Vineti Introduces PTM Essentials™ to Accelerate Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Trials with a New Digital Supply Chain Solution

  • New PTM Essentials™ solution draws on Vineti’s industry-leading Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) software platform to deliver breakthrough speed and simplicity for advanced therapy clinical trials
  • Vineti’s core offerings also include PTM Enterprise™, a proven, full end-to-end solution for scaling advanced therapies, with a broad range of optionality and configurability to support all aspects of commercialization
  • Both solutions are the centerpiece of the updated website, with more informational resources to further demonstrate Vineti’s commitment to technology, standards, and thought leadership that support the future growth of cell and gene therapies

SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vineti, the developer of the leading digital platform of record for personalized therapeutics, today announced the release of a breakthrough supply chain management innovation for advanced cell and gene therapy clinical trials. The new clinical-phase solution, PTM Essentials™, delivers advanced therapy clinical studies quickly, safely, and simply with a turn-key supply chain management solution.

This pre-configured, pre-validated solution enables advanced therapy developers to rapidly initiate autologous clinical trials, automate data collection, and rely on a proven solution for next-generation patient safety. PTM Essentials™ draws on Vineti’s industry-leading Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) software platform, as well as a set of proven industry best practices, to provide an enterprise-grade software solution to simplify some of the most complex clinical studies in the history of medicine.

The need for new solutions in cell and gene therapy clinical research continues to grow. More than 1,220 advanced therapy clinical trials are underway worldwide, according to the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, with the potential to reach almost 60,000 clinical-phase patients. While the trials is large, the number of medical centers currently able to collaborate on these studies is relatively small, resulting in an urgent need to simplify operations for clinicians. In addition, operational teams managing clinical-phase studies, often small as well, must juggle some of medicine’s most complex workflows and supply chains with high-risk patient safety scenarios, data management requirements, and tight study timelines.

“Our goal is to accelerate cell and gene therapy research with advanced automation,” said Vineti CEO and Co-founder Amy DuRoss. “Our new PTM Essentials™ solution will give cell and gene therapy developers the fast, reliable digital supply chain solution they require. It’s time for a pre-built solution that helps these critical research studies move both quickly and safely. Patients are waiting, and we must be ready to support the rapid innovation and expansion of cell and gene therapies.”

The PTM Essentials™ solution is rooted in proven technology and biopharmaceutical expertise. As the leader in cell and gene therapy supply chain orchestration technology, Vineti offers the only enterprise software platform supporting both clinical and commercial advanced therapies and knows first-hand what types of support these transformative clinical trials require. Vineti’s core PTM® platform has already managed thousands of cell therapy patient treatments on behalf of multiple biopharmaceutical partners.

Advanced therapies, such as CAR-T cell therapies, are produced via the most complex patient-specific supply chain and manufacturing processes in the history of medicine, with rigorous regulatory requirements every step of the way. This operational complexity can sometimes overwhelm the emerging science that clinical trials are intended to support. Vineti’s PTM Essentials™ solution is designed to simplify personalized supply chain management for autologous clinical-phase cell and gene therapy studies.

Along with PTM Essentials™, Vineti’s core offerings will also include PTM Enterprise™, the company’s proven end-to-end solution for scaling the full range of autologous therapies, allogeneic therapies, and personalized cancer vaccines, with a broad range of optionality and configurability as products approach commercialization. The full PTM® solution suite is the centerpiece of the updated website, which features a streamlined design and even more informational resources that reflect Vineti’s commitment to technology, standards, and thought leadership that support the growth of cell and gene therapies.

This news follows Vineti’s recent announcement of an industry collaboration to support a new standard for Chain of Identity and patient safety in advanced therapies, and the release of a new set of PTM® flexibility features to support a variety of labeling and rescheduling options for cell and gene therapy’s highly variable operations and workflows.

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About Vineti’s PTM® Platform
The Vineti Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) platform is the essential engine for advanced therapy supply chains, connecting the right product to the right patient, on time and on track. This industry-leading, purpose-built cloud service is trusted by biopharma clients worldwide to industrialize and scale advanced therapies, delivering standards, patient safety, security, compliance, and a seamless customer experience. The PTM® platform replaces outdated, costly, disparate, bespoke systems with a single enterprise foundation for scaling personalized therapeutics worldwide. Solving the challenges of medicine’s most complex supply chain at every stage of clinical development and beyond, PTM® accelerates access to advanced therapies and helps biopharmaceutical manufacturers transform patients’ lives.

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