Brandon Hall Group Asks if Companies Consider Employees’ Career Goals

Brandon Hall Group’s Career Development study will uncover leading practices on how organizations find common ground with their employees to drive career development. We will build reports, frameworks, models and tools to help organizations create more employee-centric career development programs.

Boca Raton, FL, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Each employee has unique career aspirations. Organizations have their own objectives around employee career development. Employer and employee must consider the best interests of the other. Linking them is the only way to ensure career development and advancement are mutually beneficial.

“Employers, for the most part, call the shots in career development. They set career paths that are often self-serving. Most are vertical ladders, following the organization’s hierarchy,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. “If employees fail to find opportunities that fit their interests and aspirations, they become disengaged and eventually divorce the employer, which happens at an alarming rate.”

Employers claim to want to improve talent retention, but they need to be better partners. Career development must become employee-centric. To start, employees and managers should have regular discussions about career goals and opportunities, which happens in only 9% of organizations now, according to past research.

“Employers are more attractive when they provide opportunities to every employee; not just ones who want to climb the management ladder. To this generation of employees, ‘advancement’ does not necessarily mean ‘promotion.’ It can mean more responsibility within the current role, a job rotation to develop new skills, team lead on an important project or becoming a coach or mentor. Opportunities that may not always be apparent can be created through partnership,” said Brandon Hall Group SVP and Principal HCM Analyst Claude Werder.

The data from this research will fuel the development of reports and tools, such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks to help organizations improve developing and preparing your employees — and your organization — for future success.

To participate in this study, visit Those who complete the research receive immediate access to an eBook and receive a summary of the results with the study is complete.

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