Blessing In Disguise? Kasamba Weighs In: Spiritual Changes That Covid-19 Brought About

NEW YORK, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2020 brought on a whole bout of lockdowns, quarantines, and restrictions. One would think this is the perfect storyline for a movie, but it's, in fact, reality, a harsh reality that many of us have had a hard time grasping. It's raw, real, and most definitely unsettling to adjust to a new way of life. With all the incomprehensible changes, many people found themselves almost left to their own devices, adjusting their lives from a hectic rat race to a sense of confusion, isolation, and panic; a few feelings that Kasamba users have been struggling with since the start of the pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic, spiritually, have actually been positive; Covid-19 forced people to reflect on their lives; what matters the most, and of course, what really matters the least in their lives. With the ever-growing morbidity rate, the world is reminded that time is precious, and things or people should not be taken for granted.

This reflective force is undeniable and is currently felt worldwide as people stay distanced and indoors. According to the top online psychic chat service, Kasamba, there has been an influx in people who have become interested in self-growth and healing. Their readily available advisors see new themes and questions from their users, such as personal introspection and forgiveness.

So, what are the significant spiritual changes in 2021 that Covid-19 caused in recent months?

One of the main themes that get brought up all the time is the fact that people seek to heal, whether from any life trauma, hardships they've endured, rough breakups, or dealing with the death of a loved one. Advisor Sarah from Kasamba explains, "People have been suddenly left alone, with their own thoughts. They realize that there's nothing more important in life than health, love, and happiness. Though, the path to happiness can be complicated, especially when one needs to confront the bad experiences and decisions they have made in the past. Healing is a vital aspect if one wants to have a fulfilled life. You start to reflect on the impact that Covid-19 has had on you, as a person, and how to better yourself."

With healing also comes forgiveness, and the process of forgiving is complicated in some instances. On a spiritual note, there are many levels of forgiveness, such as self-forgiveness and forgiving others. Identifying the feelings involved and confessing to your actions is a big step towards restoring faith and kicking in the healing process.

This is why more and more people have turned to online chat readings to get a bigger scope of a certain situation and the feelings of others involved. Apart from getting an outside perspective from the expert advisor, they also get tools and tips on how to kickstart this process to feel free of all the ill feelings that are keeping them from living a better, care-free life.

What popular readings coincide with spiritual healing?
When it comes to healing and accepting the past, the best readings are;

Giving is another major theme that people have turned to. Thanks to the pandemic, the biggest reason is that they have realized how important it is to have basic necessities and being blessed with things in life gives way to gratefulness. When one is grateful, one realizes that the next person may not be as lucky as them and thus prompts an unwavering response of empathy, love, oneness, and of course, seeking to give to those who need it most.

Matthew P, from New Jersey, says, "Many of my friends lost their jobs owing to the pandemic. It was so rough to see this happening. I, on the other hand, still had a job and no debt in my bank account. Because of this, I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness, and I felt I needed to help those in need around me. My advisor validated my feelings and told me that giving is a natural force from the universe; she explained that when I give to others, then the universe conspires to give me more in order to help more people."

As many experts and psychologists believe, the act of giving in itself gives way to positive, happy, and fulfilling feelings that in turn resonate in different areas of one's life. To give does not necessarily mean it has to be in monetary terms; it can be sharing knowledge, giving up your time to help others, sharing valuable knowledge and skills, or merely lending an ear for those who need emotional support.

Introspection & Self-Growth
Psychic Janice from Kasamba realized a big shift in concerns in recent months. She explains, "Suddenly, people no longer want to connect to future events. They are more interested in themselves and how they can better themselves." Self-growth and introspection are especially important when realizing one's strengths and weaknesses and how to work on the latter. She adds, "When you take yourself out of the crazy routine of life that we were once all used to, you're left with an open space in your mind. You start questioning your attitude, your downfalls, why certain situations happened the way they did, and so forth. When you kind of slowdown in life, you get a chance to decipher all your emotions and feelings on a higher level."

Self-sabotage is the real reason in which people find themselves in negative bubbles in life. If you feel unworthy of anything, or think you don't deserve pure love, for example, then in most cases, you will only find yourself in sticky situations. It's a rough cycle that needs to be broken to attain pure happiness. When one changes their thoughts, they change their reality.

In these challenging times, people realize that everything starts from within. From awareness to purifying one's thoughts and feelings, our actions and beliefs impact our lives, and if you are not internally purified, then what will manifest and resonate in one's life will not be positive in any way. Jenna B, from Johannesburg, who has been using Kasamba for the past five months, weighs in, "I felt reluctant to try new things, to go on dates, or to experience any euphoric feelings. I thought this was normal, but since I had time for self-reflection thanks to the current global crisis, I realized that I really am sabotaging myself. I spoke to an advisor, and certain things from the past came up. It turns out, I always felt not worthy of anything pure, and this reflected negatively on all my decisions."

What readings and spiritual practices for Covid-19 are people doing?

  • Guided meditation with an expert
  • Past life readings
  • Birth chart and astrology readings
  • Palm readings
  • Love and dating advice
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

While Covid-19 has brought on a major shift in how we live our lives, it has also forced many people to look inside and see where they can better themselves and reach their highest potential in any way they feel. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and this is probably one of them. People working towards love, compassion, caring, and growth on all levels, in some way, also unites us and makes us stronger. For more insights and guidance, download the Kasamba app and receive 3 free minutes with every new advisor.

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