Swedish Texi and Turkish Borda form a new company to improve digital traceability for healthcare in the Nordics

Stockholm, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- hospital assets inventory management tracking

Texi, a leader in logistics and traceability solutions for hospital clothing in Scandinavia, is starting a new company to improve digital traceability for the healthcare sector. Together with Turkey's leading pioneer in IoT for healthcare, Borda, they are forming a new company named BordaTex. By combining the expertise and product range at Texi and Borda, the vision is to make healthcare in the Nordic region both safer and more efficient.

BordaTex offers a complete portfolio of digital traceability solutions that provide healthcare operations with increased operational awareness and insight. By delivering real-time data on patient throughput, staff resources, position, access to medical equipment, and clothing logistics, hospital managers can make well-informed decisions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve patient experience and increase safety.

The past year's efforts in healthcare have shown that the need for better control and digital tracking of resources has increased. Therefore, I am of course proud to be able to offer this type of solution to the Nordic market. This will facilitate and improve the quality of healthcare, says Anders Bergfeldt, CEO of BordaTex.

With BordaTex, healthcare operations get access to several advanced services that are controlled from the same platform, instead of having several services from several suppliers. This makes it easier to get an overview of all resources and simplifies the staff's administration.

IoT solutions play a very important role in increasing operational awareness in healthcare, says Akın Altunbaş, CEO of Borda. Here we see that Borda's and Texi's products complement each other very well. Together, we can offer a complete solution that handles the entire business' needs for traceability and information. I am convinced that it will be appreciated by both hospital managers, healthcare staff, and patients.



About BordaTex
In 2021 Borda, a pioneer in IoT (Internet of Things) for Healthcare, and Texi, the leading textile logistics solution partner in Scandinavia, unified forces to change how hospitals operate, for good! The company BordaTex is the result of their combined vision to make hospital operations safer and more efficient. BordaTex brings operational awareness & insights through actionable IoT data, so hospital personnel can focus on saving lives while managers can make insightful, data-driven decisions. Our Patient, Asset, Staff, Environment, and Textile solutions increase efficiency, advance patient experience, and enhance safety throughout the Nordics. We believe in the tremendous value that hospitals offer to us, our loved ones, our families, and our friends. That’s why we strive to provide real-time, reliable data to hospital managers and decision-makers to guide them on how to best manage hospitals and increase efficiency. Our goal is also to cut all unnecessary and time-consuming activities for healthcare personnel to a minimum. No more hours wasted logging data or searching for assets. Because we know that this saves lives and money, year after year.

CEO BordaTex
Anders Bergfeldt
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CEO Borda
Akın Altunbaş
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