2020 DevOps and the Cloud Enterprise Survey 2020: Data from Over 250 Developers and 250 IT Managers


Dublin, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Enterprise Survey Series: DevOps and the Cloud 2020" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This Enterprise Survey Series explores technologies and methodologies that are important to enterprise IT and development.

This report is an important asset for any organization looking to sell DevOps technologies, tools, and services to other companies, as well as for any organization that wants to automate its own processes through DevOps. Along the way, organizations need to get a sense of the current DevOps landscape, the tactics current DevOps users have embraced, and the challenges that these technical professionals face.

This survey is unique as it gets to the bottom of the DevOps issues by looking at them from BOTH the developer and IT Manager's point of view.

Using actual survey data from over 250 developers and 250 IT managers, we present in-depth data and analysis to inform your DevOps decisions. All results are presented in aggregate and then broken out by developer or operator answers so you can see the overall result as well as how the views of the two groups differ.

Key Topics Covered:



  • Objectives of the Survey
  • Survey Methodology
  • Research Design
  • Relative Rankings
  • The Sample - Software Developers and IT Managers
  • Custom Surveys
  • Targeted Analytics



  • Cloud Use for Development or Deployment
  • Priority Deployments: On-Prem vs. Cloud
  • IT Managers: Priority Deployments
  • Developers: Priority Deployments
  • Involvement in Cloud Resource Selection
  • Distribution of Production Servers in the Cloud
  • Maturity of DevOps Strategy
  • Top Consideration in Deploying Public Cloud
  • Top Justifications for Cloud Migration
  • Top Business Motivation for Particular Cloud Selection
  • Top Impediments to Cloud Migration
  • Top Cloud-related Expenses
  • DevOps Tools for Cloud Native Applications
  • Preference for On-Prem vs. SaaS Tools
  • Auditing Cloud Resources


  • Extent of Adoption of Cloud Solutions
  • Isolation of Cloud Services
  • Biggest Challenge in Multi-cloud
  • Types of Workloads Moved to the Cloud
  • Who Deploys the Apps in the Cloud
  • Who Selects the Type of Cloud Used
  • How Apps are Deployed in the Cloud
  • Considerations Leading to Hybrid Cloud
  • Consideration of Cloud-agnostic Services


  • Type of Cloud Orchestration Solution
  • Use of Orchestration across Cloud and On-Prem Environments
  • Learning Resources for Cloud Orchestration
  • Most Challenging Aspect of Cloud Orchestration
  • Cloud Orchestration's Influence on IT Costs


  • Organizational Priority: Virtual Machines or Containers
  • Containers' Influence on Ease of DevOps
  • Use of Kubernetes
  • How Organizations Use Kubernetes
  • Preferred Kubernetes Deployment Strategies
  • Factors Influencing Kubernetes Distributions
  • Biggest Obstacle in Microservices Creation
  • Plans for Using Containers On Premises
  • Container Orchestration Automation
  • Container Technologies Used for Development and Deployment
  • Types of Applications Containerized


  • Top Priorities in Emerging Technologies
  • Plans for AI and Machine Learning
  • Use of Machine Learning or Deep Learning
  • Missing in Machine Learning Libraries
  • Origination of AI Data
  • Machine Learning's Top Practical Applications
  • Plans for Blockchain Databases
  • Primary Blockchain Platform
  • Most Influential Factor in Blockchain Selection
  • Most Pressing Need for Cloud-based Blockchain


  • Influence of DevOps on Security Policies
  • Knowledge of Securing Applications
  • Training in Securing Code
  • Barriers in App Security Knowledge
  • Security via Identity Services
  • Challenges in Access Management
  • Discovery of Security Vulnerabilities
  • Most Difficult Aspect of Implementing Security
  • Use of Dedicated InfoSec Teams
  • Dedicated InfoSec Teams
  • Effect of General Data Protection Regulation on Operations
  • Adaptation to GDPR
  • Greatest Obstacles to Better Security
  • Assessing Third-party Code for Malware
  • Assessing Certificate Misuse
  • Corporate Security Standards

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