TVB Statement on Advertising to Mother’s Day Shoppers

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NEW YORK, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TVB, the not-for-profit trade association representing America’s local broadcast TV industry, released the following statement about reaching Mother’s Day shoppers with advertising for holiday products and services. Based on an analysis of GfK’s Purchase Funnel study and Mother’s Day shopping trends reported by the National Retail Federation (NRF), TVB’s Chief Research Officer, Hadassa Gerber, shared the following:

“According to the NRF, Mother’s Day 2021 spending will be the highest it has been in years. What is the best way to reach these Mother’s Day shoppers? The GfK 2021 Purchase Funnel study indicates TV advertising is the biggest media influencer,” said Hadassa Gerber, Chief Research Officer, TVB. “GfK’s study reveals shoppers, acclimated during the pandemic to making more purchases online, are heavily influenced by TV ads. At a time when the extent of retail re-openings is still heavily impacted by Covid-19 and regulations, the geographic flexibility offered by local TV stations to reach Mother’s Day shoppers at the local market level is imperative.”

The GfK 2021 Purchase Funnel data shows:

  • Whether shopping in-store or online, more respondents picked linear television as the most important influence on their product awareness, more than all other media (about 20 platforms) combined.
    • In store, 54% chose TV as most important versus 41% for all other media combined.
    • Online, 53% chose TV as most important versus 42% for all other media combined. (5% of shoppers said they were not influenced by advertising on any platform)
    • TV’s dominance held true even for those who used mixed shopping methods such as browsing online and purchasing in a store or browsing in a store and purchasing online.
  • TV ads also influenced search selections in a big way.
    • 92% of adults 18-34, as well as adults 18-49, that perform online searches agreed that TV ads influenced those searches.
    • For those that browse online and purchase in store that number goes up to 94%. For those that browse in store and purchase online, 95% said their searches were influenced by TV ads.

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