360WiSE Disrupts the Virtual Event Ticketing Space With Emmy, Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award Winning Artist

In the midst of a global pandemic artist, actors, producers, creators and the entertainment industry have suffered unsustainable losses. The 360WiSE brand has proactively decided to launch a new virtual and in person event marketing platform

MIAMI, May 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "While many debate and question whether we stay in the flintstones or move aggressively towards the jetsons, one thing's for sure, the entire entertainment industry has shifted. This tragedy can produce positive economic and strong independent solutions for recording artists, comedians, talk show hosts, actors etc., if provided the right solutions," said Robert Alexander CEO and Founder of the 360WiSE brand.

The core of revitalizing the entertainment industry is to educate, empower and equip the content creators to directly own their own streams and the advertisement that surrounds it. With four simple steps a content creator, organizer or event promoter can publish their stream for free and begin generating revenue without unrelatable ads and throttled down algorithms.

On the main stage of 360WiSE Events you will find Earnest Pugh, Doug E Fresh, A. Curtis Farrow, McDonald's Gospelfest, Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker, Crystal Aiken, Maurice Griffin, Tracy Shy Simmons, Mighty Aires, Richard Raw, Travis Smith Jr, Sahara Alexander and more.

Interviews with the likeness of Judy Neal of 360WiSE Gospel, Vickie & Claude Mack Lataillade, MCHammer, Black Americas Attorney General : Attorney Benjamin Crump, Mother Moon of the Family Federation, Marc Morial of The National Urban League , Calvin D. Brown, Rev Tyrran Smith, Janelle Middleton, Carol Riddick, Truth Minister Paul Scott, ArchBishop Stallings, Rev Joe Archie of The United Methodist Church, Syl Woolford, Gary Diggs and many more. Comedians Mr. Brown and Ol Otis, The Kelly Family, Richie Redding, Ian Fidance and more.

"Stream your pay per view event with the peace of mind that you're not losing money in ticket sales with the 360WiSE “Proprietary Anti Pay-Per View Ticket Scalping,” technology. We understand that waiting five days or more to recoup ticket sales can crush the workflow for promotores and event organizers, therefore we provide daily ticket payouts," said Travis Smith Sr., GM of 360WiSE.


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The 360WiSE ® brand is registered with the USPTO United States Patent Trademark Office along with the International Trademark Registration Extension of Protection to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Please note that this protection is tied to the International Registration under the Madrid Protocol.

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