Anatha Founder and CEO Edward DeLeon Launches Master Class “Cryptocurrency: What It Is and How It Will Change Everything”

One of cryptocurrency’s earliest innovators and educators explores the technology’s dramatic past, offer an overview of its current landscape, and help viewers tap into its unlimited potential

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, May 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) - Anatha (, a ethos-driven technology company founded by Apple, Adobe, Visa, and JP Morgan alumni building decentralized applications with native digital rewards enabling a regenerative economy, today announced the release of the first-of-its-kind master class led by founder, CEO, and crypto innovator, Edward DeLeon. In this free, on-demand, 16 episode master class, titled “Cryptocurrency: What It Is and How It Will Change Everything,” DeLeon shares his expertise as one of the industry’s earliest adopters and educators, giving viewers unique insights into Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, how these concepts have changed the world, and will solve the inefficiencies of the current economic systems.  

“It's important to understand that we're in the infancy of the entire cryptocurrency, non-national digital money sector. Over the decade of that infancy, we've learned a lot of things. Mostly we learned how to do things the wrong way, and now we're going to learn how to do them the right way,” said DeLeon. “We'll also explore the state of the industry as it is today, which includes all of the major cryptocurrencies. Once we understand where the industry is at, we can start to understand where it's going and where we would like to go.” 

In addition to being the founder and CEO of Anatha, DeLeon is a Honolulu-based visionary who helped bring Hawaii its first Bitcoin ATM and a more comprehensive understanding of the topics of technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Due to the success of his early educational classes on these topics, Edward DeLeon received his certification as a blockchain professional and began leading larger gatherings that drew in countless attendees.

“Cryptocurrency is the most important invention of our lifetimes. It's so important, in fact, that it is going to have a larger impact on our lives and our future lives more than anything else you've ever seen. It's essentially the internet of money. As big as the impact the internet has had, cryptocurrency and non-national digital money are going to dwarf the impact that the internet has had,” said DeLeon.

A graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, DeLeon is also working on a book on the subject of blockchain technology called The Information Age of Abundance, where he is able to explain in broader terms what he teaches in his classes.

Please visit to view DeLeon’s free master class. 

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Anatha ( is an ethos-driven decentralized technology company founded by Apple, Adobe, Visa, and JP Morgan alumni dedicated to building the ‘Crypto for the 100%’, an information-based, bottom-up regenerative Universal Basic Income (UBI). Anatha designs and builds decentralized economic systems and tools that put human needs first by helping groups, organizations, and causes deploy their own decentralized economies and tools to meet the needs of their communities. The value generated by the Anatha network is returned to the community through a global rewards program where every individual action contributes to elevating the economic standing of all participants, helping to elevate everyone above the global poverty line.


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