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Major nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) latex market players include LG Chem, Apcotex Industries Limited, Emerald Performance Materials, Nantex Industry Co., Ltd., Synthomer, Jubilant Group, Zeon Chemicals, Omnova Solutions, Brenntag, Versalis S.p.A., and Kumho Petrochemical.

Pune, India, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The global NBR latex market size is poisedto expand at substantial CAGR during the forecast period as nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) latex is gaining wide popularity among various end-users across the world.

NBR latex is a product widely used for both medical and industrial purposes and is popular in various sectors like healthcare & cleanroom and food. This form of latex has several beneficial properties that make it a suitable choice for manufacturing different personal protective equipment like gloves. Some of these features are high tensile strength, high resistance to oil, among many others.

Some of the key trends that that will positively influence the growth of NBR latex market through 2027 are:

Strict worker and food safety regulations in Europe to propel NBR latex demand:

Europe nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) latex market is expected to exceed valuation of $102 million by the end of the projected timeline. The European Union has imposed certain strict food and worker safety regulations to ensure safe processing and delivery of food products. The food processing industry is undergoing tremendous transformation which has led to the increased demand for NBR latex in the region in recent years.

This form of latex is used to make disposable and reusable gloves to ensure safe handling of food. They ensure that the food products packaged by the worker is protected from different disease-causing bacteria and viruses. They protect the worker as well from getting any oil or other substances on their fingers while packing the food. NBR latex possesses various features like high resistance and excellent rebound resilience. All these factors will have a positive impact on the market.

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Europe healthcare & cleanroom segment will drive NBR latex gloves demand:

Out of the various industries that extensively use gloves for both medical and non-medical purposes, the healthcare & cleanroom segment is reported to show promising growth during the forecast timeline ending 2027. In fact, this segment will capture around 73.6% of the share of NBR latex market in Europe. Countries like Ukraine and Russia import a major chunk of their gloves from various Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a growing demand among several European countries like Germany, the UK, Italy and Spain for advanced healthcare facilities and medical supplies.

The personal protective equipment as well has seen an incredible rise in demand in these countries to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This has given NBR latex gloves a rapid upsurge in demand. For example, Spain, in March 2020, entered a Euro deal worth $467 million with China for 11 million pairs of gloves to meet their rapidly rising demand.

Non-medical verticals in Europe to contribute towards NBR latex demand:

It is not just the medical industry that has played a vital role in the development of Europe nitrile butadiene rubber latex market. The non-medical or industrial verticals, today, are playing an equally important role in the demand for the material in the region. Workers in industries like metalworking, electronics, automotive and chemical use NBR latex-based gloves to a great extent to protect themselves from acid attacks and chemical accidents.

These products are going through several technological innovations to make them more advanced and suitable for various industrial applications. They are quite affordable to buy and this, along with all the above-mentioned factors, has significantly contributed towards the growth of the market in Europe.

Increased government expenditure to boost NBR latex use in North America:

NBR latex market in North America will become worth more than $75 million by 2027, according to market reports. Several private companies and governments in North America are increasing their expenditure on the regional healthcare infrastructure. These investments will encourage many technological innovations that will help in improving the overall quality of medical facilities offered. The per-capita income of the population of North America has seen a substantial increase in the past few years, leading to rise in healthcare spending. All of this has led to increased demand for products made using NBR latex.

The general public is increasingly demanding gloves due to the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases. The regional governments have even issued guidelines about the important benefits of wearing gloves while going out, one of the most important of them being that they prevent the spread of virus via touch. Undoubtedly, these trends will benefit the manufacturers in the industry.

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Healthcare sector in North America will be the largest user of NBR latex gloves:

The healthcare sector in North America will play a vital role in the development of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) latex market in the region. Medical gloves are useful as they prevent the user, i.e., doctors and other medical staff, from contracting any diseases after meeting a patient’s fluids like blood or mucus. The disposable gloves are more beneficial than the reusable ones as the latter still carry the risk of infections if not properly cleaned and disinfected.

There is a rising demand for healthcare institutes and cleaner rooms to cater to the increasing number of patients and to keep them safe from infections.

Abundant availability of rubber will drive Asia Pacific market:

NBR latex market in Asia Pacific is set to achieve more than $2.97 billion value by 2027. Countries in Asia Pacific region are known for their quality and volume of rubber production, some of them being the largest rubber producers in the world. Nitrile and natural rubber are abundantly available in these nations, which play a key role in the production of NBR latex gloves.

In fact, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are the top producers of rubber gloves and a large percentage of this is further exported to Europe and North America. These regions then use the gloves for medical and industrial purposes, which will boost the market expansion.

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Role of nitrile gloves for industrial purposes in Asia Pacific:

The increasing awareness among the companies in Asia Pacific about the importance of workplace and factory safety has led them to make it mandatory for workers to wear industrial gloves during operations. Nitrile gloves offer superior quality protection to the workers as they are made up of synthetic rubber that makes them resistant to oil, fuel and other hazardous chemicals. They even offer strong protection from harmful chemical reactions on skin and various injuries like severe cuts that could lead to contracting sepsis. These factors will stimulate the industry forecast.

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