Social Media Campaign Emphasizes Unique Qualities of Small Towns

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every small town has something going for it — something uniquely its own. With a new campaign and contest, Co-operatives First is encouraging rural residents to share their “hometown advantage” on social media.

From May 19th to June 9th, participants are encouraged to post photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with a description of what makes their community unique. By using the hashtag #hometownadvantage, they’ll be eligible to win one of three $500 Co-op gift cards.

The Hometown Advantage campaign emphasizes the importance of people in small communities using their ingenuity to keep their towns vibrant. With #hometownadvantage, rural people can display what makes their town great and learn from other innovative communities. The idea is to celebrate and share the best that rural western Canada offers, inspire leadership, and promote rural living along the way.


“Rural people know the challenges that face their communities — they are also not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the work of solving their own problems. The Hometown Advantage campaign aims to start a conversation about not only the advantages of small-town life, but how we can keep them thriving.” - Heather Hallgrimson, Co-operatives First Business Development Lead

“We want to help people identify how to use their local advantages, skills and resources to come up with local solutions — and co-operatives are a great tool for working together and growing economies. We hope this campaign inspires people to identify an opportunity in their community and work together to make it happen.” - Audra Krueger, Co-operatives First Executive Director

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Co-operatives First is a non-profit organization funded by Federated Co-operatives Limited and the Co-operative Retailing System. Founded in 2015, the organization provides co-op start-up resources, such as feasibility studies, business plans, and incorporation support to rural and Indigenous co-op entrepreneurs across western Canada. Our goal is to help leaders in these communities build new businesses, grow local economies, and support community development.


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