Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Announces Ground-Breaking Laboratory Results on Its Licensed and Patented Wind Turbine Technology With Guidance on Development Timelines

Jacksonville, Florida, UNITED STATES

Temecula, CA, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Warming Solutions, Inc., (OTC: GWSO), a worldwide developer of technologies that help mitigate global warming and its effects on the planet announces stunning laboratory results on the initial efficacy of its exclusively licensed and patented turbine technology, along with providing a timeline to commercial production, in five specific stages. It was CNBC that reported on May 24th that one or more “titans of industry” commented about their concern regarding the environment as it pertains to Bitcoin Mining. Our scalable “Jet-Electro-Station Technology”, which we call “Tornado Technology”, is being developed very rapidly, with laboratory testing results that are exceeding our own expectations. Amongst many other and more important things, it could provide a real-world solution to the concerns of those that Bitcoin Mining contributes to climate change.”, said Michael Pollastro, President of GWSO.

The world-famous engineer and scientist Dr. Yuri Abramov that invented the technology prepared an excerpt at the company’s request, and it has been edited into layman’s terms as follows.

“Presently, the harvesting of electrical power uses conventional techniques based on burning a fuel, as well as modern techniques based upon renewable wind and solar energy. The burning of fuel in general is exhaustible, and it results in pollution of the ambient environment. Moreover, wind kinetic power and solar power are both insufficient for the modern and future world as they presently exist.

In contrast, air wind is considered a wholly natural process which brings fresh portions of air, storing both: the heat energy of molecules random motion and the kinetic energy of wind motion. Wherein, when the wind is of 10 m/sec normally, the proportion is such that 99.96% is the heat energy [warmth] and only 0.04% is the kinetic energy. A phenomenon of a transformation of ambient warmth into a hurricane power force is well-known but heretofore unattainable. The warmth of natural air remained unusable until we discovered a way to harness it, which is a modern technological marvel.  

Our “Jet-Electro-Station Technology” is based on the natural effect of tornados. The innovative and scalable “Jet-Electro-Station” will provide the ability for electricity to be harvested from the natural power of wind. It is based upon the effect of convective acceleration of wind accompanied by the transformation of the heat energy of natural air into the acquired kinetic power of airflow. The implementation of the desired controllable effect becomes possible by using a multiplicity of elaborated wings. The controllably acquired kinetic power of airflow is further used for production of electricity.

Our “Jet-Electro-Station” is composed of a multiplicity of relatively small modules, each of which comprises a jet-rotor and generator of electricity. The modules are identical from the point of view of mechanics but differ in the used generators of electricity having specific conditions for optimal operation. The “Jet-Electro-Station” as a whole is characterized by the following specific features:
1) It is modularly composed of identical units having a set of elaborated wings.
2) It is based on the triggering effects of a tornado.
3) The “Jet-Electro-Station” is relatively compact, being 6m in height and occupying a footprint of 10x150 m2. Furthermore, it can be cascaded in height, width, and length, thereby providing for an increase in both the amount of electricity and the efficiency per occupied footprint.
4) The “Jet-Electro-Station” is easily controlled by a master panel and is more reliable as each module can be replaced without pausing the functioning of the “Jet-Electro-Station” as a whole.
5) It is economically priced.
6) These units are exceedingly durable with a 20-year life span and maintenance is relatively simple because each small module can be easily replaced.
7) A compact “Jet-Electro-Station” will produce about 9 GWh of electrical energy per year or about 1.1 MW power.
8) It is very cost-effective, with a cost of electricity of 0.01 USD per kWh and lower.
9) It is capable of operating nonstop, autonomously and independent of electrical networks.
10) It is a “Green Technology”, functioning on natural wind energy only wherein the burning of fuel is not required.

GWSO’s initial goal is a full-scale demo “Jet-Electro-Station”. The following goals and timelines are guidance for the engineering and technical aspects of the technology.
1) 3-4 months = “Demo Prototype #1” of minimal scale preliminarily made using the 3D-Print technology, will be capable of producing about 0.5 kW of power.
2) 9-12 Months = “Demo Prototype #2” will compromise of a set of industrial modules made using casting technology and will be capable of producing about 2 kW of power.
3) 15-18 Months = “Demo Prototype #3” will utilize a set of industrial modules that will occupy a footprint of 24m and height of 3m, capable of producing about 6 kW of power.
4) 20-24 Months = “Demo Prototype #4” will compromise of a set of industrial modules occupying a footprint of 40m and height of 6m, capable of producing about 50 kW power.
5) 30 Months = “Demo Prototype #5”, will utilize a set of industrial modules occupying a footprint of 125m and height of 6m, capable of producing about 1MW of power.

According to Research & Markets published report, “offshore wind turbine market – forecasts from 2020 to 2025” published on March 16th, “The worldwide offshore wind turbine industry is expected to reach $28 billion by 2025”. Further, “The offshore wind turbine market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.19% over the forecast period to reach a market size of $28.612 billion in 2025 from US$11.044 billion in 2019. Offshore Wind Turbine(s) are the pivotal infrastructure in the wind renewable market. The turbines harness the wind energy and transform (it) into electricity. As the dependence upon renewables grows, the offshore wind turbine infrastructure also grows.

As per the reports by International Finance Corporation (IFC), offshore wind energy contributes fractionally 0.3% of the global power generation, it remains a vital resource for harnessing energy for the areas around the coastline which are not connected to the conventional power grids. There are initiatives from the government side to upscale the utility of wind energy. The demand for offshore wind turbines increases, with the increase in the initiatives to reduce carbon footprints over energy systems and reducing air pollution and contributing to the pool of electricity through renewables.”

Michael Pollastro
Global Warming Solutions Inc.

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