Logical Design Solutions CEO Mimi Brooks Brings Tech Insights to University of Arizona Humanities Symposium


WHO: Mimi Brooks, founder and CEO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS), a digital strategy and design consultancy for the enterprise
WHAT: Will present during the University of Arizona’s Humanities Innovators in the Tech World lecture series.
WHEN: The virtual event is scheduled for Friday, May 21, 2021. Brooks will speak at 1:30 p.m. Arizona Time.
WHERE: To register, visit https://humanitiestech.arizona.edu.


Even as the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues the advancement of a digital future, the humanities remain vital to understanding this new reality. The experience of the last year only quickened the pace of transformation, causing progressive organizations to rethink business models and strategies. During the University of Arizona’s Humanities Innovators in the Tech World symposium, Mimi Brooks, founder and CEO of LDS, will discuss what it takes to build sustainable, high-performance organizations in this volatile digital age.

Accounting for the sustained connection between the humanities and tech, Brooks will examine the impact of large-scale disruptive transformation on today’s organizations and consider what it will take to become responsive and resilient by design. Recognizing that new ways of working are a catalyst in this ongoing evolution, Brooks will share thoughts on the future of work and how organizations can become flatter, faster and more fluid.

For event information and registration, visit https://humanitiestech.arizona.edu.

About Logical Design Solutions

Founded in 1990 by Mimi Brooks, Logical Design Solutions (LDS) is a digital strategy and design consultancy for the enterprise. For nearly 30 years, LDS has helped market leaders realize their most important business and people strategies through technological innovation. Our work is focused on the win-win outcome – where business performance is elevated and where people feel valued and empowered in their work. Clients come to LDS because of our reputation for intellectual rigor, our foundation in visionary experience strategy, and our commitment to enabling digital transformation for businesses.

To learn more, visit lds.com.



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