eleven-x and Metercor Announce Partnership to Provide Wireless, Remote Monitoring Solutions for Smart Cities

The partnership will bring a variety of wireless, remote monitoring and management solutions to communities of all sizes

Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

WATERLOO, Ontario, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eleven-x, a global leader providing complete, high performance, wireless IoT and Smart City solutions, and Metercor, a leader in the Canadian metering and utilities space, are excited to announce their partnership combining their areas of expertise to develop and deploy world-class wireless Smart City solutions including AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and a variety of other use cases.

The announcement is being made as both companies participate in the 2021 Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA). By working together, this partnership will enable delivery of turnkey Smart City solutions by leveraging the strengths of each company.

Known as wireless technology and solutions experts, eleven-x utilizes LoRaWAN®-based solutions including low power sensors that last for 10 or more years, offering a low total cost of ownership while eliminating maintenance operations and costs. The company emphasizes secure data communication and an open networking technology enabling multiple solutions to be deployed simultaneously.

With over 24 years of experience, Metercor’s expertise with water metering highlights its trusted installation services, having deployed hundreds of thousands of meters and communication devices. The company also has deep expertise in wireless networks for smart cities. With turnkey solution delivery, from planning and design to supply, installation, training, and ongoing support, Metercor is an industry leader in Canada.

The opportunity to combine both areas of expertise and provide AMI and Smart City solutions (real-time monitoring of wastewater, storm water, source water, indoor air quality, smart parking) ensures consumers have access to flexible solutions that are not locked into specific vendors or proprietary data software. Expanding the solution portfolios of both Metercor and eleven-x will produce complementary solutions that are customer-focused.

“Community efficiency, sustainability and the development of Smart Cities across Canada should be a major focus for all decision-makers at this time,” says Tracy Johnson, President of Metercor. “Being able to achieve all of these goals begins with aligning our metering solutions with an innovative network protocol that can effectively keep Canada’s utilities connected, such as LoRaWAN and our partnership with eleven-x is integral to us supporting the next generation of communities.”

Working together, the two companies will be able to provide not only the required technology solutions for municipal governments, but will also be able to provide full design, installation, and after sales service to deliver best-in-class solutions.

“eleven-x is excited to be working with Metercor. Remote wireless monitoring solutions are essential to enable better municipal planning and decision-making,” said Dan Mathers, CEO & Co-Founder of eleven-x. “This partnership will allow us to better deliver solutions that are integral to creating efficient and inter-connected cities.”

Together, both companies look forward to providing a diverse portfolio of next-generation solutions while delivering an exceptional quality of service to their customers.

For more information about Metercor’s turnkey project solutions, visit https://www.metercor.com/.

For more information about eleven-x and its range of innovative IoT solutions, visit www.eleven-x.com.

Metercor provides a complete range of water and gas metering products and services for utility providers and municipalities. Specializing in delivering solutions that create operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction and by working closely with utility service providers, Metercor helps develop effective strategies to realize their goals – big or small. With a successful record in water and gas metering and automation (AMR/AMI), Metercor continues to meet the needs of its partners in the utilities sector year after year. The successful deployment of hundreds of thousands of meters and RF endpoints are a testament to Metercor’s industry-leading knowledge and experience.

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eleven-x simplifies IoT and facilitates faster, evidence-driven decisions through wireless connectivity and real-time data collection for Intelligent Cities, Campuses, Buildings and Industry. We offer complete device to cloud LoRaWAN® solutions, comprised of accurate and reliable sensor networks delivering secure data to our customers through easy-to-use dashboards and industry standard APIs. Organizations rely on eleven-x’s wireless connectivity expertise to deliver turnkey solutions that improve operations, simplify processes and deliver value in today’s connected world. Visit eleven-x.com for more information.

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