InFlight Corporation Wins HR Tech Award for Best Innovative Tech Solution in Employee Experience

Company Recognized by Lighthouse Research & Advisory for Bringing New Capabilities to the Market and Solving Old Problems in a New Way

Easthampton, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

EASTHAMPTON, Mass., May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InFlight Corporation, the award-winning employee experience platform enabling organizations to do more with existing software investments, has earned additional industry recognition, selected today by the Lighthouse Research & Advisory 2021 HR Tech Awards for Best Innovative or Emerging Solution in Employee Experience.

Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory, commented, "The world has no shortage of aging HR tech applications, and the user experience is often dated and dismal at best. InFlight is solving this by serving as a front end to the various candidate and employee-centric processes, creating a visually appealing and streamlined experience."

The InFlight platform enables enterprise organizations to change and create impact by optimizing the user experience of existing software investments. A digital fountain of youth for aging enterprise applications, InFlight provides a brand new UX that sits on top of existing applications and enhances the employee experience, making the organization more efficient and agile in the process.

James La Brash, Founder and CEO of InFlight, shared, "We're very pleased that the InFlight platform has received this award. Enterprises are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation and modernization process for all of their user-facing systems and technology, accelerated by the events of the last year. Recognizing the challenges these teams face, InFlight helps organizations get more from their systems and improve candidate and employee experiences without replacing the underlying HCM application or processes."

The annual HR Tech Awards program, powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, honors technology providers across three categories: learning, HR/workforce, and talent. Each entry was then evaluated against a set of rigorous criteria by a panel of independent judges comprised of industry analysts and experts. Following a product demonstration and in-depth analysis by the judges, winners were chosen to help buyers understand the strengths of today's HR technology providers.

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About InFlight
To survive and thrive, organizations must be efficient and find ways to do more with less. By optimizing existing software investments, the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) recognizes and resolves productivity bottlenecks and enhances the digital experience provided by enterprise applications, removing friction for candidates and employees. InFlight EXP uses analytics to identify, quantify, and solve for user experience challenges, increasing user adoption, reducing costly training and support requirements, and dramatically streamlining workflows for existing HCM, ATS, financials, and other applications. To learn how InFlight can help your organization, visit


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