iMD Companies, Inc. Focuses Resources on Farming of Chia ( Cryptocurrency Coins for All Facilities

SAN MATEO, CA, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire ‒ iMD Companies, Inc. (OTC: ICBU), announced today that the company is focusing its resources on farming Chia ( cryptocurrency coins. From our first announcement in March, we have been building Servers for plotting and farming Chia Coins. Our facilities have been winning Chia coins nearly every day from the start of our operations. iMD has continued to expand our servers and hard drive storage capacity on a weekly basis to reach our initial goal of over a pedabyte (1000 Terabytes) on the Chia mainnet in May. We are continuing our move of farming Chia ( at an optimum rate.

To further reinforce our move to support and farm Chia, it can be noted that major countries are moving from BTC to Chia. This is in part due to the low power it takes to plot and farm Chia, but more importantly that Chia has built their platform specifically for the financial world and they are set for major growth. Just as an example, the Chinese are diversifying 50% of all of their Bitcoin mining/farming to Chia. Although Chia hasn’t yet set foot on the exchanges, they already have their symbol (XCH) and will be live very soon.

As the financial world is moving more towards decentralizing currency, it gives iMD the perfect opportunity to stake our claim to this Trillion dollar industry. This is yet, one more reason we feel by focusing on farming Chia coins from the beginning of our operations we’re doing the right thing by growing our business model with cryptocurrency.

With our current farming locations, we are seeing great production with our configurations. In order to further grow our farming presence, we are looking to contracting a lab test with a major Utah data center as to what the exact optimal configuration is for farming Chia. We expect test results next week. Upon completion, we will dedicate additional hardware and software on this new baseline in order to farm at our absolute peak.

“We’re going all-in on Chia’s,” stated Rick Wilson, iMD CEO. “With our extensive research we believe that Chia is here to stay and will be utilized on a global financial level. We believe our early decision to farm Chia will result in increased revenues for iMD.”

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