Asurint Partners with PRADCO to Give Employers a Complete Picture of Potential New Hires

Pre-employment background screening and science-based talent assessments help organizations select and onboard the best candidates every time

Cleveland, Ohio, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cleveland, Ohio, May 6, 2021 –Background screening provider, Asurint, today announced a new partnership with PRADCO, a leader in pre-hire talent assessments. The pair will now help employers better understand the candidates they are considering and make stronger hiring decisions.

“As the economy emerges from Covid-19, there is an urgent need to find and onboard the right people. That’s not one challenge, it’s several challenges rolled into one” said Gregg Gay, Chief Executive Officer at Asurint. “Organizations must match skills and personality to open positions, and they need to protect stakeholders with thorough background checks. Uniting these facets of the hiring process is the goal behind the Asurint-PRADCO partnership.”

Asurint is well known for delivering more background records than traditional background search providers for a more comprehensive view of candidates. The company also provides results faster to accelerate onboarding and automates the process to reduce manual workloads and potential for human error. Asurint’s technology is backed by a full-service approach that puts background screening experts “on call” for any question or need.

PRADCO has been evaluating people for over 65 years. The company offers a range of assessments, including pre-hire screenings that lower acquisition costs, accurately predict a prospective employees’ performance on the job, and gauge fit for the role and the organization. These tools help companies avoid bad hires and the high costs associated.

“At PRADCO, we help organizations hire better candidates by identifying key behaviors that lead to improved performance, success in the role, and fit the culture of the organization,” said Aaron Kowaleski, Director of Sales & Marketing at PRADCO. “Our tools are predictive, making them a perfect complement to Asurint’s background checks, which examine each candidate’s history. Together, our solutions form a 360-degree view of a new hire and by partnering, PRADCO and Asurint will enhance the screening process from beginning to end.”

Hiring transparency just got a lot easier and more powerful. To learn more about Asurint’s partnership with PRADCO, email or call 216.420.5542.


Since 2006, Asurint has been leading the background screening industry forward. The company’s powerful, customizable technology, backed by expert answers and personalized assistance, helps employers hire the right candidates every time, and faster than ever before. Organizations leverage better background checks to reduce manual workloads, minimize compliance risk, promote a safer workplace, and drive insights to boost hiring and recruitment success.

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Since 1955, PRADCO has helped develop stronger organizations. A talent assessment, development, and management consultant, PRADCO partners with clients to help make lower acquisition and turnover costs, improve employee performance, and drive business growth through people. From assessments to coaching and organizational development solutions, PRADCO provides solutions to support organizations’ hiring and talent development needs.


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