Animal Alliance of Canada shocked that Parks Canada continues to ignore Covid restrictions to kill cormorants on Middle Island

TORONTO, May 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Even though the Cedar Island Marina in Kingsville is closed due to Covid restrictions, Parks Canada staff, from Point Pelee National Park, continue to ignore the pandemic directives and will be launching their boat to Middle Island from the marina tomorrow morning at 6:00am.

In an April 28, 2021 letter, the Kingsville municipality stated, "Recent orders and changes in restrictions issued by the Province in response to COVID-19 has produced implications on the operations of the Cedar Island Marina. Current regulations allow for boats or other watercraft to be placed in the water but to be only secured to a dock until the marina is permitted to be open."

Parks Canada's use of the marina to launch a boat would constitute a failure to comply with the recent provincial restrictions and Kingsville's responsibility in ensuring compliance with those restrictions.

In an e-mail letter to Kingsville municipal staff on May 4, 2021, Liz White, an Animal Alliance of Canada Director, asked that the municipality enforce the marina restrictions as set out in the municipal letter, and direct Parks Canada not to use the marina.

"I have yet to receive a response from the municipality," said White.  "Meanwhile, the seasonal marina slip-renters who financially support the marina are restricted in their use of the facility at this time to comply with the directive.  Why would Parks Canada not be subject to the same restrictions?  The restrictions are in place for a reason and the municipality should ensure compliance."

Liz White, Director
Animal Alliance of Canada
c) 416-809-4371