Jowell Global Ltd. Establishes Livestreaming Training Program To Explore New Business Growth Opportunities Through ‘Community Group-Buying + Livestreaming’ Retail Model

Shanghai, China, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Jowell Global Ltd. (“JWEL” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: JWEL), a company which operates one of the leading cosmetics, health and nutritional supplements and household products e-commerce platforms - Juhao Mall in China, today announced that the Company has begun to provide free in-person training classes of live-streaming to further advance business growth strategies targeting the “community group-buying + livestreaming” new retail model. The training classes officially commenced on May 11, 2021.

These classes are free to students and last for 15 days. They are open to Juhao Best Choice store owners and anyone who is interested in livestreaming and are designed to provide livestreaming training and help students obtain related employment. JWEL plans to offer more of such training programs in the future depending on student demands for this first session. The classes will assist JWEL to train live-streaming talents for Juhao Best Choice stores and to create study and job opportunities for people who are interested in livestreaming-related sectors and e-commerce business. JWEL also provides support in image management and product after-sale services for students who would like to select from all products sold on Juhao Mall when they practice livestreaming sales skills during the classes.

The training program has hired mentors who are social media influencers with over one million followers and Mr. Zhiwei Xu, CEO and Chairman of the Company, will also share his business experience and success stories with the students.

Mr. Zhiwei Xu commented: “JWEL has recently launched offline Juhao Best Choice stores that operates with the community group-buying model and sells fresh produce, foods and other household products to meet customers’ strong offline spending demand and provide better quality products and convenient shopping experience across local communities and villages in China. The livestreaming training program will advance our strategy to combine online and offline resources and spearheads in applying the new retail model of ‘community group-buying + livestreaming’.”

“The Company will be able to share its experience in store design, SKU management, sales skills, logistics and quality service standard with the wider community, to inspire more traditional merchants, sales guides and store managers to engage in the new retail model of ‘community group-buying + live-streaming’. This initiative will also help JWEL train and identify online selling and marketing talents, expand our sales network and speed up the transformation of its existing LHH stores towards Juhao Best Choice stores with more online and offline interactions to drive up the Company’s business growth”, Mr. Xu said.

About Jowell Global Ltd.

Jowell Global Ltd. (the “Company”) operates one of China's leading e-commerce platforms for cosmetics, health and nutritional supplements and household products - Juhao Mall. The Company provides its own brand products to customers and sells and distributes other companies' health and nutritional supplements, cosmetics and certain household products on the Juhao Mall platform. In addition, Juhao Mall allows third parties to open their own stores on its platform. The Company has also been selling its products through authorized retail stores all across China, which operate under the brand name of “Love Home Store” or “LHH Store”. For more information, please visit

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