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Major hydrogen peroxide market players across the globe include Solvay, Akzo Nobel, Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd, Kemira Oyj, Evonik Industries, Gujarat Alkalies, and National Peroxide Limited.

Pune, India, May 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The global hydrogen peroxide market is anticipated to witness substantial gains during the forecast period owing to the requirement of this product across the wastewater application. The growing volume of residential sewage and industrial wastewater across the globe is likely to generate higher demand for the compound.

The following seven factors have been underscoring hydrogen peroxide industry trends:

Notable chemical management properties

Asia Pacific hydrogen peroxide market size in anticipated to cross $3.3 billion by 2026. The chemical management properties of the substance are enhancing demand across the mining and metallurgy applications. In the mining sector, the chemical is widely utilized as an oxidant. Due to its beneficial properties, the compound is used in the production of gold and uranium.

The mining segment in APAC was representative of 4% of the total industry share and is slated to expand further through 2026. The product improves the overall process control, aiding the metallurgical process at different stages. It is also used in mines for effluent treatment as it can eliminate cyanides from tailing slurries, discharge water, and other waste streams.

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Requirement in Indian wastewater treatment plants

Asia Pacific hydrogen peroxide industry share is slated to see a rising curve through the next five years, thanks to the increased product consumption across wastewater treatment plants throughout the country. The total APAC industry share from the wastewater segment was valued at $213 million during 2019 and is likely to progress further through 2026.

Consistent depletion of water source in some areas of India and a large population not being able to gain access to clean drinking water has fueled public efforts to build wastewater facilities. A notable rate of urbanization in the country will expand hydrogen peroxide consumption from the segment.

Paper packaging sector across Asia

The paper & pulp segment is poised to hold a 39% share of the regional industry through the assessment timeline, triggered by the growing demand for paper packaging. Since paper is a sustainable packaging solution, the focus toward environment protection through paper recycling, is a major backbone of the paper & pulp sector.

Hydrogen peroxide is extensively used across the sector for bleaching of wood pulp and cellulose and for paper recycling. Using high-grade hydrogen peroxide can be a crucial determinant of the paper quality. It reinforces the brightness, stability, and the overall pulp quality. A significant number of paper & pulp companies have been contributing toward the market share due to its cost cutting benefits.

Consumption of oxidizing agents across Europe

By 2027, Europe hydrogen peroxide market size is slated to surpass $1.5 billion, driven by the surging product adoption across the wastewater management sector. The proliferation of industrialization across Spain, France, Italy, and the U.K. has been responsible for an upsurge in industrial wastewater volume in the past decade.

During 2020, the regional industry share from the wastewater segment was over $90 million. Being a durable oxidizing agent, the product is used for decomposing toxic elements in sewage, rendering it suitable for release into water bodies. As the population across European countries has been on the rise, the growing consumption of drinking water is translating to a higher demand for hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent.

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Demand for disinfectants due to COVID-19

The European healthcare industry has been witnessing a growing demand for disinfecting solutions including concentrated vapor phase hydrogen peroxide. This product is widely used for disinfecting solutions used personal protective equipment, protective gears including N95 respirator masks used by healthcare professionals. Europe market share is slated to progress owing to the growing threat of pandemic related illness and increased regional healthcare expenditure.

North America sees higher use as a chemical intermediate

The chemical industry in North America has been extensively utilizing the product for manufacturing peracetic acid, Propylene oxide (HPPO), organic peroxide initiator, and flame retardants. The growth in product adoption is due to its role as an intermediate chemical across a host of chemical reactions. By 2026, the North America hydrogen peroxide market size is expected to reach $1 billion. The expanding per capita consumption of final products across the U.S. is supporting the chemical consumption.

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