Post Malone's Debut Artist Tyla Yaweh Talks MF Doom, Birdman, and Drake on The Dab Roast

LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Level 5 Interactive, a digital media company and producers of The Dab Roast, is proud to announce the latest release of their hit show The Dab Roast, featuring Post Malone protege Tyla Yaweh.

Listen to hip-hop up-and-comer Tyla Yaweh get honest about his rise to fame and what it’s like working with Post Malone with host Chris Crayzie.

If Tyla’s name sounds familiar, it might come from his recent TikTok fame fueled by his single, "Stuntin’ On You.” Tyla tells Chris, in between taking dabs, how cool it is to see people doing dances to his music and the good feeling he gets hearing people singing it all the time.

On working with Post, Tyla says, “It’s dope to be a part of that, to be his first artist — he helped me on a lot of things.”

When asked by host Chris who the “king of the double-threat” is, Tyla did not mince words, “Drake. Period.” Tyla elaborates:

 “He broke 50 billion streams and accumulated like $218 mil [revenue] off the streams… that’s just motivation. I’ve been around Drake multiple times and had conversations with him - it’s just crazy that he knows who I am! All that is cool, it just shows you that you’re almost there.”

Tyla also downplays Birdman’s legal woes with Lil Wayne, saying that Birdman’s “a legend and he can still change people’s lives and whatever they had gone through they probably got it situated by now.”

The interview takes a somber tone when Tyla opens up about the unfortunate passing of the king of underground hip hop, MF Doom: “He’s still here with us spiritually, your music lives forever. Timeless. He’s like the start of underground hip hop.”

Looking toward the future, Tyla discusses his plans to enter the cannabis industry, “I just want the right strain for myself. Wedding Cake and Gelato put together… a Wedlato!” That checks out since Tyla’s answer to the first question was that his favorite strain is Sherbinskis’ “Gelato #41!”

Check out the full episode here.

Dubbed “the Hot Ones of cannabis,” The Dab Roast features celebrities from across the culture including Redman, Rose McGowan, and Shawn Kemp — with more surprise guests to come!

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