Affinity Solutions, Semcasting Integrate Advanced Sales Strategies, AudienceDesigner (ADS)

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass., May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Semcasting, the creators of the patented IP, email, location and device-targeting Smart Zones® technology, announced today that Affinity Solutions, a global insights firm, will make their consumer purchasing and brand insights first-party data available within Semcasting’s AudienceDesigner (ADS) Branded Data Center.

Affinity Solutions is providing actionable shopper insights reflective of consumer intentions, to businesses by category, retail outlet, and preferred online channels for marketing campaigns as branded category and point-of-sale segments. Through debit and credit card transaction data, from over 90 million cardholders, Affinity provides coverage of 46 categories of purchase activity, from over 500 retailers, including big box stores, pet stores, pharmacies and mass retailers. They also have visibility into purchase behavior within areas such as online insurance and mobile retailers and ticketing sites.

“Contributing to Semcasting’s industry leading identity reach provides more opportunities for marketing campaigns to connect with the right retail consumers,” said Ken Greenberg of Affinity Solutions “It’s essential to drive customers to brand and product information websites in strategic ways that demonstrate sharpened understanding of consumers, and our data paired with Semcasting’s tools strengthens that opportunity.”

The Semcasting ADS platform onboards marketers’ first-party and CRM data with significantly higher match rates, allowing same day or better time-to-market for advertisers on most major demand-side platforms. Starting with an onboarded CRM file or a third-party segment, users can design, enhance, filter or suppress to optimize their audiences using a growing library of mission-critical segments from its Branded Data Center. The ADS platform utilizes a unique and transparent cookie-free matching technology that delivers match rates that average 85% in minutes rather than weeks. As a cookie-free multichannel identity graph, ADS anticipated the deprecation of the 3rd Party cookie and has cultivated an approach – validated for SOC2 compliance that full protects user privacy by not loading or redistributing the source data through any universal identifier. CRM and the advertiser always controls their own data.

“With Affinity’s powerful purchase data available in ADS an advertiser can effectively tune their campaigns to consumer and the point-of-sale, messaging them when they are ready to shop and where they are likely to buy,” says Ray Kingman, founder and CEO of Semcasting. “But the Affinity data is more than that. Coupling offline retail consumers with online shopping channels is a potential game changer. Insight by category, retail seller and the consumers preferred online channels provides valuable insight to what’s needed by retailers in the digital sphere.”

As Semcasting enhances its onboarding solution with mission-critical data through its collaboration with Affinity Solutions the ADS Branded Data Center is combining in-store footfall traffic with purchase data in those stores, to the consumers preferences online. To learn more about Semcasting ADS, please visit

About Affinity Solutions
Affinity Solutions is the first data-led intelligence platform that uses purchase signals as the authoritative source of truth in helping marketers, agencies and media organizations deliver emotionally resonant experiences that enrich people’s lives.
Building on our foundation of innovative solutions for Financial Institutions and Retailers that drive acquisition, share of wallet and loyalty, we’re redefining data driven marketing to make it highly personalized. Our unique approach turns consumer data intelligence into actions, and encourages consumers to opt-in. Our solutions are proven to drive shopping behavior and engagement that unlock brand and market share growth for our clients.

Affinity Solutions is located in New York City and San Jose, California

About Semcasting
Semcasting, a data-as-a-service provider, created the next-generation end-to-end audience design solution, AudieneDesigner (ADS), which includes omnichannel onboarding, audience design and attribution in one self-serve platform. Our three-time patented SmartZone’sⓇ IP Targeting platform onboards a wide array of consumer, business, mobile and internet site traffic to both online and offline locations. Smart Zones uniquely links all cross-device activity for targeted advertising and attribution with nearly 100% reach and unrivaled accuracy. Semcasting is headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts.

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