Through its unique ingredients, VOSS+ upholds the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability. “We are thrilled to see the VOSS+ items in the market.

Los Angeles, California,

Los Angeles, California, May 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premium global bottled water industry leader, VOSS Water is unveiling VOSS+ which will feature three enhanced waters designed to help consumers elevate and enhance their everyday life through unique hydration experiences. VOSS+ is the first premium water brand to bring these benefits to consumers to help support their active lifestyles. The VOSS+ range includes VOSS + Collagen, VOSS + Vitamin D and VOSS + Aquamin®. VOSS is proud to continue to expand with offerings that resonate with its consumers. These new products will be available at select retailers nationwide starting in May.

VOSS + Collagen is “Radiance In A Bottle” with an exceptional berry essence taste. This refreshing water is infused with 10 grams of collagen protein and perfect for anyone on a quest for more hydrated and youthful skin.

VOSS + Vitamin D is “Sunshine In A Bottle” offering 50% of an average adult’s recommended daily intake. In a natural citrus fruit flavor, VOSS+ Vitamin D is a zero-calorie, zero sugar functional water.

VOSS + Aquamin® is perfect for the physically active and on-the-go consumer. Through a unique blend of 74 trace minerals and electrolytes, this offering supports optimal hydration with sustainably sourced ingredients from the coastal seas of Iceland.

Through its unique ingredients, VOSS+ upholds the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability. “We are thrilled to see the VOSS+ items in the market. Tapping into the ongoing pursuit for wellness options that are integrated into existing routines, VOSS+ not only delivers the great advantages of Vitamin D, Collagen and Enhanced Hydration, but does so in a way only VOSS can with outstanding taste and the iconic VOSS bottle. It is also our first offering in 100% recycled PET bottles honoring our commitment to be more sustainable. It truly is water that works harder for you,” says SVP of Marketing, Rachel Chambers.

VOSS+ additional details:

  • VOSS + Aquamin® is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.
  • VOSS + Vitamin D is kosher and gluten-free.
  • VOSS + Collagen is gluten-free.
  • Offered in 850ml single bottles, 6-packs (excluding VOSS + Collagen) and 12-packs.
  • Each has a shelf life of 12 months
  • BPA-free, 100% Recycled PET plastic water bottle with a food-grade recyclable cap.

VOSS+ Waters will be available at select retailers nationwide including Walmart, CVS and Amazon.

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About VOSS Water:


Over 20 years ago, VOSS was born in Norway, a country known for fresh air, untouched natural resources, modern elegance and high standards of quality. VOSS quickly became known and admired for its sleek, beautiful exterior, making it perhaps the most iconic and recognizable water bottle ever. But that beauty on the outside has always reflected the beauty of what is on the inside of every bottle. As VOSS continues to evolve and bring new hydration experiences to the market, the highest standard of quality remains unchanged as well as our commitment to sustainability.

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