CURO Confirms Enterprise Scalability of Pay Equity Solution

As More Multi-Nationals Turn to CURO for Pay Equity Analytics, Independent Testing Validates Award-Winning Product


OTTAWA and EDINBURGH, United Kingdom , April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CURO Compensation Limited (CURO), an industry leader in total compensation management and pay equity technology, today shared that an independent test of its Pay Equity solution – for more than 200,000 employees across Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe – validated the software’s scalability and suitability for global companies with multi-national locations. The test included data sets from 25,000 through to more than 200,000 with up to 40 data dimensions.

Scalability testing is used to evaluate an application’s performance in terms of its ability to scale up or down in response to user requests. One of the attributes commonly examined during a scalability test is response time, which measures the time between a user request and the application’s response. Response times are evaluated under minimum load, threshold load and maximum load to identify any points at which an application would break. The results from CURO’s scalability testing were deemed highly impressive.

CURO founder and CEO Gerry O’Neill agreed. “As an organization, we hold CURO to the highest technology standards, having most recently completed our SOC 2 Type 2 certification. We’re working with the world’s leading global employers, so validating the scalability of our products is an important part of our commitment to enterprise computing excellence.”

One of the first technology providers to address the complexities of remediating pay gaps, CURO has consistently earned recognition for both its software and its commitment to fairness in the workplace. Combined with its award-winning self-service technology, CURO’s ability to offer unadjusted, cohort, root cause and regression analysis enables it to readily support multi-national and global organizations that are ready to analyze and implement pay equity programs that support diversity, equity and inclusion in a fully transparent way.

Ruth Thomas, CURO co-founder and senior consultant, commented, “Lessons learned during 2020 have redefined the workplace, putting pay equity firmly in the spotlight. As we work with more and more large global firms that want to take ownership of their pay equity process, it was important that we validate the scalability of our solution.”

O’Neill concluded, “CURO’s software is in daily use with global industry leaders. It’s important that CURO continually invest in being a technology innovator and leader, which is a responsibility we take very seriously.”

About CURO Compensation

CURO Compensation (CURO) is an award-winning industry leader in total compensation management and pay equity technology. Empowering companies to maximize their talent investments, CURO helps employers make fair and appropriate compensation decisions based on real-time data. With CURO, employers can manage compensation processes with confidence, align employee pay with business success, analyze pay gaps and demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across their workforce.

Founded in 2010, CURO solutions support organizations across North America, EMEA and APAC, with CURO Pay Equity recognized for innovating the rapidly growing DEIB technology market. For more information, visit


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