Seneca Launches Tuition Bursary for Current and Former Youth in Care

Partnership with the Child Welfare Political Action Committee will help eliminate tuition barriers

Toronto, Ontario, May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seneca is partnering with the Child Welfare Political Action Committee (PAC) to introduce a tuition bursary that will support 30 current and former youth in care. Seneca is the first GTA postsecondary institution to implement this kind of bursary program.  

This announcement comes ahead of Children and Youth Care Day in Ontario, which is held every year on May 14 to raise awareness about children and youth in the care of the provincial government.   

Starting in September 2021, the Seneca bursary for Ontario youth in care will be available to eligible students of all ages pursuing their first postsecondary credential at Seneca. The bursary is being fully funded by Seneca.

“Seneca is delighted to work with the Child Welfare PAC to help current and former youth in care reach their postsecondary and career goals,” said David Agnew, Seneca President. “Tuition support like this helps individuals imagine what could be possible with a new credential or skillset.”

According to the Child Welfare PAC, a federal not-for-profit representing the rights of children in government care, there are approximately 12,000 current and 100,000 former youth in care in Ontario. From age 18 to 21, those in care receive an allowance of approximately $875 a month. When this support ends, pursuing a postsecondary education becomes more difficult.

“Postsecondary studies gave me hope and a future after foster care,” said Jane Kovarikova, founder of the Child Welfare PAC, a former Crown Ward and doctoral candidate at Western University. “Thank you to Seneca for being the first postsecondary institution in the GTA to stand up for our future.”

Prospective students can learn more about Seneca’s available scholarships and bursaries online.


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About PAC

The Child Welfare PAC is a federal not-for-profit that represents the interests of children raised by the government. The advisory board consists of professionals from academia, law, business, advocacy & public service who have lived experience in child protection systems. The complete advocacy agenda may be reviewed here:


Seneca is partnering with the Child Welfare Political Action Committee (PAC) to introduce a tuition bursary that will support 30 current and former youth in care.

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