Waturu is now delivering the first water heaters to Africa


Waturu is now delivering the first water heaters to Africa

The first 100 units of Waturus water heater are now on their way to Africa, where they will ensure water savings as well as kill bacteria in the domestic water. The African distributor has high expectations.

The listed greentech company Waturu Holding A/S has for the first time delivered units to Africa, more specifically to Uganda. The units were picked up in Fredericia and are the first delivery out of many to East Africa.
A collaboration has been entered into with a distributor who will sell the water heater, which can also ensure bacteria-free water, in several countries in Africa.

- Africa is huge and we have good experience of trading in several of the countries where we have local employees who have a large network. We have followed the development of the water heater via our Danish partner. The product's unique benefits give us high expectations that the market will welcome the product. Most people know that clean water is a limited resource in Africa and that the quality is often, not at all comparable to European standards, says the company's general manager, who handles distribution in Uganda.

The water heaters are produced in Waturus' premises in Fredericia, where the company is still working on getting a more automated production started. It has proven to be significantly more advanced and challenging than first assumed and therefore it is semi-manually assembled units that have been sent off to Africa. Capacity is important and therefore the company's priority is to get a larger production started.

Saves water and energy
The water heater from Waturu is mounted under a sink and heats the water immediately before it runs out through the tap. This saves large amounts of water compared to a traditional tank based solution with circulation.

- We avoid a lot of waste by only heating the water that is actually to be used. At the same time, we save a lot of energy by not having to heat large amounts of water, which is allowed to circulate around the building without being used, says Director Toke Reedtz.

Kills bacteria
In addition to the economic as well as climate savings, the water heater also increases the quality of the water. By transferring the energy directly in the water stream, 99.9 percent of the bacteria are eliminated.

- In Africa, the risk of bacterial growth in the water supply is high. Imagine the water standing in a solar-heated tank on the roof of a building. It will cause bacterial growth, which can settle in the tubes and which can be life-threatening for people with poor immune systems. Africa is a growing continent and now we "eat the elephant" in small chunks, says Toke Reedtz.

Waturu Holding A/S is a greentech company that offers smart water technology that delivers instantly hot and bacteria-free water in a sustainable and responsible way. The company has its own production in Fredericia, Denmark and is listed on Nasdaq First North in Denmark. www.waturu.dk