A Cloud Guru Introduces New Capabilities For Accelerating and Scaling Enterprise Cloud Deployments

New release includes Custom Learning Paths and Azure Skills Assessment to help close the tech skills gap


AUSTIN, Texas, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cloud Guru (ACG), the leader in modern tech skills development, today announced the launch of two new product features specifically for businesses looking to manage their cloud transformation efforts at scale. These features – Azure Skills Assessments and Custom Learning Paths – follow the introduction of a suite of product launches for learners and enable enterprises to increase investment in their people through customizable multi-cloud learning.

“To effectively navigate and utilize constantly changing cloud technologies, enterprises need a workforce that is continuously in the loop on updates across multiple cloud environments,” said Sam Kroonenburg, CEO and co-founder of A Cloud Guru. “Our Custom Learning Paths and our Cloud Skills Assessment for AWS and now Azure make it easy to upskill teams with varying needs, ensuring that all employees have the tools and knowledge needed to support their company’s strategic cloud initiatives.”

In response to the growing enterprise demand for expertise in multiple cloud environments, specifically in Microsoft Azure, ACG’s Azure Skills Assessment can now be used in conjunction with ACG’s pre-existing AWS Skills Assessment. Together, the skill assessment features enable businesses to assess cloud readiness, measure Azure and AWS skills across multiple disciplines, and understand where to start when upskilling teams.

ACG’s Custom Learning Paths give organizations the ability to tailor their cloud learning based on their stage of cloud maturity and technology needs. With Custom Learning Paths, enterprises can significantly increase employee engagement and performance through customized and relevant learning programs aligning with team learning goals, upcoming company initiatives, and career development roadmaps.

“The additional functionality of the Custom Learning Paths is a great option for any company who is looking to focus learning in unique or interesting ways,” said Dan Johnson, Cloud Competency Lead at Daugherty Business Solutions. “Building a custom learning path around a specific role within our company or a client’s skills gap is a great use of the tool. For example, we created a custom learning path for our Cloud Architect role that streamlines individual courses and specific certification courses across AWS, Azure, and GCP. By following this coursework, our Cloud Architects are positioned to establish Cloud Communities of Excellence with clients and lead major migrations to AWS, Azure, or GCP."

A Cloud Guru works with enterprises across the globe who use the platform’s 1,600+ hands-on labs, bite-size content, cloud sandboxes, engaging instructors, and iterative learning content to drive their cloud transformations. These new features solidify ACG’s commitment to giving businesses a competitive edge through an accelerated path to cloud maturity.

For enterprises interested in learning more about A Cloud Guru’s new features, there will be a webinar held on May 5th at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT. To sign up, visit https://get.acloudguru.com/introducing-new-acg-business-tools-webinar

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