traffic.

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