Blue Federal Credit Union Honors CPAs and First Responders

Blue Federal Credit Union is honoring over 750 first responders and Certified Public Accounts

Cheyenne, Wyoming, May 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cheyenne, WY. —  Blue Federal Credit Union is honoring over 750 first responders and Certified Public Accounts (CPAs) by delivering care packages throughout Wyoming and Colorado this month.

“In reviewing the past year, we all went through, Blue wanted to thank and show our appreciation towards those that have helped us through it all,” said Krista Vance, Blue VP of Marketing. “Blue cares for every community we are a part of and hoped to show that in a tangible way to our first responders and CPAs.”

Each care package included snacks, coffee, headache relief, hand sanitizers, and lip balm all carefully packed in a reusable Nalgene-styled water bottle.  The production and distribution of the project involved many departments at Blue including Human Resources, Membership Development, Public Relations, and branch staff throughout Wyoming and Colorado. In this manner, Blue was able to involve the entire credit union in showing other industries the Blue “do good” way.

“This is who Blue is at our core,” said Selina Hoflund, Blue Chief People Officer. “We are always looking for ways to assist our local communities in doing what they do best. Being able to assist the hard-working CPAs and first responders, many of whom serve long days and long nights, was an honor that we hope to continue.”

Care packages are expected to be fully distributed by May 21st, 2021. If you received a care package, Blue wants to hear from you. Please email with any comments about the program or tag us on social media with a picture of your package with the hashtag #bluecares.


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