Kettle Launches KettleOS, a Work Experience (WX) Platform that Shapes Hybrid Work Models for the Post-COVID Workforce

KettleOS empowers organizations with the necessary operating system to coordinate and optimize the new landscape of hybrid work

New York, New York

NEW YORK, May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kettle, a workspace technology company, today announced the launch of KettleOS. The new Work Experience (WX) Platform enables leaders designing post-COVID hybrid models to thoughtfully navigate the complexities of this evolving landscape. By combining policy with employee choice, an organization can more effectively coordinate their people – individuals and teams – as they work to find an effective balance across a new set of workplace options, including HQ and WFH. Additionally, the platform delivers employees an intuitive, hybrid-appropriate WX that helps them unlock their best way to work. By design, the platform promotes iteration to accommodate for the necessary adaptations that will be required as the hybrid model progresses.

The abrupt closure of many offices and workplaces due to COVID-19 ushered in a new era of remote work for millions. Over the past year, WFH has revealed a host of advantages for both employees and employers. Increased productivity, improved work-life balance, and reduced costs are just some of the ways remote work flexibility is mutually beneficial. Those advantages, even with COVID-19 vaccines rolling out, won’t soon be forgotten. As we move forward with the “new normal”, companies will need to craft purposeful hybrid models in order to optimize the management of the critical resources involved -- talent, real estate, and culture.

“During the last year, many of us have experienced the upside of remote work mixed with the downside of simply WFH. It’s clear that people don’t want to be at home every day, nor do they want to be in the office every day. The future of work is hybrid,” said Nick Iovacchini, CEO and Co-Founder of Kettle. “The age-old power dynamics between employer and employee have fundamentally changed and in order to attract and retain top talent, employers will have to come to the table to reach a new equilibrium balancing time in-office and time off-site. As a result, some form of “Hybrid HQ” will become the norm - a mix of working in-office, from home and remotely. But, with change of this magnitude comes a host of new challenges that cut across all aspects of an organization. That’s where KettleOS comes in. We’ve designed a platform that allows leaders to launch a hybrid model that delivers a compelling work experience to employees, while iterating by design over time by leveraging data and insights.”

The KettleOS solution includes tools for leadership to manage new people operations and workspace considerations. This includes the ability to manage when and where individuals and teams work, plus the ability to monitor performance over time in these new models. This streamlined approach helps management measure and promote employee engagement and collaboration in this new mixed-modality environment.

“Over the last year in talking with more than 1,000 executives tasked with shaping new work models, one thing became abundantly clear - it's highly unlikely that any organization is going to get this new hybrid work model perfect on the first pass. This is going to be a progression where individuals and companies will iterate over time to find the best mix of home, office and remote space. That's why we designed KettleOS around flexibility; allowing teams to quickly make adjustments to their framework in response to insights from both data and employee feedback,” added Iovacchini.

“As a result of our learnings, we’ve developed a standalone SaaS solution in KettleOS that shepherds companies through this massive transition,” added Co-Founder, Dan Rosenzweig. “With the progress in vaccinations in the NYC area, we’re now reopening our network of inspiring local workspaces that can optionally be made available to companies that utilize KettleOS.”

Highlights of KettleOS:

  • Tech and expertise to optimize and coordinate custom Hybrid HQ strategies with ease
  • Intuitive mixed modality employee work experience (WX) and collaboration via setting policies and choices across users and teams
  • Data and insights to create thoughtful Hybrid HQ models that improve over time, while increasing ROI and flexibility
  • Access to hyper-local workspaces near where employees live to provide alternatives to simply WFH (optional)

Over the last 5+ years Kettle has developed solutions for companies navigating “how to go hybrid.” With its robust software competencies, a network of inspiring local workspaces, and expertise in operations + community development, Kettle already empowers 50,000+ users and works in 100+ spaces, nationwide.

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About Kettle

Founded in 2016, Kettle is a workspace technology company based in NYC that has been a pioneer in hybrid work for the last 5+ years. With its robust software competencies, a network of inspiring local workspaces, and expertise in operations + community development, Kettle has empowered more than 50,000 users and 100 workspaces. For more information on Kettle:

KettleOS is an operating system that enables smart work experience in hybrid models by coordinating people (individuals and teams) with diverse workspace options, and their schedules. By design, it’s flexible and iterative to support organizations navigating this evolving landscape.

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