In the wake of COVID-19, Action Behavior Centers partners with leading telehealth provider, Nurx, to give essential workers access to high-quality medical care

Austin, Texas, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Action Behavior Centers (ABC), a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with Autism, today, announced an innovative partnership with Nurx, the leading telehealth platform providing specialized care for female-focused health needs, to provide ABC employees with convenient access to high-quality medical care.

This partnership allows ABC employees to access various healthcare needs such as birth control, migraine care, acne treatment, home testing for COVID-19 and STIs, as well as cervical cancer screening and more, from their computers and/or smartphones at any time—after work, on a break, or whenever is convenient for them. The Nurx medical team prescribes and provides ongoing care, online, and the Nurx pharmacy delivers medication and tests right to patients’ doorsteps.

“Our vision is to offer the best healthcare options to our employees, and this partnership is part of our journey to make healthcare more convenient, accessible and affordable,” said Action Behavior Centers’ Chief People Officer, Sharon Alpizar. “About 90% of our team members are women and the process to access healthcare has so many barriers that women often go without essential prevention and treatment. At ABC, we are incredibly intentional in designing the best healthcare package for our team and our goal is to encourage our employees to utilize the health care services they need, either for themselves or their dependents.” 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, research found that the typical wait for an in-person doctor appointment was 24 days, and appointments can take more than two hours when transportation and wait time is factored in. Nurx helps eliminate the need for an appointment—and associated wait time—by providing access to essential medical care, without delay, and empowers patients to connect with medical providers at any time, based on the patient’s schedule.

“Through this partnership with Action Behavior Centers, Nurx will make high-quality, specialized healthcare convenient and affordable for their busy team members,” says Varsha Rao, Nurx CEO.  “Working women often face logistical barriers when trying to access essential healthcare, and by putting the Nurx medical team at the fingertips of its predominantly female workforce, ABC will help its employees take care of themselves while they take care of their clients.”

About Action Behavior Centers
Founded in 2017, Action Behavior Centers (ABC) is a leading Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) provider offering comprehensive services and support to improve the lives of children on the Autism spectrum. The provider’s high-quality, center-based care combined with its dedication to helping young children reach their full potential has made ABC one of the fastest growing and highest quality providers in the industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ABC operates clinics in Texas, Arizona and Colorado. Learn more at

About Nurx
Nurx is a health tech company providing convenient, affordable, and personalized care for sensitive health needs. By reimagining the healthcare experience, Nurx offers patients transparent pricing and judgment-free care whenever and wherever works best for them. We believe everyone should have the freedom to live well and be in charge of their healthcare decisions, regardless of their circumstances. From diagnosis to delivery, we make every part of getting healthy and staying healthy, better. Learn more at


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