Hotel Ugly: Promotes New Release

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

Houston, TX, May 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Music has long been seen as the ultimate form of self expression. Hotel Ugly's new release proves just that. Every aspect from the writing to the producing the end goal of performing, every detail is an insider glance into the world of the artist. With their hit song, “Shut Up My Mom is Calling,”, Hotel Ugly encourages you to explore their world through music that has taken the world by storm. 

Hotel Ugly has an array of different talents in their arsenal. By encompassing all that makes up the music industry, they’re considered a full stock band. By including supreme audio mixing with stellar vocals, Hotel Ugly has all the essentials in order to thrive. A harmonic blend of talents together, they are packed with a unique and distinct sound. Through their music, they hope to transcend the boundaries between pop and indie. Blending the two together is Hotel Ugly’s secret to musical success. Their signature sounds are made apparent when you listen to their debut EP.  

Taking the first step into the music industry, Hotel Ugly released an EP titled “The Ugly EP”, which features the soon to be hit song titled “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling”. Upon release, the song began to make rounds on social media. Featured in numerous TikToks, the song gave Hotel Ugly the platform in order to take over the indie music scene of Houston. As the song gained in popularity, people began to notice the obvious talents of Hotel Ugly. Crafted with dedication and passion for music in mind, “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling” soon proved to be Hotel Ugly’s standout song. With seven million streams on Spotify, the world began to take note of the Houston local’s obvious talent.  

Since “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,” Hotel Ugly has enjoyed much success. As a Houston-based band, they’ve toured all over Texas. Enriching the lives of new fans county wide, the traction made in Texas has proven fruitful to their success. Touring in places like San Marcos, San Antonia, and Dallas just to name a few, they’re showing a new side to the indie music scene. Serving as a catalyst for indie music, Hotel Ugly continues to grow within the industry.

Realizing the importance of audience identification, Hotel Ugly has branched their support to the community. Specifically the mental health community, they’ve partnered with the Greater Houston Chapter of Mental Health of America to increase awareness. Setting up a GoFundMe, they’ve elevated the level of awareness amongst their fans. Proving that they are just as much about giving back as receiving, Hotel Ugly utilizes their platform for the greater good.

On top of their contribution to the mental health community, Hotel Ugly is also set to release a debut album. A full fledged album, this will prove to be a cumulative work for Hotel Ugly. Taking elements of what made “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,” the success it is; this will give fans new content to enjoy. As they continue to grow, Hotel Ugly proves that there is no limit when you are dedicated to your craft. As they continue to enjoy musical success, there is no doubt that their work will garner radio plays in the future. 

Hotel Ugly is a prime example of what can happen with dreams and hard work. By utilizing both of their skills, they’ve cultivated a success story through music. Their EP being just a sliver of their potential, Hotel Ugly has their sights set for bigger things. Currently, fans are anticipating the drop of their single “The Ballad of Eddie Jabuley”, which drops June fourth. But no matter where the road to success takes them, Hotel Ugly remains as true blue Houston natives.

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