Key Digital’s Free iOS App Now Controls Displays

KD-App adds IR control of popular brands when used with 4K AV over IP system

Mount Vernon, New York, May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Key Digital, the leaders of digital video and control systems, announces an exciting update to its user-friendly and value-laden control software options for its 4K AV over IP systems. Display Control, as the new feature is aptly named, now gives AV integrators a complete control interface for free with no required programming.

These latest upgrades to Key Digital’s software platforms bolster an already robust set of control options available from the company. KD-App is a free iOS app which allows network-based access and control of Key Digital app-ready products using iPads and iPhones. KD-App scans the network to detect Key Digital devices and provides users with a pre-built GUI for system management. For integrators with a preference for PC based software control, Key Digital offers its free KDMS Pro software with end-user mode enabled to show only a simplistic GUI of the AV system.

With the addition of the Display Control feature, users can now use Key Digital’s free control options to route video sources to displays throughout their system, preview video content, intuitively manage video walls, create AV routing presets to help increase user efficiency in commercial environments, and now power on or off and control volume levels and muting to their system’s display or projectors.

Display Control is set in KDMS Pro. With Display Control enabled, the AV integrator can choose from five popular display manufacturers including LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and Epson to control their display via IR infrared remote commands from the free Key Digital iOS app. Systems using KDMS Pro as the control UI from a PC are now also able to control PJLink® supported commercial projectors via IP.

These new additions are all designed to reduce integration costs and add value to Key Digital’s offerings as the company continues its focus on crafting simplistic yet powerful solutions for campus and building-wide AV distribution, digital signage, house of worship, and bar and restaurant. Additionally, a local input switching option for KD-IP922 and KD-IP1022 decoders is now available so that local presentations may now be achieved easily and at a cost-effective price point in AV over IP systems.

Utilizing managed gigabit network switches to enable video wall management, video/audio distribution, matrix switching, extension, and more, Key Digital’s AV over IP systems offer great flexibility to pro AV system integrators. Key Digital’s AV over IP systems are scalable up to an impressive 256 inputs and 256 outputs.

Furthering Key Digital’s efforts to provide the best AV over IP solutions on the market, the company includes an unprecedented in-house pre-configuration process for its AV over IP product ecosystem. By taking advantage of pre-configuration, integrators save valuable time and resources on testing and installation. This powerful undertaking makes simplified out-of-the box set-up a reality.

The Key Digital 4K AV over IP product lineup includes the KD-IP922ENC 4K UHD AV over IP encoder with two PoE ports, LAN switch, HDMI pass-thru, audio in, audio de-embedding with lip-sync and DSP, and KVM/USB, the KD-IP922DEC 4K UHD AV over IP decoder with two PoE ports LAN switch, local HDMI switching, audio de-embedding, video wall processing, and KVM/USB, the KD-IP822ENC 4K UHD AV over IP encoder with PoE, HDMI pass-thru, and two IR/RS-232 ports, the KD-IP822DEC 4K UHD AV over IP decoder with PoE and two IR/RS-232 control ports, the KD-IP1022ENC 4K UHD AV over IP encoder with independent video, audio, and KVM/USB routing, audio de-embed with volume, delay, and bass, mid, and treble control, two port PoE LAN switch, HDMI pass-thru, three port IR, RS-232, trigger master controller and control gateway, and the KD-IP1022DEC 4K UHD AV over IP decoder with independent video, audio, and KVM/USB routing, video wall processing, audio de-embed with volume, delay, and bass, mid, and treble control, two port PoE LAN switch, local HDMI in, three port IR, RS-232, trigger master controller and control gateway.

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