Cartel Blue, Inc. Cartel, Inc. Merge Announces New President & CEO Now offers premium hemp cigars

Cartel Blue, Inc. & Cartel, Inc. one Delaware Corporation, founded in 1998 are merging. (MA)

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cartel Blue, Inc. (OTC PINK: CRTL) the first and only hemp Apparel Company Listed on the Major Marijuana | Hemp Stock Index is now Merging with Cartel, Inc. that offers Hydroponic Hemp Cigars.

Our launch after the legalization of Mexico on March 10, 2021, Trade marks in Mexico are approved. Cartel accessories, cartel cultivation and our line of hemp-hip-hop clothing Cartel Blue. Cartel has purchase orders of our ‘’Premiere Hemp Cigars’’, for delivery on June 15TH , under all Mexico licensing guidelines.

The International Law Firm Procopio was retained to assist in the Blue Cartel, Inc. and Cartel, Inc. Merger and Acquisition. With the merger, Cartel Blue announces retired judge

Phillip Larocca as PRESIDENT and Philip Moreb as CEO. Cartel Blue, Inc., new Fixed Base Operations (FBO) offices are located in Carlsbad, California, on the runway of Palomar Airport to better serve our global distributors.

Cartel Blue, Inc. now offers pure hemp hydroponics - grown, rolled and sold, here in the USA, and in Mexico. Cartel Blue, Inc. continues to offer Hemp Clothing now in collaboration with several designers which will be unveiled in their summer hemp clothing 2021 collection. The manufacturing with the hemp clothing line is being manufactured in Denver Colorado. Philip Moreb C.E.O. has plans to move manufacturing and distribution to Mexico.

Hemp is now legal to grow in the United States since the passage of the 2018/2019 Agricultural Act bill along with California State Farms Bill 0.3 and the U.S. Transit Bill 0.2, The Mexico Transit Bill. When the merger is over, Cartel Blue, Inc. is about to be the leader of Hemp Cigars. The outer skin of cigars is all-natural hemp paper, along with hydroponic inner hemp, and is specifically selected to make it taste like no other.

The demand for premium hemp cigars has been validated. Mr. Larocca and Mr. Moreb have tested the market and found overwhelming demand for hydroponic cigars. Current market evaluation determined the demand to be multi-millions of cigars annually.

Mr. Larocca and Mr. Moreb bring decades of business experience to Cartel Blue, Inc. Mr. Moreb brings 30 plus year career in growing young companies by selling products and services to fortune 500 companies with well-known entities such as Wynn Hotels, Marriott Hotels and UPS Corporate. His success with the release of designer Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy launch went worldwide with distribution. Mr. Larocca brings 50 years of legal experience working for the Riverside County District Attorney's office, with 20 years as a judge on the bench and as an Associate Professor at Chapman University.

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