Credivera and We Know Training Celebrate Integration Transforming Workforce Training Industry

We Know Training’s network of education providers aligns with the Credivera Network for secure, verified digital credentials

CALGARY, Alberta and EDMONTON, Alberta, May 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two Alberta technology companies, We Know Training and Credivera, are proud to announce their partnership enabling training participants to receive digital credentials with direct verification from a training provider to the user’s digital wallet in real-time.

The collaboration of these two parties transforms how workers across North America can demonstrate valid certifications. Users display their digital wallet on their mobile phone to occupational health and safety practitioners, their employer(s), or other regulating bodies. The verified credentials reduce fraudulent career records, diminish risk and liability, and exceed the requirement of the highest privacy legislation.

“Our goal is to grow our technology offerings so that we can not only provide better solutions for our customers but continue to be pioneers in the compliance solutions we can offer regulated industries,” says Tiffany Linke-Boyko, President of We Know Training. “As two great Alberta companies, We Know Training and Credivera working together is an obvious choice providing our customers training, certifications, and proof on an ultra-secure platform in real-time.”

The We Know Training platform helps employers manage training and certification. Credivera enables employees to have immutable records using private blockchain that they can show employers.

“Knowing at any moment that a worker’s certifications are valid removes uncertainty from the employer and reduces risk for future liability,” shared Credivera CEO, Dan Giurescu. “The blockchain technology behind our verified Wallets offers confidence that each employee’s certification is directly verified from the source and any changes have an irrefutable trace that supports third-party auditing. With privacy changes increasing in Canada, the employee will own their information making the portable Wallet an advantageous solution and protecting the employer from penalties.”

When an employee leaves a company, their personal information including training certifications is theirs to keep and is no longer accessible to the previous company. The result to hiring companies is reduced rework and expenses spent verifying certifications for a worker and being able to show proof of qualifications easier and faster.

To learn more about adding digital credentials to your workforce management, or verifying your workforce training, contact Credivera. For industry leading training using verified digital credentials, contact We Know Training.

We Know Training
We Know Training has been serving the regulated industry space since 2002 with their technology platform and quality, industry-approved training courses as well as personalized safety consulting to keep companies on track with the latest standards in their respective industries. We Know Training’s technology platform helps training managers manage their employees training and certification. Visit We Know to learn more about our technology, eLearning, consulting, and all-in-one training solutions.

Credivera is a technology platform that provides proof of certifications and work experience. The cloud technology collects and verifies digital credentials while using blockchain to maintain a real-time, auditable record. Started in 2017 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Credivera’s solutions use globally accepted standards to help business leaders in over 30 countries achieve their goals associated with the verification of credentials and compliance. Visit to learn more about the Network, The Wallet, and Compliance tools. 

We Know Training
Tiffany Linke-Boyko, President of We Know Training

Dan Giurescu, Chief Executive Officer