CenteringPregnancy Recognized by Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health as Promising Prenatal Care Model to Improve Outcomes and Promote Health Equity in State

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LANSING, Michigan, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) today shared that the CenteringPregnancy® model of group prenatal care has been recognized by the Michigan Council for Maternal Child Health (MCMCH) in its recently released knowledge brief titled Reimagining Prenatal Care’. Highlighted as an innovative model that demonstrates improved outcomes and reduces racial disparities, the report points to the model’s power to promote birth equity, offer relationship-based care and empower birthing persons with education and confidence. 

CenteringPregnancy, brings pregnant women who are due around the same time, together in a group setting for routine prenatal care creating the opportunity for women to learn from their provider and one another. Each two-hour visit includes ample time for health assessment, interactive learning and community building. Visits meet nationally recognized clinical standards and are facilitated by a credentialed healthcare provider. Patients receive high quality of care and as part of an ongoing group, form a supportive community where they develop skills and confidence to take control of the health of their children and themselves.

“With several Centering initiatives underway in Michigan focused on transforming perinatal care, it is exciting to see CenteringPregnancy receiving such recognition in the state,” said Horace Highland, Regional Director of Business Development at CHI. “Centering care embraces the lived-experience of patients and strengthens patient-provider relationships to build healthier communities. CHI is committed to improving maternal-child health and has been collaborating with key stakeholders to deliver greater access to Centering care, improve the care experience for moms and babies and most importantly, increase the opportunity to impact birth outcomes and racial disparities in the state.”

Studies show the model can flatten racial disparities particularly for African American women, who continue to experience deep disparities in birth outcomes. In Michigan, CenteringPregnancy sites are reporting higher rates of healthy weight, full-term babies with the preterm birth rate in Centering groups at 7.7% as compared to 11.4% in the state. Preterm birth rate within Black patients in CenteringPregnancy groups is at 9.7% as compared to 14.6% within Michigan Medicaid’s African American population. In addition to lowering the risk of preterm births, Centering groups report improvement on a wide range of birth outcomes including reducing low birth weights, increasing rates of breastfeeding and increased postpartum depression screenings. Currently, a total of 11 healthcare practices including sites within the Henry Ford and Spectrum Health systems offer CenteringPregnancy care.

The report developed in conjunction with the Institute for Health Policy at Michigan State University, explores the role perinatal health plays in health equity. It is the second in a series of the Birth Equity Education Project aimed at lifting efforts and policy strategies that can impact health inequities for Black and Indigenous women and babies. 

“With the Birth Equity Education Project, our hope is to shine a light on strategies to reduce racial disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes in our state and educate a broader audience of stakeholders and decision makers on policy that can support them,” said Amy Zaagman, MCMCH Executive Director. “CenteringPregnancy is an innovative approach to care with demonstrated success, that we’re excited to highlight.”

CHI is looking to add 10 more Centering sites in the state this year. Practices interested in learning more about the model or starting Centering can contact Horace Highland or submit an information request on the CHI website. Eligible sites may also qualify for in-kind service and implementation awards to help fund the start of Centering at their health care practice. 


About Centering Healthcare Institute:

CHI is a national non-profit organization with a mission to improve health, transform care and disrupt inequitable systems through the Centering group model which combines health assessment, interactive learning and community building to help support positive health behaviors and drive better health outcomes. CenteringPregnancy® and CenteringParenting® provide the highest quality of care to families from pregnancy through age two of the child. The CenteringHealthcare® model of care serves many different health conditions including groups for asthma, diabetes, opioid recovery, cancer survivors, chronic pain and other patient populations. Currently, Centering is offered across 560 healthcare practice sites in the country. Visit for more information.





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